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  2. Oh jesus. You again? You are like the Bernie Sanders child of the oil world bro.
  3. It's par for the course with the mainstream media. I share your same aversion to them. All they care about is harming President Trump. Any & everything that happens in the world is spun into an attempt to harm his administration, his campaign, or him personally. Everything and everybody associated with him is racist to them it seems. I think the American people are growing tired of this, at least I hope they are as I know I sure am. I think what is going to eventually backfire on the mainstream media and the Democrat Party is the fact that they embrace anti-Americanism as just another tool in their box to try and harm Trump to gain their ultimate goal which is power over this country. I think that's where the American people will draw the line and hopefully stand up to the bullying at The Ballot Box in 2020, not only in the presidency but in the House and Senate as well. It's really the only hope for this country in the foreseeable near future.
  4. At least in the USA you won't really see a correlation between gun ownership and gun/homicide by gun rates. Hawaii is up there on ownership, but that Maui wowie or something keeps them chill. The states that like to shoot each other the most per 100,000 people, with the exception of Missouri which is average, also have high ownership. DC is a special kind of goofy, low ownership and seriously trigger happy. An NRA lobbyist's statistical dream, but since we don't have closed borders among the states, let alone cities, it's pretty stilly to think localized gun rules can be effective within a city, especially as one as odd as DC. Pretty sure overall homicide by gun rates are slightly down over the past 40 years. In 2015 New Hampshire's rate per 100,000 was 1.1. That sportmen's paradise known as Lousiana was at 10.3 per 100,000.
  5. That is a very politically shrewd and insightful comment. I think they will definitely try to harm the Trump Administration in any way possible and by any means, as witnessed by the russian collusion scam, while Trump tries to juggle the balls. I believe one of the balls that will hit the floor will be the Iranian thing. But yes you are correct they, meaning the media, the Democratic party, and the rest of the leftist acolytes, will definitely try anything to derail the Trump re-election. It seems harming America is of no concern to them and $100 oil or more would be welcomed if it hurts Trump.
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  7. You put forth good arguments and I don't mean to criticize electric vehicles. Natural gas will make most of the electricity for them anyway. Natural gas vehicles can be any scale from the largest to the smallest and conversions could be made economical as they are in pro NGV countries. I believe that the main hindrance here is that the oil industry would lose so many gasoline and diesel customers. Large trucks are the logical first choice for conversion or new purchases because they burn so much fuel. Pickup trucks with large engines are also good candidates. The current fuel savings is about a third of the price. There are plenty of service stations and companies can set up their own stations by tapping any natural gas pipe. Individuals usually can't yet because of the expense which is artificially increased. Plenty of stations now, except in many small cities. Home pumps would bring half of gasoline prices and no tax!
  8. New York on July 18 awarded two major offshore wind contracts to Norway’s Equinor and a joint venture between Denmark’s Orsted and U.S. utility Eversource, procuring more of the renewable power than it had planned as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Cuomo made the announcement at a New York City news conference just before signing into law a landmark climate bill to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. The law mandates reducing emissions by 85% from 1990 levels by 2050, and offsetting the remaining 15%, making the state carbon-neutral. Offshore wind is expected to play a key role in reducing the state’s emissions, and the state has a goal of procuring 9,000 megawatts (MW) by 2035. The two contracts unveiled add up to 1,700 MW of capacity, or enough to power 1 million homes, Cuomo said. The state’s first procurement had originally planned to be between 800 and 1,200 MW. Instead, it awarded an 880-MW contract to Orsted and Eversource for the Sunrise Wind project off the eastern coast of Long Island and another 816-MW contract to Equinor for its Empire Wind farm that will supply New York City. The projects will be completed by 2024, Cuomo said, also pledging $287 million in state funds to build facilities to support the industry. “These projects will help make New York the hub for this growing, exciting, necessary future industry,” Cuomo said, adding that they will generate $3.2 billion in economic activity and create 1,600 jobs. Four major developers had submitted proposals to the state, including a joint venture between EDF and Shell and another between Avangrid Inc and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. The New York contract marks another recent win for Orsted, which last month was awarded a 1,100-MW contract by the state of New Jersey for a project off the coast of Atlantic City. The selection of Orsted and Equinor continues the trend of European companies dominating the nascent U.S. offshore wind sector. The cost of generating electricity from offshore wind farms has dropped dramatically in recent years but is far more costly than power from wind facilities onshore. The United States currently has just one small offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island that is also owned by Orsted, but larger projects are being developed both there and elsewhere in the Northeast.
