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  2. This week Saudi Oil Minister Khalid al-Falih himself admitted Inventory has gone UP . . . NOT DOWN. This week United Arab Emirates Oil Minister (UAE), yes them same one that threatened US Bankers and Shale producers at Ceraweek admitted that Inventories have gone UP . . . NOT DOWN This week OPEC Secretary General Barkindo admitted that Inventories have gone UP . . . . NOT DOWN. PRICES GO UP . TOO MUCH OIL. Ten years ago everyone was talking about PEAK OIL . They were talking about PEAK OIL SUPPLY. Now we are talking about PEAK OIL DEMAND. No other commodity trades like this. Investors v. Traders . This will be a traders market the next two quarters. .
  3. I starting to get more and more convinced of the confusion with seperating mitigation measures with accepting climate change. These are not the same.
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  5. thanks, Marina. Keep up the link sharing. I always read the links you post.
  6. I voted Nah, but option 3 seems more likely. Not the current renewables, but something, yes.
  7. Say what you will. It is real. And has nothing to do with what caused the climate to change. On this forum the immigration into Europe has been discussed countless times - significant climate change, rising water level will increase that immigration. Something has to be done to mitigate that (and no genocide is not an option). Whether or not renewables is the answer I am not the right to answer, but it seems to be part of the puzzle.
  8. The Brexit headache ...
  9. How about a shouting/drinking/whatever match between this guy and the judge that dismissed the San Francisco/Oakland cases against Big Oil? You must admit it would be more humane. I'm feeling very humane today.
  10. Well, it seems the FAA told Boeing to certify its own planes. Here. And yeah, it also seems it was the MCAS that was at fault.
  11. Actually I agree with you, only going in India means an even more difficult environment, and your things aren't secured. Corruption is higher in India, and infrastructure, what a mess. The Indian government isn't as controlling and directing of this, but the secret source will get out. The contract manufacturing model embraced by so many Western companies, the companies know darn well they are conceding technologies, and gambling on innovation continuing enough to keep an edge. The other reason to do the deal with the devil, it does grant you access to a very large market. A lot of iPhones were sold in China (and even more counter-fit ones). Clearly I am against it, but international, public companies, will do that deal more often than not. And there are some effective technological blocks in place the general public doesn't know about. Right now I am personally in a pickle, struggling to import ceramic bearings to China, from Japan. It's a silly, leftover from the 80s thing. But there are high end industrial tools not allowed into China, and that is a good thing. Remember Toshiba in the 80s selling high end 5-axis machine tools to USSR, which enabled them to machine better prop screws for harder to detect submarines. Nasty of Toshiba, but the fundamental nasty was the Walker family selling the US out. The Soviets didn't know we could track them except for blatant selling of secrets. The advanced machine shops in China, it's all imported stuff, still. The Soviets learned, and no doubt the Chinese too, not to appeal to politics in the West. Flash a few greenbacks and someone will sell out. So yes, I am all for making that hard to do, and be draconian on those that do.
  12. UK gets about 33 inches a year San Antonio gets about 30 inches a year. Not a lot of difference between the two, except that in the UK they get a lot of light rain and drizzle.In Texas we seem to get all that 30 inches in about 6 big storms.
  13. Nope. $50 is the most often price bandied about by the bulk of the independent U.S. Shale Oil producers for at least half a year now. $50 - ish WTI price range has been advised by many independent operators as the deciding point of whether they will increase drilling new wells or hold back and wait for higher prices. This $50 decision point range was not made by me. I have nothing to do with this $50 - ish range deciding factor for go/no go of new drilling. I'm simply observing the big picture from afar, of what has been happening in general, and what has been reported. These observations don't fit neatly into an Excel spreadsheet or a graph, both of which can be wildly manipulated at will. Anyone can search for and download for free a pdf of the classic book "How to Lie with Statistics".
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  15. Ford plans to invest more than $850 million to add more production capacity at a second U.S. factory for its next-generation battery electric vehicle program. The investment, which will be made through 2023, will focus on expanding Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in southeast Michigan. The plant investment also includes funding to build the next-generation Mustang and is part of a $900 million investment in Ford’s operations in southeastern Michigan. The announcement is tied to Ford’s larger and previously announced plan to invest $11.1 billion in developing electric vehicles.
  16. The US and Taiwan plan a meeting later this year which will surely enrage China and will include a senior US official. China claims Taiwan is a renegade province to be incorporated in to China, by force if necessary. In another move which will draw China's ire Taiwan's president will stop over in US territory en route to allies in the South Pacific. Trump has elevated the relationship with Taiwan since becoming President, encouraging more high-level exchanges. It's not clear exactly what is on the agenda but in the past the US has sold weapons to the Taiwanese.
  17. Looks greens bulling to me but I have no time/desire to verify veracity of lease issue. My grief is with way technology is pitched and technology itself.
