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  2. Your perception is obviously different than my perception.
  3. looking for idiots? 😀
  4. DA, any idea how a human would determine if a poster is Al or HI on a forum? And related, how would an Al know if it is conversing with a human or with another Al? It would seem to be counterproductive and a waste of time for an Al to spend time conversing with another Al.
  5. A solar event can wreck it.
  6. Oilsands bitumen prices are actually in negative territory for the first time ever, analyst says How did it get so bad so quickly? Impressive.
  7. You, guys, so romantic! Heartless monsters and protection. I'll say this once and once only: few, apparently, remember the Yeltsin times. I do and apparently the Russians do. Putin is far from a fairytale monster. He is an extremely pragmatic person as evidenced by his economic track record (it was published by the BBC sometime last year I think. The figures would hurt romantic souls, I'm afraid). Europe is not a damsel in distress that needs the protection of Noble Big American Brother from the Big Bad Wolf Volodya. It's an elderly lady with a schizoid condition and BBWV couldn't care less about conquering it with anything else but gas. As does NBAB because it's producing so much gas it needs markets for it. Anyone who can lay off the ideology (I'm far too polite to use the word propaganda for anti-Russian information, ahem, because we all know propaganda only comes from one place and one place only) will see the facts for what they are. Markets. Incidentally, on a side note, I've been thinking that there isn't that much difference between the way the U.S. and Russia are being governed. One has the big corporations in the palm of its government's hand and the other has the government in the palm of the corporations' hands. Kind of a mirror image but with the same consequences, really.
  8. there is only one true strategy in the world ... everything else for losers
  9. Add to this being touchy.
  10. Today
  11. Is it though? Who can a population blame for such mismanagement but itself?
  12. Expect my daughter with the first flight I can find out of here. She's seven and she's a handful but as long as there's snow she won't be any trouble. Thank you.
  13. "Double" often understates the improvement. For example: Around 1975, a full-size truck with a small-block engine making approx 180HP would get 10-11mpg. Around 1975, a full-size truck with a large-block engine making 250-350HP would get 6mpg. In 2018, a full-size truck producing 250-350HP gets 20-30mpg. There are exceptions to this. Compact cars that got 30mpg in the 1970's are barely at 40mpg today, with the lack of improvement resulting from larger size, greater weight, and phenomenally improved features. Still, the trend is higher efficiency, and we've only just begun to implement efficiency technology.
  14. Personally, I judge how much a person cares by actions - not words. According to actions, very few people care about much of anything beyond short-term self interest. Ironically, socialists are particularly bad about this.
  15. I've moved my posting to a separate thread here as I am a rookie at this and don't want to clog up other people's threads with my amateurism! Yesterday I concluded that: "Personally, I suspect we might see some erratic movements which are typical at a turning point but may well include some higher prices from here. On the downside, if we break last week's low just under $55 then I will still be targetting that weekly 200 MA in the oblong in the chart." Well, I waited all morning for the price to breach that upper resistance area between the twin red dashed lines - but it never happened and we spent several hours drifting between that area and last friday's close….. But then we finally breached the Friday close line, which was a clear signal that the downtrend was still valid and providing a strong sell signal - and what a follow-through! As I mentioned, I am watching that weekly 200-period SMA. It had looked a long way down at 52.27 but we quickly dropped through the nearby support line under the market as well as last week's close line and ended up within a whisper of that MA at 52.75 (on my platform). That was certainly one of the fastest trades I have had so far! As a Newbie, I am still not sure how well oil markets follow technicals but it was encouraging to see that after breaking last week's low there was not only a fast follow-through but there was also a rapid rebound to retest it before continuing on down (a good technical re-entry level). It is also interesting from a TA perspective to see that we have rebounded this morning in the Asian markets to yesterday's Daily Pivot level. I am still anticipating some erratic movements over a wide range and am cautious about the risk of whipsaws here before we have consoildated. Yesterday's Hourly chart:
  16. You can thank the Democrats taking over the House of Representatives taking over the House of Representatives, The Fed raising interest rates three times and the recalcitrant Chinese leadership. President Trump knows that it is now or never to oppose the Chinese leadership.
  17. Rodent, that was an outstanding summary and analysis. Hats off to you.
  18. LNG can run heavy duty trucks. large ships, and airplanes. It is just a matter of conforming the engines to the fuel rather than vice versa. It will only happen if and when diesel is too expensive or too dirty. This is already a problem for ships going to Europe due to new air pollution regulations . Hydrogen, but could be LNG
  19. Hey, my wad of tinfoil is useful : ) On other internet locations I've been involved in information battles, so I tend to have a slightly different perspective compared to many others (in addition to my mostly-controlled dyslexia and inconsistent ambidexterity due to being left handed twice and right handed twice and ending up being mostly a righty these days).
