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  2. Shill in what way? I don't need any money. My accts are large enough that i can trade the max amounts of contracts any trader could imagine trading at one time. For example say i traded 20 contracts at one time, a 20 cents move against me would be 4k draw or loss. So obviously i try never to trade that large. Having said that, i have traded more than 40 contracts at one time, quite a few times, and maybe that is what makes me so sensitive to moves. What im trying to explain is this, crude is very volatile as you know it moves violently many days of the week, though some days only in $1 range. However, to 99% of traders indeed, intraday moves are at best random, and at best what that could hope to do, is try and follow. of course in crude this isnt possible due to the speed of the moves, unless it really moves slow, then sometimes you can jump on. At this point analyzing crude daily the day before has been very rewarding and surprising, to say the least.
  3. Isn't it China and the EU leading the EV push?
  4. As a side note, a 12 MW wind turbine is being installed that will generate enough electricity for 16,000 homes per day. Tech is improving.
  5. "We cannot allow communism to take over South America. " What on earth does that mean?
  6. The short version is that the API inventory data is dependent on "voluntary" submissions from industry. For example Valero didn't submit inventory data to the API so the data isn't necessarily quite as complete as the EIA data which is mandatory for industry data submission. Up until a few years ago the API also provided Natural Gas inventory data then the EIA did the same. The API subsequently stopped providing NG data.
  7. Russia is spending billions on various foreign adventures, largely paid for out of oil income. As this income diminishes, it will be necessary to focus on matters closer to home. Whether Russia engages in a 'price war' with US oil producers is more or less academic - US investors are seeking every last dollar of profit available from the oil fields, and they don't much care whether they're taking it out of the pocket of Saudis, Russians, or Norwegians. Russia and Saudi Arabia need to diversify their economies, which means they need to reshape their political systems to encourage activity in the private sector. One can fix cars, sling hash, and build apartment blocks in politically repressive environments. It's another matter to create 'disruptors' that change how the world works. In that situation, people have to be able to ignore the authority figures and also have to be allowed to keep what they earn - even if it's a lot.
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  9. I think that the time the mid-west starts planting crops Oil will surge to around $70 then in July (vacation time) it will go to $80 Now, if Trump is insistent on keeping oil prices down, What is Trump going to do? Release the Oil reserves? Democrats will fight that. So, how is Trump going to keep oil prices down?
  10. You are only right if demand stays high. Eventually natural gas may replace some demand for oil, also recessions, electric vehicles, wind, solar etc.
  11. Hooray! US President Donald Trump has said he recognises Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president. It came minutes after the 35-year-old declared himself as acting leader in Caracas on Wednesday. What will this mean for the people, government, corruption, humanity, and the oil markets?
  12. It's like in mining for precious metals. When prices fall the productions shifts to the "sweet spots" with higher low cost recovery. The problem is that as they "mine" out the heart of a deposit the costs rise for getting marginal production as prices rebound. I have worked in these situations in the Gold exploration-mining side and in the Shale Oil production side (Bakken, Niobrara, Powder River, Eagle Ford and Permian). As prices fall these companies work faster and leave many wells for later completions. As prices rise they feed off new fracks or live off extended hedges and eventually another boom follows. It's a never-ending boom-bust cycle. Another problem with this is many skilled workers and staff leave for other careers during the bad times never to return and the following boom cycle leaves companies pursuing inexperienced workers to fill the gap which leads to other problems. A good sign that things are slowing down is when companies start to consolidate and buy out competitors rather than grow through exploration (green fields) then the end of the boom cycle is probably near. I've been through at least 4 boom-busts in my time and am just hoping to stretch it out for at least a couple more years before hanging up my rock hammer and riding off into the sunset. 🙂
  13. Norway as a whole has been extremely fortunate regarding natural resources no doubt about that. Not only do we have huge oil and gas resources, but also a lot of waterfalls generating electic energy, large natural fish resources etc. I agree with you that our politicians have money to spend that very few other countries have. If one cuts away oil and fish-related income our deficit gap would resemble that of the US
  14. What mushrooms do you use? 🙄
  15. Actually I am just a typical American gun owner and hobbyist with a modest selection of firearms for sport and home defense.
  16. The Way You Receive Oil & Energy News Is Changing - For The Better. - Be The First To Download Our New App We are excited to announce the launch of the app. With instant access to news and industry data, the app has been designed with the Oilprice Community in mind to deliver to the minute stats and global insight at your fingertips. We are delighted to invite the Community to be the first to download the free app. The app is now available, free of change, for download through the App Store and Google Play. App Features Include: Energy News: Featured and trending stories in energy, oil news, alternative energy, finance news, geopolitics and more. Oil Prices: Get 200+ live global oil prices including WTI Crude & Brent Crude as well as OPEC blends, Canadian blends and US blends with price charts and comparison tools. Market Data: Get the latest real-time oil news and price data as well as market analysis at your fingertips. Alert Notifications: Receive daily news alerts from the energy topics and stocks that matter to you. Customizable Stock Alerts: Customize your personalized oil stock portfolio to notify you whenever stock has gone up or down - you set the prices, you set your targets. The Oilprice App is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information and to provide us with feedback please contact
  17. Hi Marina. Yes, people are starting to come to the realization that trade and tariffs are not the main focus of the U.S. Government's efforts to reign in China. Those issues are also important, but technology theft, and its applications, is by far the biggest threat.
