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  2. the majority (roughly 60%3A40) of UK dwellings,drivers have access to off-street parking at home.
  3. Trump says he will be a better cheater. "[If we don't cheat the dems will win every election]" Democracy sucks for the losers.
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  5. Yes, the money spent on research in this area has not been wasted, with plenty of apps to help the driver. That's good. Just the fully driverless car is proving to be a much longer haul than expected. Now that I think about it, the fully driverless urban experience could be achieved by making each car part of a grid overseen by a city-wide AI. Would the AI then start telling you where to drive? I dunno but its a thought?
  6. Bringing peace&prosperity to a dark world.. Ford plans massive layoffs overseas in favor of EV development, inciting Europe-wide union threats
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  8. I used to bet when i have just started to search ways to earn some extra money in the internet. I can say that sport is very unpredictable thing that can make you loose a lot of money. I prefer something that can bring me money with my skills. I am a good poker player, i have played it since i was 17. Now I am playing at lotterywest systems table. And I win really often. That brings me a really good income in the end of month..
  9. WTI

    WTI long position volumes are a six year low and WTI holds at ~$70. That would seem to set a price floor, with much upside ahead as long volumes normalize.
  10. Oil demand is in the dumpster....... Now in a long term terminal decline with a few deadcat bounces....EVs after 2025 insure that Oil will never see a long term rise again 100 Million BPD is the peak.....The need for new refineries is based on what????? I see all the forecasts for $100 plus brent are being abandoned for 2023. Even $80 Brent looks like a pipedream for 2023... aveage price for Brent 2023.........$75 to $80 anything above $80???? requires a new major war or an opec collapse on production The China real estate Bubble has been popped and will take years to unwind....until then the construction boom is China is gone...anyone seeing a real estate construction boom in China before 2030? Energy demand in China will grow less than renewable energy supply growth and EV production. The dream of a coal or oil demand surge in China is just that a dream.........
  11. They probably trust no one......Not US. Not China. There has been a massive anti- Chinese movement going on. From Indonesia ethnic cleansing, Malaysia one race one country, a scholar with disability from Laos showed great resentment over Chinese developers in his land and provoking anti-chinese movement in a small group, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, to Europe and US...... We might have overlooked the undercurrent of things... If this game is among 1. Remnant of Nazis of Germany - 2. remnant of Jews surviving in Germany and Europe - 3. Hong Kees&/ Singaporeans&/ Indians of two known clans Then, the rest of us must rise above their damaging acts to do what's right ......
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  13. See this note from a paper on the issue Our three judges, all physicists, agreed with my opponents that neither Brillouin nor Rossi had demonstrated evidence of LENR above 50% probability. They were more open than some of my opponents to the suggestion that the field met the lower bar, which recommended it for serious attention, given what was potentially at stake. The paper is not saying ignore it but that there is almost enough there to be worth further investigation as way out of the emission-energy problems. About all that can really be said.. wouldn't invest in it. Keep an eye on the company.
  14. WTI
    WTI Supply and Demand is in the very critical zone
    lets see the next movement
    i think will move down

    What do you think???


  15. Putin arrest warrant issued over war crime allegations This is just the start! His historical legacy isnt going to age well! Hopefully one day the real Russian people will wake up to the utter dross they have been spoonfed by the Kremlin and their media outlets.
  16. WTI

    There is nothing with suddenly. That was announced months ago.
  17. Everyone nows that Siberia does not have that many Inhabitants. Siberia since hundreds of years live with Chinese and Korean People. But most Chinese People are South oriented. To live 5-6 Months under -25 Celsius is not an option.
