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  4. You have good humor in your blogs. So much helpful and easy to read!Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information It is so appreciated!! You have good humor in your blogs. So much helpful and easy to read! Log into Mypascoconnect
  5. Thanks for posting: Always interesting up north. The title though... yikes... 😀 There is this thing in January called WINTER in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in the center of a continent and valves etc literally freeze solid even with heat etc: Production falls by ~~~that much EVERY January in the Bakken. Thanks for the humor even though I have to stay up all night for a call from the other side of the planet for work. You made my night.
  6. Sure... except you used the world "reliable". To sell for $10k, you have to make it for $3k or more likely $2k. 4 tires today would set you back $500 alone. The batteries by themselves would cost more than $2k----> So NO, it would not be "reliable" and it certainly would not have range nor would it charge fast. Technically we have batteries which CAN charge fast, but are VERY expensive and not energy dense and are very INEFFICIENT(78% at best) when charging and why no one puts them in a car.
  7. China probably needs to take a break from population growth. It has been a common scenario in drama or movie produced by China that 1. It is stressful to be a student in China. Bully cases increase drastically over the years. Policy has been made to address this issue. 2. Upon graduation, job opportunity is another stressful factor. Party members with parent(s) as government servants, or entrepreneurs, would have easier transition. Farming families would have graduate children trying to improve existing methods. For the majority, it might not be easy in a nepotism society. Same with Europe, other western countries, developed and developing countries. Owing to high tax, high costs of living, high competition, mentally ill population has been growing but overlooked. This population could also be found in the rich, offsprings of the rich, or those individuals and families members with much power at hands. Our tolerance and indifference have encouraged them to be despicable, inhumane, shameless, without remorse. Because of them, justice, ability to do the right thing, ability to make sensical judgement in others, are obscured. Without them, formerly blinded shall see; formerly deafened shall hear; formerly muted shall speak... Therefore, if there is a gap of 20 years, or more, between previous baby boom and the coming one, the pressure would probably be reduced. No need to fight too hard for places in schools, in society. There is enough space for everyone to breath comfortably, shall the rate of child birth is at minimum during the gap. Although there might be pro and cons in this method, it is still worth a try.
  8. Zombie fires in Canada are destroying the US with smoke caused by global warming caused by burning oil and coal. Reparations now!!! Hold the oil and coal companies accountable for C02 which is causing global warming. Give money to AOC, my queen. Buy VLO, TNK, STNG, RIVN, CEG, NEE, D, and ARM stocks now!!!! Make Money! Money Money Money! Make me rich! Get rich.
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  10. There is a monster in the Loch Ness......enough power to keep 1 Million homes running when the wind stops blowing,,,add this one to the Drax facility at Cruachan along with battery storage and the undersea interconnects and the UK is on a path to getting rid of all Fossil Fuel power generation Earrach Energy (GEE) has,one million homes each year. Glen Earrach Energy (GEE) has today (17 May) unveiled plans to develop a £3bn, 2GW pumped hydro storage project, located near Loch Ness in Scotland, that could generate enough clean energy to power one million homes each year.11 hours ago £3bn pumped hydro storage project slated for Loch Ness - edie
  11. Lol ....Drugs???? never used them but you obviously are under the influence of something that is frying your pea brain THEY OWN the SEA via a thing called NAVAL POWER?????? what are you babbling about now........Just because someone has naval power does not mean they own the sea especially in territorial waters of a nation and its rights as is the case in the Caspian... a treaty was signed in 2018 just a basic for the basis of the treaty the treaty....well it was always a dispute is the sea considered to be of Ocean type status or Lake........... when it comes to oceans An “exclusive economic zone,” or “EEZ” is an area of the ocean, generally extending 200 nautical miles (230 miles) beyond a nation's territorial sea, within which a coastal nation has jurisdiction over both living and nonliving resources. it was settled in a treaty signed in 2018 (see below) from the treaty......It establishes a formula for dividing up its resources and prevents other powers from setting up a military presence there. the treaty did not give Russia or Iran owner ship of the entire Caspian Sea ...far from it And one truly has to be STUPID to propose wind/solar from Kazakhstan going across Russian/Iranian???? no one is proposing this You were babbling about maps so I posted the one for the Capsian Sea that shows the boundaries...that were settled in a treaty in 2018..........pretty clear any undersea power cable will avoid Russian and Iranian exclusive economic zones People like you can PRETEND lines drawn on water are real; in reality--> they are NOT. ????? actually the boundaries on the map are recognized by both Russian and Iran...Real world , Lines on a map........used everywhere every day to determine who has rights or ownership And you are an Engineer??????? You got a 4 year degree in Engineering???????? I doubt it Caspian Sea: Five countries sign deal to end dispute BBC › news › world-45162282 Aug 12, 2018 — Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan - all bordering the Caspian Sea - have agreed in principle on how to divide it up. It is a landmark deal that has been more than two decades in the making. Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan - all bordering the Caspian Sea - have agreed in principle on how to divide it up. Their leaders signed the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea in the Kazakh city of Aktau on Sunday. It establishes a formula for dividing up its resources and prevents other powers from setting up a military presence there. It is an important step in the easing of regional tensions, but the deal over the world's largest inland body of water matters for several reasons. So please before you post BS do a little research and get some help as your brain is fried
  12. This is another example of "Before you find the answer find the question". The article quoted above goes on to discuss diesel being made from plant oils and restaurant grease. As far as restaurant grease goes, this is laughable. An increasing number of trucks are running on compressed natural gas, and locomotives are being fitted out with 'dual fuel' diesel and LNG. Buses, trucks, and cars have been using propane for decades. Then there are the purely electric buses, and increasingly either hybrid or pure electric heavy trucks. If NG is so cheap people are paying you to take it away, every reasonable effort is going to be made to convert or buy trucks that use it. Then there is the 'gas to liquids' conversion of natural gas to anything from propane to diesel, and the 'air to fuels' that converts CO2 and water to diesel. Seems like someone needs to drill into 'the rest of the story'.
  13. Something interesting about war economy: Summary: - concept of "military Keynesianism", a) used to fight recessions. b) accelerating technological progress to such an extent that an economy is greatly strengthened after the war c) last ditch effort to prevent deteriorating economic conditions or currency crises, particularly by expanding services and employment in the military, and by simultaneously depopulating segments of the population to free up resources and restore the economic and social order. All in all, it sounds trouble........ Much more money would be spent..... with possibly no impact on what needs to be improvised......
  14. Rome was not built over night.............. at the end of 2023 20 percent of all energy consumed is renewable/nuclear based at the end of 2024????? 21 to 22 percent?????? one solar panel a time ... Global annual renewable capacity additions increased by almost 50% to nearly 510 gigawatts (GW) in 2023 the equivalent of 510,000 MW 0r 510,000,000 KW or in solar panel equivalents 1.5 Billion panels installed in 2023 will the world install the equivalent of 2 billion panels in 2024??????? this is the level that will cause total fossil fuel consumption to decline....IE peak fossil fuels is occurring right now Yale E360 World Rapidly Approaching Peak Fossil Fuels, Analysts Say A new analysis from consulting firm DNV finds that oil emissions are set to peak in 2025, a shift driven in large part by the rapid growth of... . Oct 18, 2023
  15. — Negative Electric Prices — US West power prices turn negative on low demand, ample renewables EXCERPTS April 2 (Reuters) – Mild weather and ample hydro and other renewable power supplies in the U.S. West cut spot electricity prices in California and Arizona to record lows below zero in recent days. Negative prices mean there is too much power in a region due to low demand and/or transmission constraints, and are used to encourage power generators to shut plants or pay to keep them running. In addition to negative power prices, low demand and pipeline maintenance have trapped natural gas in the Permian basin, the nation’s biggest oil producing shale formation, causing next-day prices at the Waha hub in West Texas to average below zero a couple of times in recent weeks. Although Waha gas prices have traded at negative levels many times in recent weeks, prices at the hub have averaged above zero most days. In the electric market, next-day power fell to a record low of negative $4.25 per megawatt hour (MWh) at South Path 15 (SP-15) in Southern California, according to data from SNL Energy on the LSEG terminal. That compares with the prior SP-15 all-time low of 50 cents per MWh on March 27, averages of $29.81 so far this year, $59.86 in calendar 2023 and a five-year average (2019-2023) of $57.31. In Arizona, power prices at the Palo Verde hub rose to a negative $4.50 per MWh on April 1 from a record low of negative $12 on March 28. That compares with prior all-time lows at Palo Verde of negative $9 per MWh on March 27 and negative $8 on March 25, averages of $28.70 so far this year, $59.03 in calendar 2023, and a five-year average (2019-2023) of $56.18…. ~~~~ Bloomberg – Friday April 5, 2024 High Renewable Output Pushes UK Power Prices to Negative Prices will drop as low as -£19 per megawatt-hour on Saturday (4/6) Grid upgrades and energy storage are key to reduce the issue ~~WWW
