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  2. I tried to tell them that but they don't want to accidentally hit US manned Patriot Missile launchers surrounding the production facilities, if you wouldn't mind just moving them a tad we'll all be back in business before you can say "$100 dollar oil"
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  4. 7.8 billion people in the world. 7,800,000,000 vs, 31,000 deaths from covid 19 so far. 360,000 babies are born each day. Perspective is important. Economics is important. Hysteria is a stupid waste of time, energy, discussion, etc. and leads to very poor decisions.
  5. Just how contagious is COVID-19? This chart puts it in perspective. Everything epidemiology can tell us about the new coronavirus. Matthew R. Francis February 20, 2020
  6. Does that include Biden? Was bound to happen. They already threw out US journalists after Trump designated some of their journalists as intelligence agents. Which they probably are.
  7. My aunt has a fully valid degree in pharmacy but admits when she got it the degree it required little more than counting pills. None of the advanced pharmacology or medicine knowledge required today. She got on the job training as I'm sure you did.
  8. But both INFLUENCE production greatly.
  9. Yeh but he puts sniffing children first...strange man!
  10. Well, I’ve done my part! I’ve taken 100% cut in pay for 5 years!
  11. “If your story is true, then Wyatt was fully justified in his actions.” And if your story is true (and accurate), then you have a point. Is this now a ‘pissing contest’ where we see who has the worst experience to post? “Note: the CCP did not subject Wyatt to anything like I encountered in 'murica.“ I never indicated that Wyatt had an issue with the CCP, his issue was with the national oil company that contracted him. What is with your use of the term ‘murica’, I am not familiar with this location?
  12. for the record, the 'trials' for chloroquine against covid were first conducted in China. the French doctor is simply copying the methodology from the Chinese, who were happy to share it. you should give credit where it is due. your hatred blinds you.
  13. That isn't their problem. Their problem is capital flight. They have a serious problem. The export proceeds do not show up in the SAFE stats, and they have a giant Errors and Omissions line on the BOP reports sucking dollars out. Look back to my older postings on China's financial conditions. SAFE is trying to raid forex accounts of Chinese in HK, and broke into several banks to get the info and are trying to extort their exporters into repatriating the dollars. Their exports right now are not a happy picture. Down 35% last month on outgoing container shipping, expected down 45% in March. When they arrive, they are quarantined for 2 weeks, then may or may not get unloaded at the CA ports. Word is that they are having trouble raising cash but don't want to reduce their reserves at the Fed. They also have to quarantine incoming ships because they had quarantined their people so well that there is no herd immunity. Contrast that to 40% metro NYC positive tests and 20% in CA.
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  15. A small molecule, any decent universities chemistry / pharmacology department could produce some. Revamp of a pharmaceuticals companies' production would probably be fairly easy - but we need more profitable Viagra in these social distancing times. joke. Local distilleries have switched to making hand sanitizer....
  16. And the 'kiddies' keep right on trashing all that 'Daddy' worked so hard to build. Entitled TWITS!
  17. Switzerland borders Lombardia, so they have lots of cases, but they are also a country that prides themselves on being prepared. They even have a 6-month supply of coffee if their borders were completely closed. A week ago some German physicians were saying to not assume they were doing anything too different in Germany. The main, boring reasons given so far are: Germany has not run out of hospital beds or ventilators Germany has tested a much larger swath, so it includes people who have mild cases Italy has an older population So far it seems that countries that don't run out of hospital beds have about a .6% to 1% fatality rate. If that's true, it means that the Germans haven't had the pandemic outstrip their hospital bed supply. Germany has the misfortune of being in the middle of Europe so they will have a constant trickle of carriers coming into the country.
  18. Unnecessary. The original plan was to reprocess it into fuel, just as France does. That plan changed when Jimmy Carter, bless his heart, made it illegal. Eventually, it will be made legal again, and we can be done with this charade.
  19. To me, it didn't matter since the basis of his argument was already stupid. I didn't even have to dispute the facts, because even if what he quoted was 100% true, it doesn't do him any good. It should be obvious that fossil fuel energy is cheap as shit.
  20. if we look from another perspective, 60 - 80% of the shops might not be making enough to cover their monthly expenses. Many shops were noticed opened and closed within 6 months to a year in a busy town shed some times ago. The once map dotter lost count on the updates she needed to make on the list of shops and location on the map ....... The lock- down reduces the avoidable expenditure e.g. electricity, water, labor costs, and give them rest before they start again, at the same shops or new ones, much later. I was told also, that 80% of the time, a resort would act like a charity organization. The management has to pay salaries to the workers, maintenance including electricity and water, without having any customer or may be visitation of a fly or two. Lock- down could save them more than half a million to millions of expenditure per month (depending on size) which loosen up for other payments.... Here, it is a paid holiday, for over a month, ordered by the government. This is not the best. I was told, a rather young director for a government linked office in Singapore, was granted 6 months maternity leaves, fully paid, some times ago.... The lock- down might only set the pace back a little, without affecting the income of majority middle to upper income earners. The hardest hit might be the less than 10% hard core impoverished generally reported, who might need extra help to get by....... The economy outlook, on the overall, might not differ much. The obvious difference might be the emerging of details entailed?? National reserve incontinence has been the latest trend world wide. Wonderful is the feeling of fund recipients and the party organizers or care givers......... Go on, be either one, to share the joy. Outside of those two, one might have only words, to mention the displeasure as party outsiders..........
  21. While I generally do not read or link to Seeking Alpha, I'll make an exception for this article. Some rare good news these days about natural gas. Good summary bullet points at the beginning. Natural Gas Demand Remains Resilient Despite Coronavirus Concerns Summary Following more states announcing mandatory isolations, natural gas demand on a real-time basis remains resilient with no total demand drop. The one area of weakness is coming from residential and commercial demand, which is taking the big part of the demand hit from the shutdowns. But strong demand in power burn, industrial, and exports continues to offset the demand hit. In addition, Lower 48 gas production is falling and will likely accelerate its decline in April as producers shut down well completions and shut-in high variable cost wells. Our reasoning for why prices remain stubbornly low is that the fear of demand destruction is far greater than the actual impact. As traders fret over the impact of global LNG reduction potential, the market is unwilling to be bullish on any commodity today (with the exception of gold). ...
  22. Doug; Sadly you are of the mind that 'leadership' have any care/concern for the economy in realistic terms. No. They live in the land of pink ponies flying across rainbow strewn skies. (Ahem) I'm a native son of this Formerly great state. My time in the Corps (Stationed in the South) showed me that there really is a 'difference' in how others live. Work after leaving the Corps took me back here. Life kept me. I'm looking solidly at my options for a relocation to Texas or back too my 'adopted' home of Alabama. Apathetically, the politicos who've set the state upon this tack, which will surely see it upon the rocks; will be long gone from any responsibility when the 'bill' comes due...
  23. Thanks oil prospector. I am going back to flipping a coin
  24. You misunderstand the whole concept of a double blind trial. The physicians administering the trial do not know what they're giving the patients. Otherwise, the trial would be biased. If you're a good trader, you probably depend on statistics. That's how science works too, man.
  25. Thus saith the expert!
  26. Meanwhile the dollar is worth nearly 80 rubles and it looks like Putin is supporting the ruble, a desperate measure?
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