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  2. No one is betting any money on Biden & Co. in this case. It is a foregone conclusion.
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  4. As actual nuclear issues are on international agenda, some involving OPEC members, I had to use a web search. By ARI NATTER on 11/18/2021 WASHINGTON (Bloomberg) - Some U.S. lawmakers are seizing on the energy price surge to revive long-standing legislation that would subject the OPEC oil cartel to the same antitrust laws used more than century ago to break up Standard Oil’s monopoly. The “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act” -- known as NOPEC -- would allow the U.S. government to sue members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for manipulating the energy market, potentially seeking billions of dollars in reparations. The legislation faces difficult odds amid concerns about diplomatic fallout that has led the State Department to oppose it in the past. But the House Judiciary Committee did approve the latest iteration by a voice vote in April. A Senate version has attracted sponsors from across the political spectrum, from Iowa’s conservative Republican Chuck Grassley to Vermont’s liberal Democrat Patrick Leahy. No floor votes have been scheduled. “We’ve been talking to a number of members about it,” Leahy said in an interview Wednesday. He said he intended to discuss the legislation in a floor speech. --------------- It is hard to ascribe "good intentions" to the authors of the laws mentioned here. They believe in "rules based world order" where rules are defined by USA, for the benefit of USA as perceived by the elite, all too often myopic. "Potentially seeking billion of dollars in reparations" that are defined by "impartial" judges in USA. If the lawsuit are toothless, they make USA looking toothless, even worse, some teeth may be lost in the process. But suppose that USA can size assets required to "pay reparations". The conclusion of the victims would be to refrain from having foreign assets that can be confiscated, thus cutting down on oil exports when the prices are high, and on consumption when the prices are low. Not as convenient as parking abroad profit in the fat years and consuming them in the lean years, but safer. But that would have a very depressive impact on the world economy, including USA. But it is even worse for USA. Parking profits in countries that solemnly promise not to confiscate them under the pretense of reparation would be OK, so in the fat years it would be OK to sell more and on better terms to countries that make "no reparations" promise, and cut to other countries. That would create a structural disadvantage for USA and allies that would cooperate with USA on that issue. My scenarios are speculative, but enormous unwanted consequences are bound to happen, would enforcement of NOPEC laws actually happen.
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  6. China theft of technology is biggest law enforcement threat to US, FBI says This article is more than 1 year old Christopher Wray says China using ‘any means necessary’ Chinese theft of US trade secrets costing ‘$300bn-$600bn a year’
  7. I Think 2022 will be around the same as 2021. The Omikron virus is not that harsh. Relative easy to handle by Doctors. If most countries handled those issues conservative we will be in lower figures starting April 2022. Mai 2022 till Nov. all is US Mid term election and I think Mr Biden will loose both houses. Question is what happened then. Mr Trump is not a house member and the GOP should re-think their candidates.
  8. Anonymous electronic cash obviously has a tremendous value. Actually, quite a bit more than compromised government scrip.
  9. Saudi Arabia raised oil prices for buyers in Asia and the U.S., signaling it sees demand staying strong despite the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. View the full article
  10. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for natural gas this year, with most of the time spent climbing to newer heights. The worst is far from over with frigid winter weather on the horizon for many parts of the world, while fears remain that the market may stay out of balance through much of next year. View the full article
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  12. However, if someone reads some anonymous CIA agents and their shocking unofficial news that Russia will attack Ukraine in a moment I highly recommend it for the purpose of wakefulness. - not some strange content from shadow CIA sources get quietly in the corridor but official statement by US secretary Collin Powell himself in an emergency meetng at the UN Security Council. Whether you like it or not, Putin and Lavrov will not live long enough life to break Powell achievement with his speech.
  13. Wouldn't work here. We have an FFP2 respirator mandate
  14. Might doesn’t mean much. It’s more a strength of will power struggle. All trade and commerce has so many other weak points. Mexico for example could take out anybody’s economy with a few data bases. Argentina could take out a few desalination plants and start WWIII. Let China steal a Musk car factory and Tiwian would be an afterthought. Musk is more important. Blow up Microsoft and the world can’t compute. In all phases of country contact many scenarios could lead to a world apocalypse. I think it’s silly to think anybody has much of an advantage.
  15. Trump may have, not sure about that. Lincoln should have been included. I think Jefferson also had financial problems.