  9. These monsters as well are about to bring down the planet. Plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons etc don’t count its them meddling straws
  10. What is amazing is that this accomplishment was made in the era of slide rules (remember those?)! You now have more computing power in a single calculator than they had available in the entire space program (or so I was told). They said that it was like trying to the edge of a piece of paper from a football field away. A truly impressive piece of work from the the boys and girls at NASA.
  11. UK have a special place in their hearts for Iranian hostage scenarios.
  12. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 have any of the scientists on this platform thought about how that was possible the main issue wasn’t the computers or space jam and lunar bacteria but one of how to break gravity, this was the big deal. So as we surf the internet and use satélites and GPS etc let’s remember that nothing would have been possible without thrust... i am looking fwd to the rubber band launches 🚀. Judt to throw into the mix, was watching a small building site electric digger working this week, it worked great for two hours with no complaints then had to be charged up with a great big diesel generator for eight hours. We haven’t really thought out this renewables thing and how we are going to do this. What swears and lives beneath the sea? Crude Oil... 😂
  13. It is targeting ALL those who illegally come to the United States to stay. It has nothing to do with race. Legal immigration has requirements.
  14. So, because you've had record rains and snowfall for the past several years, after decades of drought and the resultant wildfires, you do not think that California is still pursuing their water rights contacts with other Western States? California water management has been a joke for decades. You apparently suffer from that same malady prevelant in the climate change community where you shorten the period of interest until it suits your theory. It is YOU who doesn't have a clue and still has your head in the my humble opinion.
  15. The Amazon Is Brazil’s, Not Yours, Bolsonaro Tells Europeans Should American and European inhabitants return the land to its state before forest use and agriculture changed it?
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  17. IMAGINE IF IRAN HAD A NUKE ? Not saying NATO should go after Iran, but they should make a statement of unity and the consequences if any members threatened. All NATO member countries should cut off ALL trade with Iran and freeze all bank accounts. Looks like Iran giving West an excuse to bomb their enrichment facilities. Get a UN condemnation and force Russia and China to stop buying or selling anything to Iran. Every day Iran loses $130,000,000 of oil revenue that they never get back. OPEC hoping Iran's current 2 mm bbls/day exports stays off the market forever. Please ! Mideast Tanker insurance going thru the roof. Now cheaper to ship from Gulf of Mexico. Actually, with Permian CACTUS II 670K bbls/day pipeline starting this quarter it's perfect timing. LOL.
  18. Iran needs money, badly. No money leads to internal unrest. Getting Iran back to the negotiations will bring them finance, help and some other "stimulus" they (their people) will ask for. If official, neutral, objective audits did take place, why can't their findings be accepted? How come Europe and the US have opposite opinions anyway? A war will not end the current threat. It only will make Iran more keen to get one. So if drone for drone =war, listening for listening = ?
  19. Judaism/Christianity both predate Islam. Neither are Muslims. That claim is just silly. Islam is a bad copy/paste of Judaism because Mohammed was an illiterate goat herder from Arabia. Thus, Islam was illegitimate from the start. Jews rightly rejected and mocked him as a prophet of God so he waged war on them. That famous line about murdering one is to murder humanity is from Judaism. Your anecdotal Saudi friend must be weighed against the blood soaked history of Islam. The eternal war between Islam and the rest of the world has been more or less dormant for the past century but has come back with a vengeance recently and will likely turn hotter in future.
  20. Were talking about different animals. Subsea Engineers come in many different forms.
  21. I can't imagine this toy car hit with high speed. Better leave it hanging on the wall and take your car.
  22. How did you come up with, "Many OPEC members are like yourself. They don't want to face the Day of Reckoning."? I could care less what the price of oil actually settles at, generally speaking. What I am interested in is the price stabilizing, budgets being able to be generated without the fear of volatility in the price and guys like myself going back to work.
  23. Let's see if the 'Mustache' has Trumps ear.
  24. To somebody like you and I who have worked in Africa, the Middle East, etc..., then California may be a 'cake walk'. To someone who is only doing business in the States, it is still the American cesspool.
  25. There are adults that lurk in this discussion board. They click 'like' once in awhile but otherwise say nothing.
  26. I thought there had already been a large discovery in Japan.
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  28. I have always found it interesting that natural gas is usually seen as something positive where as methane is usually seen as something negative even though methane accounts for most of the components of natural gas especially when used to heat homes.
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