  18. Update on rising sea level.... This is taken from <The Guinness Book of Amazing Nature>, page 118/119, Guinness Publishing Ltd, 1998. "For the past 2,300 million years, the Earth has been gripped by a continuous cycle of ice ages which have shaped the planet's rocks and climate, and had profound effect on sea levels. About 125,000 years ago, the sea was 6m higher than it is today; 18,000 years ago, it was 100m lower than today. After the last ice age, sea began to rise again, reaching current level 5,000 years ago. Scientists do not know what drives the cycle of ice ages, but they believe that global climate plays a significant role........" The title highlighted by this section is " The sea has risen 15cm over the last 100 years." 😯😓
  19. The price of crude oil started tumbling again on Friday as the concerns mount over the banking sector in general and Credit Suisse in particular, despite the $54 billion lifeline thrown at the latter by the Swiss Central Bank. The rise in crude oil price that we witnessed on Thursday on account of the intervention by the Swiss Central Bank appears to be a false dawn. Please read here for more:
  20. The government might still have trillions of money in need of printing. They need digital receivers for those in order to save paper and some trees, time, effort to deliver etc. If they can decide to print it at will without old counter-balancing act of reduce old and torn money in circulation, it might show they do not need any royalty or tax money to operate well. Just print, right? Or, I might be wrong that the reverse is happening i.e. they do not have enough so they print at will? 'o' '-' Or, trillions was actually a typo due to confusion in zeros in need? 'o'
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  22. OPINION: China Challenges Russia by Restoring Chinese Names of Cities on Their Border While proclaiming its support for Russia, is China capitalizing on Moscow’s weakness to stab it in the back? By Bohdan Nahaylo February 26, 2023, 1:41 pm | Comments (5) John Tallis's 1851 map shows much of the territory lost by the Qing Dynasty to the Russian Empire. Image: Wikipedia COPY LINK Something very telling appears to be happening behind the scenes in Chinese-Russian relations. Clearly, they are not all that they seem and the implications for Russia should give grounds for concern. “China’s Ministry of Natural Resources has just issued new regulations on map content, which require the addition of old Chinese names to the current Russian-pronounced geographical names of eight places along the Russian-Chinese border,” Radio France International in Chinese reported on Feb. 23. The eight Russian place names, comprise six cities, including Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, one island and one mountain. This led Akio Yaban, head of the Taipei branch of the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, to quip, “Are you going to recover the lost land?”, RFI added. The Asia Times noted on Feb. 25 that it is ironic that while releasing a peace plan this week “which conspicuously fails to say clearly whether Moscow should with draw its troops” from Ukraine’s Donbas region and Crimea,” China “this very month, made a politically sensitive change in its official word view – a change that affects Russia.” It elaborates that “Under Beijing’s new directive, Vladivostok once again is called Haishenwai (meaning Sea Cucumber Bay) while Sakhalin Island is called Kuyedao. The Stanovoy Range is back to being called the Outer Xing’an Range in Chinese.” “China lost large expanses of land in its northern region due to the invasion of Russian,” Asia Times explains, and now Beijing has directed a return to the use of Chinese names for them. It also notes that despite Beijing seemingly wanting to strengthen its ties with Russia, it has permitted Chinese columnists to publish articles from time to time about the vast territories lost to foreign powers, thereby in effect reminding “Chinese people of their wish to recover the lost territory.” According to RFI, on Feb.22, Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” Taipei branch chief Akio Yaita wrote bluntly in his Facebook post: “It is a common tactic of China to take advantage when others are in difficulty, gaining some small advantage thereby. If Russia really collapses this time, just possibly Xi Jinping will with a wave of his hand order ‘recover our lost territories immediately’. It is the so-called tactic ‘of taking advantage of someone else’s weakness to kill them.’” MORE ON THIS TOPIC Who Can Pay for Putin’s War? Step Forward Vladimir The West invariably plays by the rules while our enemies break them. It’s time to bend them, a little. Ukraine presents a great challenge for Europe – and a great opportunity 06:16 PreviousPauseNext 02:58 / 10:54 Unmute SettingsFullscreen Copy video url Play / Pause Mute / Unmute Report a problem Language Share Vidverto Player RFI also noted that Wang Yi, the Chinese Politburo member in charge of foreign affairs, was in Moscow this week saying that ‘the friendship between Russia and China is as solid as a rock’. The Franco-Chinese service commented: “But as anyone who has studied history knows, the history of Russian-Chinese relations is a book of deceitful deceptions.” We await Moscow’s reaction and to see how things