  16. Gas price windfall makes Gazprom patient over Nord Stream 2 delay. By Vladimir Soldatkin and Oksana Kobzeva Comment: Germany imprudently aacording to Handelsblatt offered Russia to launch NS-2 even before the certification is completed, and this would help Europeans not to freeze in the coming winter . It turns out that the maximum fine would be only EUR 1 million, and in the form of a one-off. So pay a million Euro and pump gas at will. Considering the cost of the gas pipeline, as well as the profits from selling gas, 1 million Euro is a very small amount, so it would seem a good move to pay and pump But myself as a the head of Gazprom I would not play this, I have several reasons for it: 1. Immediately after the start of the NS-2, gas prices will drop sharply. So Gazprom will have to sell a lot of additional gas to earn what it earns today without launching the NS-2. 2. I have no doubts that with the launch of the gas pipeline without the necessary formalities, antirussian members of European Union very will bring Gazprom to court, which will surely pass a conviction, and will impose a very severe financial penalty ; 3. The media in the west would inflate the matter to the point of absurdity. They will not write about the fact that Russia saved Europe from freezing, but about the fact that Russia is a country that does not obey any rules. Well, I think that there are people who are not more stupid than me, and they will not take advantage of this "opportunity", and they will patiently wait for the NS-2 certification to be completed, and the first gas deliveries via this pipeline will begin only when inventories becomes empty.. This will allow for an increase in gas supplies without a seasonal price cut. It means that it should be clear what is the profit and loss balance is In November, for Russians. Gazprom produced approximately 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas per day, which is roughly its peak, according to experts, due to investment restrictions after 2014. Speaking directly in Russia, gas consumption increased by 10% this year and speaking directly theres is currntly NO ADITIONAL gas for Europe. Gazprom made a clean profit of $ 7.8 billion in the third quarter and 21 billion in three quarters, which is a new record for the three quarters At the same time, in the third quarter the average price was $ 313 per 1,000 for 9 months it was $ 243, and in the fourth quarter Gazprom is very conservatively assuming 550 $. Why conservatively. Well, because the TTF spot price according to oilprice is more or less $ 32 per mbbtu, i.e. on Wednesday only $ 1,160 per 1,000 m3 We count 550 -210 (average export price in 2019) by more than 45 bcm in Q4 and we get the least and very conservative additional earnings from Gazprom, and how much it is losing on the current status quo..
  17. Which is exactly why we force it to one side, just like every other industrial reaction that has an equilibrium state.
  18. Oil producers in the Permian Basin must do more to disclose and stop the leak of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, a House committee wrote in a letter to 10 major oil companies. View the full article
  19. There is a global warming? I thought it is some kind of non-specific "climate change" now.
  20. All three large Russian Companies Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil have large Research Departements. Russians are very conservative. One Rosneft Oilfield was discovered end of 1980. But the real start was in 2009. After legal Cases etc. Till 2035 they have enough sources and large ones will start 2028 like Vostok in the North. And if they wish they could buy Iran Oil for very cheap prices.
  21. Inconvenient, due to low density.
  22. Oil jumped after the OPEC+ alliance left the door open to reversing its decision to boost output, with the impact of the omicron Covid-19 variant on demand remaining highly uncertain. View the full article
  23. A South African court has ruled that Royal Dutch Shell Plc can proceed with a seismic survey offshore the East Coast, after dismissing a legal application by activist groups. View the full article
  24. Having been in the doldrums for over nine months, China’s manufacturing PMI has risen by 0.9 in November, buckling the trend that used to affect the crude oil markets. Please read this for more:
  25. Royal Dutch Shell Plc pulled out of a controversial UK oil project, a win for environmentalists as the development of a new North Sea field was left hanging in the balance. View the full article
  26. Turkey threatened to block any unauthorized search for gas and oil in its economic exclusive zone in the eastern Mediterranean after Cyprus awarded hydrocarbon exploration and drilling rights in its offshore block 5 to a venture of Exxon Mobil and Qatar Petroleum. View the full article
  27. Well so you should meet for example Katya Yafimava on twitter- definitely russian expert in Oxford and strong SUPPORTER of NS I NS II and Power of Syberia II -simple lets say russian gas and LNG for global community. Meet her of twitter - one of best twitter acount abou NG and LNG If you dont like her study please get information about new numbers in November 2021 So #Russia's Gazprom pumped an average of 1.5bcm of #gas a day in November, the highest for the month in a decade and close to peak output, show calculations based on company’s preliminary operating data. #Russia Nov oil & gas results out gas output was up 5% y/y to 66.1bcm in Nov Gazprom producing 1.5bcm/d – close to max cap says VTBC. So little room to increase exports even if wanted to. But Gazprom export to Europe is down 24 % in Novermber - lowest numner in November since 2014 So Europe now can say that "Houston we have a problem?"
  28. Many years ago I was in Argentina.....all the cabs are CNG. All converted . CNG only makes sense for fleet vehicles (UPS), cabs lyft uber delivery vehicles . Why $7000.....because they are not mass produced .....An EV also does not make sense today unless you are driving 50,000 miles plus a year commuting locally same as a CNG retrofit. Maybe EV's will make sense when the are in the ballpark of ICE vehicles upfront cost plus $10000. My bet is 2030 will be an economic turning point in EV's for low mileage users (maybe) . Until then my 4000 miles a year for each of our 2 vehicles means we keep driving them until they are no longer worth fixing or death ( my better half keeps asking when she gets a new car......I laugh ....when she puts 150,000 miles on her new vehicle (2013 SUV that has 34,000 miles on it) New vehicle ????Something to look forward to in 2050 if we live that long......)
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