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  17. This article contains still images from the interactive dashboards available in the original blog post. To follow the instructions in this article, please use the interactive dashboards. Furthermore, they allow you to uncover other insights as well. Visit the blog to explore the full interactive dashboard This interactive presentation contains the latest oil & gas production data from all 47,909 horizontal wells in the Permian (Texas & New Mexico) that started producing from 2001 onward, through January 2024. Total Production Permian tight oil production came in at 5.4 million b/d in January (after upcoming revisions, horizontal wells only), 2% higher than a year earlier. Natural gas production was 22 Bcf/d, representing an annual increase of about 10%. In 2023 5,822 horizontal wells started producing, almost the same number as the year before (5,869), which was the highest ever. Drilling Activity Drilling activity in the Permian Basin has edged up again since the start of this year with the increase in WTI. Currently, 303 rigs are drilling unconventional oil wells in the Permian, or 2/3rds of the US total (source: Baker Hughes): Number of oil-directed rigs drilling horizontal wells in the US, by basin. Source: Baker Hughes. WTI (dark curve) is shown on the right-hand axis. The number of data customers that Novi Labs has is growing fast, and many of these customers who are on the operational side have agreed to share data with us, especially completion and production data, which we call the Novi Data Network. A good portion of these customers have also allowed to republish data within our data products. In the Texas side of the Permian for example, we are now receiving production data from proprietary sources for over 1/3rd of the total unconventional oil production. This means that we don’t need to allocate lease-level production, which is the common way to estimate well level production data in Texas. Furthermore, that has allowed us to further finetune our lease allocation methods for the cases where we don’t have proprietary data. The result of all that is that not only is our production data way more accurate, but it also allows making far better production forecasts, which Novi Labs’ models were already very good at. As part of our data schema, customers can identify exactly which data came from proprietary sources. We’re excited that every month new customers sign up for this program. Supply projection The current level of drilling & completion activity should be enough to further expand the production capacity of the Permian Basin, all else being equal: Supply Projection for the Permian Basin. The horizontal rig count is shown in the top chart, and historical & projected oil production in the bottom, by subbasin. As you can see, the Delaware has become the most prolific part of the basin, and on the current trend would produce almost twice as much as the Midland by the end of the decade. Well productivity In the next overview you can find how well performance has developed over time in each of the subbasins of the Permian, as well as the key completion parameters (lateral length & proppant loadings): Well productivity, and completion designs, in the Permian subbasins. Horizontal oil wells completed since 2016 only. Recent well results in the Midland basin have improved again, while you can still observe a negative trend in the Delaware basin in the past 2 years, based on the average cumulative oil production during the first 3 months. Well performance is the result of many competing factors, including geology, completion designs and well spacing. Novi Labs’ analytics software allows operators to optimize these factors to improve overall economic outcomes. Gas oil ratios The Permian Basin is one of the few US basins where natural gas production is still rapidly growing, mostly due to its production next to the more profitable oil stream. This gas-oil ratio (GOR) is furthermore increasing over time, as the following charts reveal: Gas oil ratios in the Permian Basin, overall (yellow curve, top chart), and by vintage of first production (bottom chart). Horizontal wells starting production since 2012 only. Finally Production and completion data are subject to revisions. Note that a significant portion of production in the Permian comes from vertical wells and/or wells that started production before 2001, which are excluded from these presentations. Sources For these presentations, I used data gathered from the following sources: Texas RRC. Oil production is estimated for individual wells, based on a number of sources, such as lease & pending production data, well completion & inactivity reports, regular well tests, and oil production data. OCD in New Mexico. Individual well production data is provided. Visit our blog to read the full post and use the interactive dashboards to gain more insight:
  18. the Saudis handing $2 billion of Oil money over to a relative that has no investment experience speaks volumes..... The Family benefits and All Americans are sold out the price of influence is now at a minimum of $1 billion........just tell those who need favors upfront if they want policy change ...write it up and do not forget to bring the cash The interests of the Saudis are no different than US Big Oil......... Your Health and Welfare.........well it never really matters when one Mans greed is in charge
  19. Oil and natural gas would have been had far higher production under Trump??? who stopped him????????? himself...........only an idiot like Trump would have caused so much damage to the US economy his response to will go away by itself.......... Only Hoover caused more damage......... Higher energy prices.....rememeber the root cause.....Russia invading Ukraine and your idiot boss Greenlights Putin
  20. I agree. However, the post destroys the myth that EVs are somehow cheaper to run than petrol cars. They clearly aren't.