develop. Bohdan Nahaylo Bohdan Nahaylo, Chief Editor of Kyiv Post, is a British-Ukrainian journalist and veteran Ukraine watcher based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He was formerly a senior United Nations official and policy adviser, and director of Radio Liberty’s Ukrainian Service. RELATED ARTICLES WAR IN UKRAINE Mar. 6, 10:37 EXPLAINED: Why Russia’s 155th Brigade is Reportedly Refusing to Carry Out Orders to Capture Vuhledar By Kyiv Post IN-DEPTHWAR IN UKRAINE Mar. 8, 14:45 Russia’s Use of 'Frankenstein' Tanks and the Severity of its Losses in Ukraine By Kyiv Post RUSSIA Mar. 3, 14:03 Ramzan Kadyrov Is Reportedly Gravely Ill With Kidney Problems By Kyiv Post WAR IN UKRAINE Mar. 10, 13:36 Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Will Start in Two Months, Zelensky’s Aide Says By Kyiv Post UKRAINE Mar. 7, 20:42 Famous Military Commander ‘Da Vinci’ Dies Near Bakhmut By Kyiv Post EDITOR'S CHOICEWAR IN UKRAINE Mar. 6, 10:51 OPINION: Time is Not on Putin’s Side By Timothy Ash Comments (5) BestOldestNewest BUDU Guest • 1 week ago I am a Chinese reader and I have to point out the background news is incorrect. For any Chinese map, geographical name in border area which was annexed by Russian Empire has to be presented by both two names: a primary formal name, which is a Russian name written by transliterated Chinese; and its historical Chinese name, but in brackets only. Even before such practice became legal requirement since Y2003, it was implemented long time ago. I remember I've seen the same remark when I was a little child, and my parents tried to teach me before a map 30 years ago. The practice reflects historical facts that a prevailing population of Mandarin and Manchurian had inhabited in that vast area and maintained trade and exchange with China Proper before Russian's expansion to its farthest coast. Though they were involuntarily driven out and replaced by Slavic migrants, people in China still got more used to its traditional Chinese name despite that People's Republic of China officially conceded Soviet Union's occupation inherited from Romanov Dynasty. But as you may feel, Such unique feature indeed imbues some trace of grievance lamenting lost of ancient land. So, It does not direct a "new regulations on map content" of using Chinese name, but simply re-iterate the requirement that already exists for decades. In the backdrop of Russia's humiliated failure in Ukraine, the news media noticed the news and tried to associate it with Russia's diminishing influence. Reply RUSLAN Guest • 5 days ago @Budu, thanks a lot for clarification. Anyways, the timing of this announcement (I cannot find the original source BTW) seems very awkward. There won't be any point in reiterating it if that's already in place. And if China is really preparing to claim these lands, this would be a reasonable first step to prepare internal and external audience. We'll see if there is anything that follows this step in coming months. I think, China has potential to use the moment of russia's weakness, and waits until russia will be defenseless, devoid of allies and preferably in the state of civil war. There are numerous examples for similar invasions in world history. Reply AVERY Guest • 1 week ago Serves me right for reading this franc-anglo-zionazi propaganda. Reply LOYAM Guest • 1 week ago @Avery, Yes go read pravda instead. They always tell the truth LOL. Reply OBSERVER Guest • 2 weeks ago China's 1st goal is Lake Baikal, for fresh water supply. After that the Ural mountains for arable land becoming available with global warming. And it all starts with reclaiming East Manchuria after Putlin has bled out Russia's future in the boggy fields of Ukraine. Reply JOSHUA SMITH Guest • 2 weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine because of its natural resources of oil, gas, and minerals. It is the greed of Putin as he knows if these resources are ever developed, it would be the end for the Russian economy. How pathetic he and his henchmen are. Reply PATRICK Guest • 2 weeks ago The next step is that China will want its historic territories back as well, just like RuZZia Reply You Might Also Like Fans Mourn The Loss Of Willie Nelson Cardiologist: Too Much Belly Fat? Do This Before Bed Healthy Living Club Tiger Woods Confirmed Sad News Live Today Our Hearts Go Out To Tom Selleck Brain Scan Uncovers Real Cause of Tinnitus (Ear Ringing) Tinnitus Relief Joel Osteen Leaves The Audience Shocked Ads by « PREVIOUSChina's Putin Play NEXT »One Year On, International Support for Ukraine Remains Strong POPULAR 1 EXPLAINED: Why Russia’s 155th Brigade is Reportedly Refusing to Carry Out Orders to Capture Vuhledar 2 Russia’s Use of 'Frankenstein' Tanks and the Severity of its Losses in Ukraine 3 Ramzan Kadyrov Is Reportedly Gravely Ill With Kidney Problems 4 Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Will Start in Two Months, Zelensky’s Aide Says
