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  2. Media comes to the rescue < sarcasm font > A CNN anchor just said on live TV that the riots in MN were "entirely peaceful" and a "merry caravan" and then seconds later someone throws a bottle directly at him. You can't make this stuff up.
  3. Where exactly is Trumpistan? Is it physically close to Never-Never-Land where you and Peter Pan hang out?
  4. ...and you are an idiot.
  5. ”That's the same U.S. that still does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country and for decades took advantage of another ally, the Philippines, through onerous structuraladjustment policies, leading to the latter becoming one of the weakest economies in the region.” The US was an ally with the Philippines for decades prior to and after WW2. The Philippines exercised their sovereign rights and booted the US out. This resulted in the closure of Clark Air Base and the Subic Naval Base and the loss of the rental from both, as well as the knock-on loss from supporting the troops at both bases. The Filipino economy collapsed not from any action taken by the US. The political decision to remove the US military presence, and the resulting damage to the economy, rests solely with the Filipino government.
  6. I read somewhere that to get Hydrogen compressed to a density where it has an energy content similar to petrol by volume you need to use approximately 40% of the energy value. Hence the reason I've never been overly confident that Hydrogen fuelled cars were going to be viable.
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  8. Exactly!
  9. No, that is neither correct, accurate or on knew this when you posted your meaningless, adolescent drivel. Go back to your X-Box and leave this to the adults.
  10. Pretty good satire
  11. Wrong, Trump threatened the shipping companies with sanctions, their international banking facility would have disappeared.
  12. Also, from
  13. You mean like the properly controlled legalized dope?
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  15. So, head to Japan/Brunei in case you need some paint thinner... OR just want racing fuel. 😃 Hrmm what is the ship energy density of transport compared to LNG? IT has to be VERY low one would think. So transportation costs just went WAY up. Energy Supply chain vulnerability just went WAY up. This makes the transportation of Ammonia look sane.
  16. ORO Good piece Other Topic : You have some interesting insight into our world problems. Well informed. If you wouldn't mind I'd be interesting in your thoughts on the evolving China situation taking into consideration Trump's recent response today. Seems a little light on action. I'm thinking he might be giving China a chance to rethink their position before the September Hong Kong implementation goes onto effect. He also has an election to consider and doesn't want to upset the U.S. economic apple cart . . . . at this time. I suspect if Trump's is given a second term we will see quite a bit of action from Trump on China and a myriad of other issues. Your thoughts ? Whenever you get the time if you want.
  17. Obamagate without consequence will undermine the trust of people to the FBI and even the future elections. Without the trust, both sides will not accept the outcomes of any election and there will be a collapse in economy and higher of possibility with the Civil War. It is unacceptable for US citizens/party/organizations that have some sense in their mind to think by any mean of cheating/spying and win the election "for the greater good". Its very stupid to defeat an "evil" President in one term by cheating and lose the trust of half of the US forever. Election is political peaceful civil war, if people don't trust the election, at some point the Civil War will occur because election has no meaning. Minneapolis and St Paul will Mandatory Curfews this weekends after 3 days of vandalism and looting around urban and some suburbans. It seems they following metro stations. I wonder who these "protestors" vote for in next election? And last time Minnesota voted red is in 1972. Got a new Dem Governor last year. In Rome, do what Roman do, I will buy a gun and do target practice and back to martial art training. Question: why have to shoot to kill but not in the legs or arms?
  18. Natural gas is a direct substitute for coal. Renewables aren't a direct substitute for NG. That's why it's different in this case. A renewable scheme (portfolio of technologies supporting renewable power) is capable of removing natural gas from the energy grid. I'm not using scheme in a pejorative sense, I'm using it in a positive sense to imply intent and planning.
  19. The best rock has already been drilled, what is left is going to be harder to get to and more challenging to produce from. As usual they will try to cut the costs from service companies (already gutted) and wages (already at supermarket levels). The glory days of pre-2014 shale are totally finished but that doesn't mean shale itself finished, it just means shale will be like any other oil resource...worth drilling with the right prices.
  20. Please don't lie, or at least don't lie stupidly. Trump wasted precious months that could have been used for preparation on federal level because he failed to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. He routinely brushes aside expert advice, preferring to live in a deranged fantasies that occupy the inside of his head - his statements prove it. You and your fellow cultists are in a permanent state of war with reality and facts - so everyone is "rabid communist" for you. Meanwhile, US international reputation is in a freefall.
  21. He is beyond dickhead, he is a total jerk Masshole. Morons like that provoke gunfire on the Interstate. No loss.
  22. makes sense then - then there is your answer as to why many countries invest in wind / solar while using natural gas to fill in the gaps. Gulf states are good for solar but there are a few issues. The performance of PV suffers in that heat. (high altitude at low latitides is best for solar - ex. Tibet) The dust in the middle east is awful and its not brushable. It covers everything and then dew at night sets it like concrete so it needs to be regularly washed off The local population do nothing - you have to import the labour lock stock and barrel to build these solar farms and operate them.
  23. It was always going to happen, Even producing electricity from imported gas and oil in japan is in the same spot price as generating solar power in the sahara or wind in the UK and Norway
  24. It all comes down to politics. I can remember that the despicable Harold Wilson,when Labour Party Prime Minister of the UK in the 1960's,agreed to the demands of the National Union of Mineworkers that coal mining be subsidised by the Treasury and that coal-fired power stations be built to consume the poor quality (high ash) output. The UK Labour Party is now trying to get on the green bandwagon.
  25. Give it a couple months and will start resuming the demand. It won't go on forever. By end of August I see demand at least 3/4ths of where at now. Patience!!!
  26. You might want to sit back and take a sobering look at how things are unraveling in Minneapolis:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  27. That said, it USED to be a vibrant, fun, rewarding and adventurous industry before the HSE and HR morons took control...
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