  21. I know right! Arizona (48% to 44%), Georgia (47% to 44%), Michigan (45% to 44%), Nevada (45% to 44%), North Carolina (47% to 42%), Pennsylvania (47% to 45%) and Wisconsin (47% to 45%).
  22. That is really funny. I'm not sure why any rational person would assume I was talking about military operations. Sure, if you wondering about unmaintained roads to nowhere many are unpaved. Most of those "roads" are not official roads, they were made for exploration, logging, mining. Now atvs, hunting, and camping keeps them tracked in. They would go on a military map, but they are not roads. If you want to drive somewhere a normal person would have a reason to go to, the roads are likely paved. Want to drive from the US border to Fort McMurray where all the oil sand business is? All paved. You can drive east west coast to coast and up north all the way to Alaska on paved roads. Are you part of the CIA? Did you know that the CIA hunts for photogenic hotspots? Collecting information is literally in their mandate.
  23. We are perfectly aware of molten salt reactor designs. After all WE TOLD YOU ABOUT THEM!!! YOU linked to US nuclear subs.... Guess what they run on? Solid Plutonium Not molten salt which governments REFUSE to fund which are INHERENTLY safe and been known to be safe since Oak Ridge Labs made the first one back in the 1960's!!! But lost due to fact you can't harvest Plutonium out of them as easily as you can with the current designs. Ai carumba ... Use a mirror man
  24. Good read; Bitcoin is and always will be a Ponzi Scam; it has nothing of value behind and supporting it. Why people bet into this is crazy; no fundamentals at all. People are better off going to a Casino where when they eventually lose their money best gold investment companies, they at least losing it to a business that hires people, the building is taxed. Just saying....
  25. As a nursing professional, I highly recommend considering the services of for nursing essay writing needs. Nursing is a demanding field, and having reliable support for academic writing can be invaluable. WritePaper boasts a team of skilled writers who understand the intricacies of nursing topics and can deliver high-quality essays tailored to your specific requirements. With their expertise and dedication to excellence, WritePaper is undoubtedly a trustworthy resource for crafting top-notch nursing papers.
  26. The Mob was the favorite source for agents to do wet work and still is. More assassinations go on than we have any idea of. Recently a Boeing employee supposedly committed suicide in the company parking lot. He had been testifying about why doors were falling off in flight. It has led to employees being hired for DEI reasons and parts imported from cheaper sources etc. He had left a note about not being suicidal, just in case. The FBI is still covering up evidence in the shooting in the back of a prominent Democrat operative who was shot on the street after he released information on evil doings. His name eludes me right now. They are also covering up the information on the fake bombs they placed to smear the protestors at the Capitol on January 6, 2020.
  27. 'Affecting' the economy? No kidding. Chinese investor behavior in general has been pretty naive. This isn't helped by the way various businesses and government entities have jerked around private sector workers in the Chinese economy. True, as far as it goes. At some point these issues get resolved. In this case these will likely settle down in the next couple of years. Plant Vogtle Nuclear Units 3 and 4 are now in production... at $15 per watt each. According to the EIA (US Department of Energy) utility scale solar in 2023 cost $1.11 per watt. What is the difference between a 'government' subsidy and a 'ratepayer' subsidy, with ratepayers paying for $15 per watt nukes? Economic systems are always operating 'at their limits'. The bounding parameters shift from day to day - somedays it's an armed uprising, some days it's a ship stuck in a canal, some days the stock exchanges are closed for a holiday. Some days the 'limits' are defined by whether people want to get out of bed and do anything at all.
  28. The first post in this thread was on 4-15-2020 and crude was selling for $15-$20. Now about 4 years later crude is selling for $87. This is an industry for gamblers.
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