  23. This article contains still images from the interactive dashboards available in the original blog post. To follow the instructions in this article, please use the interactive dashboards. Furthermore, they allow you to uncover other insights as well. Visit the blog to explore the full interactive dashboard This interactive presentation contains the latest oil & gas production data from all 28,217 horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford region, that have started producing from 2008 onward, through November. Total production Tight oil production in the Eagle Ford came in at just below 1.1 million b/d in November 2022, basically unchanged compared with a year earlier. As production for about 2-3% of the wells has not yet been reported for November, the chart above shows a lower figure. Natural gas production did rise by about 10% from a year earlier to well above 6 Bcf/d (switch product to ‘gas’ to see the increase). Drilling Activity Drilling activity has remained unchanged since June last year; last week 79 rigs were drilling horizontal wells (source: Baker Hughes): The horizontal rig count in the Eagle Ford (left hand side), colored by subbasin and WTI (black curve, right hand axis) Well performance In this recent WSJ article it was noted that well productivity has fallen in the Permian (behind paywall): U.S. Shale Boom Shows Signs of Peaking as Big Oil Wells Disappear In the Eagle Ford we can see that trend has already been longer active: Well performance and completion details in the Eagle Ford, as measured by the cum. oil recovered in the first 6 months, per 10k ft of lateral length, by subbasin. Horizontal oil wells since 2011 only. In the top chart you can find that on a normalized basis (normalizing productivity for differences in lateral length), we see that recent well results in the core part of the basin, the Central Eagle Ford, are now lower than 7 years ago, and 30% below the peak in 2017. Operator productivity ranking In the next graph we’ll take a closer look at the performance of all the major unconventional operators in the Eagle Ford in recent years. Ranking of all major operators in the Eagle Ford by recent well results, as measured by the average cum. oil in the first 6 months. Horizontal oil wells since 2020 only. The thickness indicates the relative well count. The map displays all included wells, colored by the same metric (red is better). ConocoPhillips shows the best performance in recent years; its 331 horizontal oil wells that were completed since 2020 have recovered on average 135 thousand barrels of oil during the first 6 months. Top operators The output and well locations of the 10 largest operators in the basin are displayed in the final tab. EOG’s production last November was close to its lowest output in almost a decade. Finally Production and completion data is subject to revisions, especially for the last few months. Sources For this presentation, I used data gathered from the following sources: Texas RRC. Production data is provided on lease level. Individual well production data is estimated from a range of data sources, including regular well tests, and pending lease reports. Visit our blog to read the full post and use the interactive dashboards to gain more insight:
  24. The hope of investors and analysts in the crude oil markets about a swift recovery of the price of crude oil did not materialize as expected. On the contrary, the oil prices are back in static mode, something then attributed to the fall of China's GDP from estimated 5.4% for 5%. The most significant event this week, apart from the concerns about Chinese economy, is the news about the UAE leaving the OPEC+, something that was later denied. On the basis of 'no smoke without fire', all does not seem to be well in the Middle East as revenues fall. Please read for more here:
  25. The Sultanate of Oman occupies a crucial geographical and geopolitical position in the oil and gas world. What China wants from Oman is to control all the major crude oil shipping chokepoints from the Middle East into Europe. Muscat is happy to be a conduit for the gas pipeline that would begin in Iran’s supergiant South Pars gas field and run to Sohar in the north of Oman.
  26. Hey there, what's up? I'm new to this forum, but I saw your post and thought I'd give you some advice on the rigs. I don't know if you're looking for a company or just a rig, but if you're in the oil and gas industry, you should check out Upet. They have top-notch Workover Rigs that can handle any job you throw at them. If you're looking for something a little more local, you might want to try searching for some independent operators in your area. They can often offer more personalized service and may be able to give you a better deal. Also, don't forget to do your research and check out customer reviews before committing to a company or rig.
  27. Wow, that's amazing news! It's always great to hear about startups making a positive impact in the world, especially in the fight against climate change. This London-based startup sounds like they're doing some really important work in capturing carbon emissions, and it's great to see that they have the support of big players like Chevron, Saudi Arabian Oil Co., and Samsung Group. I wonder if Jeremy Houghton has any thoughts on this, given his background in environmental engineering? It's definitely exciting to see innovative solutions being developed to tackle such a pressing issue.
  28. Bitcoin in a bull trap. Technical analysis and situation on the market. Forecast of the direction of price movement. Trading strategy and the ability to track the closing and opening of transactions.
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