  18. These guys brag too much.
  19. You said, "The problem is crony capitalism that sees the very rich keep so much of the income fruit of the laborers. As argued above by @Microbio-glutonist this is a symptom of man's fallen nature. A good example is Jeff Bezos, his workers make very little. He makes a ton. Bezos could at anytime decide to take less profit and double the salary and benefits of his employees. So could Trump through his business holdings. Any of these wealthy owners of production could. They won’t. " Jeff Bezos epitomizes the worst of America. However, he may die from America's own "free market" failure. The Bank of China USA will soon offer Yuan purchases for purchases on Internet platforms in America. Which means the middleman will be cut out. Americans are abusing the dollar to buy Chinese made products through Amazon and Brick and Mortar retailers. "Logistics and supply-chain management" are what has created the economies of scale, efficiency, and value in retailing/e-tailing. The Chinese have shrewdly bought the transportation systems (Ports, roads, rails, ships, etc. "Belt and Road). The sheer stupidity of the world to allow all the factors of production and distribution into the hands of the communists is astounding. Each new fraction of savings comes from another incremental new manner of shaving a dime off the transportation and distribution. Americans are nothing but consumers of Chinese goods, delivered by Jeff Bezos through a corrupt system. Soon, the middleman will be gone and the only thing stopping the communists is America's ability to print, print, print! At some point, the well will run dry.
  20. Hello to all. I am new to the community although i have been reading its blogs for several years. I am CEO of a Company that has a new adventure in an oil well. I have 90% completion done with Schlumbergers newest PNX log to support older log data. We have several good shows and one with 20 feet of oil saturation in the Wlicox formation. I am using the newest unconventual process for funding this project at our company website If you know of interested parties feel free to seek more information.

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  21. Saudi Aramco eyes multi-billion-dollar U.S. gas acquisitions: CEO Good luck beating Qatar, Australia, and the U.S. itself. To mention but just three.
  22. Unfortunately, the British are not going to have a "nice divorce." If that happens, then there is nothing to hold back the other unhappy partners in the EU, and I would include even the Dutch in that. The thinking of the bureaucrats and main political leaders, specifically from Germany and France, is that there is a specific price to pay for leaving. That price is going to be painful. The Eurocrats will see to it that Britain's exports to the Eurozone will be taxed and tariffed, and will be forced to conform to Europe's various Regulations - exactly what the British Brexiters insist will never happen, the Britain will not surrender its "sovereignty." Those types of conflicts will make for hard feelings. Meanwhile the British will continue to buy Japanese cars, possibly even shunning the Jaguar, now owned by Germans. With the collapse of British Leyland Britain does not have much of a car industry in any event, so even the most loyal British consumer runs out of choices. Those big German cars, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, will take a hit. However, some 50% of their sales are to the USA, so it is not as it they are going to get their Lederhosen into a big knot over it. Where Britain will take a hit is in shipbuilding and yacht-building. I predict that business will move to France and Poland. And I don't see British yards getting some exemption from tariffs for their heavy iron, the ferryboats and cargoliners. Those big yards are going to get into trouble. Oh, well.
  23. I actually agree. Oil is so intervowen in our society - petrochems, asphalt to mention a few.
  24. Oh, sorry, I've missed this.
  25. Oil stocks reflect the price of oil they do not fortell it.
  26. Electric car use may be growing exponentially, but they are doing little to curb rising carbon emissions and oil demand, IEA said. According to Birol it is misleading to say that electric cars are the end of oil and analysts need to put things into perspective and consider that 5 million EVs globally is nothing compared to 1 billion ICE cars.
  27. I am of course amused by all the artwork, however there is the real world. In the real world, there is a tiny minority of left-wing 'socialists' in Congress. There are a lot more veterans and suburban middle-class insurance sales and real estate agents whose biggest fear is soccer moms. Nobody has any idea how many BPD of oil will be produced this year. Estimates of that sort have been way off for the last decade or so, and are likely to remain questionable for the forseeable future. The remaining question is exactly what does 'produced' mean? If I make oil from CO2 and water it's obviously been 'produced'. That doesn't mean it was pumped out of the ground. The same goes for making hydrocarbons from biomass. If China goes into recession do we still consume an additional 1.4 million BPD? Same goes for a volcanic eruption that curtails airline flights.
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