  20. Yes. Yes. Correct. Over here in Malaysia, petrol (gasoline) and diesel prices are strictly controlled by the government. It doesn't matter which brand of petrol you buy, or where in the country you buy it, the price is exactly the same. Petrol retailers are allowed a few pennies off the top. When the government moves petrol prices up, the retailers get extra profit from the existing petrol supply they purchased earlier. When the government moves petrol prices down, the retailers lose the profit from the existing supply of petrol which they purchased at higher prices. Most petrol retailers here keep less than 1 week or so of petrol supply, so the up or down profits (or lack of profits) are short term.
  21. Yesterday
  22. POTUS mistakenly believes that he is helping the US economy and his political future by duping the Saudis to increase oil production and lower oil prices. Until now the Saudis have complied diligently to avoid potential international wrath caused by the Khashoggi assassination ordered by MBS and oil prices have dropped more than 25%. He thinks that condoning such morally reprehensive misbehavior by an ally seems like a small price to pay to achieve lower oil prices and billions in weapons sales. But there are always those pesky unintended consequences. It seems to me that lower oil prices will disproportionally hurt US oil producers because they are now the global marginal high cost producers. A strong domestic oil industry is the best guarantee for ample competitive future domestic energy supply. If you add potential recessionary effects of the trade war with China, drop of Energy related securities, persistent increases in US interest rates by the FED as well as higher budget deficits and debt levels, the resultant economic slow down could easily turn into a wicked recession or worse. Trump may unintentionally be planting the seeds for the demise of the Republicans in many future elections leading to socialist administrations headed led by the likes of Sanders and Ocassio. Somebody needs to supervise his twitter account before he does any further damage.
  23. crude: -1.545MM gasoline: +0.706MM distillates: -1.832MM cushing: +0.398MM
  24. They have too much oil production right now is why the prices are dropping and OPEC wants to cut production to keep the prices higher.
  25. Quotes of the prices of Crude oil of brands Brent and WTI came to the levels expected by me . I wrote that the price reached a local peak (see here) . About the goal for WTI I wrote on November 14 see here ... and see here ... At these levels I closed the last open deals for SELL and started to roll WTI on the slides SELL-BUY- SELL-BUY ... One closing deal made by hand Closed deals on the picture ... In the short term, I expect the continuation of the formation of a reversal paternum with movements in both directions. This will allow you to continue to make money in the sidewall All profits
  26. When Congress passed and Barack Obama signed the end of a 40-year ban on selling and exporting domestically-produced oil in 2015 it opened the door for an oil boom that we are experiencing today. Until the boom created a glut in oil and oil rig equipment, much of which is languishing in warehouses unused as demand has fallen worldwide. Those rapid developments included more efficient drilling techniques, blockchain inventory and delivery and advanced GIS technology for locating new (and some old) oil sources that have resulted in oil gluts and wild price swings. Added to the calculus is the fact that alternative energy sources have improved exponentially including higher storage capacity batteries, longer range electric and hybrid vehicles, solar, wind and thermal technology development, an overall drop in younger people driving, a slowing China economy with less demand for coal and reduced consumption of fossil fuels -- put it all together and you have two competing industries, petroleum and electric, vying for control of world energy consumption. Unfortunately for the American consumer we are being dragged backwards by the greedheads who are hanging on to "clean" coal and pollution-belching sulfur dioxide created by fossil fuel-generated manufacturing exacerbated by an antediluvian leadership that keeps pouring billions in taxpayer subsidies into a flailing, failing oil-drenced and-coal-immersed mentality that refuses to acknowledge climate change and the global warming consequences produced by greenhouse gases. Those gargantuan costs include irreparable damage to our health, to the air we breathe, the water we drink, the crops that are devastated by droughts and floods, coastal erosion due to rising sea surface temperatures and sea levels and a degradation of the environment that all mankind must share. Like cotton which was king in the18th century oil became the black gold in the 20th century that drove our economy. But oil is no longer king and the Saudis no longer control the prices or production as they did for nearly a century. Now, oil is slowly and inexorably being replaced by electric and solar power. It's either adapt or perish.
  27. In its efforts to begin the "reconstruction" of Syria, Russia indeed wants to "cover" Syria’s oil and gas resources. Economic interests first above all...
  28. Let's all just discuss there!
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