  18. It seems like many Russians like to leave out the fact that their history started with the Kievan Rus empire located in present day Kyiv, Ukraine in the 9th century.
  19. Continue with tariffs as he said today to hobble China's economy creating unrest in China. Flood the world with shale. Force China into better deal. Chinese corporate quadrupled in US dollar amounts from last year. Chinese total debt to rise to 300% by 2023. Kick out Chinese students. Bankrupt China. Game over.
  20. The US had nice week in crude exports last week. Exported 3.392 Millon bbls/day. Up from 2.14 bbls/day from prior week. 3.392 - 2.14 = 1.252 X 7 days = 8.764 bbl Also increase in refinery utilization which is unusual during maintenance season . So most of US 10 million bbl draw was oil exported increasing world oil inventory Oil trades on perception not facts. Khalid al-Fahlih speaks and traders listen. No other commodity trades like this. Orbital Science reported World Inventories went up 60 million barrels in Feb . . . . . . and oil prices had a great upside month. Facts don't matter. Trump's Council of Economic Advisors report rationalizing that High Oil Prices are good for the economy tips his hat that he really doesn't care about his base. Or better yet thinks they are too stupid to figure it out. I still think the export tsunami on its way will will bring some free market pricing to bear. Last week's 3.392 million was second best after approx 3.6 couple of weeks ago. Enterprise Products, the largest US oil export company announced a massive auction for April oil exports from their Houston complex. There Houston complex large. They csn store over 45 million bbls of oil alone. NOTE: Oil price increases are "SPOT" prices .. .. .. .. NOT FORWARD prices. This go around the pronlem is the supply side of the equation . . . not demand. Demand has been steady , BUT supply is going up and will continue to go up. TOO MUCH SUPPLY Can OPEC keep cutting poduction forever ? NO Wait till Q4.
  21. Will be passed on to consumer. Advantage Google.
  22. BMW warned it faces a significant decline in its 2019 profit. It blamed trade conflicts, rising costs, and new emissions regulations. BMW board member also blamed "rapid transformation" of the auto industry, a clear allusion to EVs and specifically Tesla, since at this point it is the only OEM with vehicles in the same class as BMW. Its profits ytd are down 7.9% from 2017.
  23. Makes sense. Are we seeing hedging here still to soften the blow?
  24. Agreed. China has invested heavily in Venezuelan oil in making large loan for oil deals, and now it is doing the same in South Sudan.
  25. I liken drawdown and price spikes to what happened with the Tomcat blowout near Eakly Oklahoma in 81. Millions of cubic feet of gas per day was blowing out of this monster and people were pushing up the price of buying the natural gas just from what was expended in the atmosphere. When it bridged off, there were a lot of unhappy people 😊
  26. It says enough to shut up all those shouting "AI is here!" every time someone comes up with a chatbot.
  27. I have to admit that I disagree. If you look at what drove offshore activity it wasn't mega project(s) it shallow and midwater marginal build out projects. These are completely dead courtesy of US shale. this means you now have an overdimensioned supply chain that needs to find something to do... the mega-projects will still be there and continue to be a main and important part of subsea contractors like SS7s business. It just won't be the
  28. Everything is life is POLITICS, everything. Especially the denial of politics is a VERY poltiical statement. That of KKKonservatism. Politics is not some GAME that you can choose not to participate in. When people start screaming "don't make this political" they mean: Leave the political situation as it is now, I like it. THAT is ..political. Now Trump. To say that Putin, the BOSS of oilgiant GAZPROM is irrelevant to anything oil especially when it concerns Trump is of a deep, deep unwillingness to confront reality. Or a deep willingness to twist reality into a pretzel. And OF COURSE trump is slave to Big Corp. To deny that is to willingly close your eyes. Why else would he have given them such a huge tax cut? Just for kicks? He got paid, or will get paid, in hookers, booze (wodka) cash and golden showers. What has trump EVER done to hurt the Koch brothers? Not. A. Thing. What. So. Ever. Admiring him because Trump does stuff zero presidents have ever done is like admiring a person who throws a brick through your window, steps in, and starts crapping poop in your soup. Or on your couch. Pretty sure no-one has ever done that too. Is that something you would praise? The stuff Trump does isn't done by anyone because it's OBVIOUSLY stupid. Some (you?) like trump because he goes after the brown people, yells at The Blacks, and threats women like dirt. He has learned to lie about all that, but in his unguarded moments it all comes out. If his behaviour makes you feel better to be a white man, you should be ashamed, but also, have your head examined. Because he's a scam artist and law breaker who nobody should let near their sister or daughter. Here, just two articles about him, which make me truly wonder why anyone would vote for him and believe anything he said. Trump and white nationalist accounts: Four RTs, four Twitter suspensions. Remember when Trump paid actors to cheer during his presidential campaign announcement? And what you say is self-contradictory: Trump will use the oil-weapon to the fullest, but in order to do that, he has to be in bed with Big Oil including Putin. They bought ...eeer financed him.
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