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  2. Thanks for that Jan, that looks like a fantastic little thing, sounds like you used to have one. I'm sure a Hyabussa 1300 is super light also ? For me the whole EV issue is the weight especially when the boss of Easyjet was talking about running electric passenger Jets by 2020 !
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  4. Goose Creek Farm,LLC in Washington County, Virginia  specializes in overnight boarding with stalls and paddocks  for Equine Long Haul Layovers by reservations at 276-6695457 .


  5. From another article: "The exercise is part of annual manifestations on the anniversary of the start of the eight-year war Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein launched against Iran in 1980. But it also comes after Tehran's recent warnings that it would shut down the Strait of Hormuz if it's blocked from exporting its crude because of U.S. pressure and renewed sanctions on Iran." Link: Comment: So it seems that timing is the key here...traders are playing on fears.
  6. Meanwhile, Tesla reported the largest quarterly loss in its history, in the second quarter of this year:
  7. I would make a further observation to the general statement that there are increases in absolute terms to hunger. One factor that remains undiscussed, but is very much lurking in the shadows, is changes in rainfall and rainfall patters. In some places these shifts are ominous. Specifically, I point to Spain. The central plateau of Spain has seen its rainfall drop by over 50% in the last ten years. The immediate result is insufficient water to sustain traditional crops, including peaches. It is now so bad that peach farmers are taking out their chainsaws and cutting down every second tree, these in groves of mature peach trees of 20 years, and cutting them up for firewood. The reasoning is that by sacrificing 50% of the mature trees (and not planting any new ones) the demand on available groundwater will drop to the point where at least the remaining trees have a shot at survival and bringing in a crop. By any standard, this is a drastic remedy. The continued diversion of what little water remains into the coastal cities of the Costa del Sol, in order to provide water for the tourist hotels that support the Spanish economy, comes at the price of desertification of a vast area of the central plateau. Once the water disappears and the water table sinks to oblivion, then the land will simply blow away, in dust-storms. The net result of that will be rock desert, barren of any growth and unable to regenerate, ever. The logical solution is the construction of nuclear plants along the coast, to desalinate vast volumes of water and pump it inland, to serves both to replenish the groundwater and to irrigate the crops and orchards. Unfortunately, Spain has a currency crisis, largely caused by its joining the Euro-zone, which prevents Spain from devaluing to maintain competitiveness and support its own capital markets. So Spain sinks away under the problems of a frozen monetary policy, set by Germany, and lack of capital to finance de-watering and irrigation projects. Spain will very rapidly convert into a vast desert, and the mass displacement of the population therein. Ironically, the peoples of the Sahara, including Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, that are migrating into Europe, together with the migrants from sub-Sahara Africa into Spain, who sought farm-labor jobs, will now be further displaced into France, a country already burdened with large numbers of migrants and both unable and unwilling to accept more. That will lead to an explosive environment, with racial classes, suicide truck bombers, gunfights with police, all the malaise of societal conflicts. It is going to get worse.
  8. Tesla has signed a supply agreement with China’s biggest lithium producer Ganfeng Lithium, who recently signed a massive supply agreement with LG Chem. A new deal to supply lithium-hydroxide to Tesla is starting this year up to 2020 with the option to extend the contract by 3 years and should reportedly cover about a fifth of Tesla's lithium needs.
  9. WTI $82.60 Brent $75.80 Spread $6.80
  10. yes, i agree ultimately, neither of them can sway price by tweeting--beyond an immediate market response that is only fleeting
  11. Not sure it's going to last, though: But as acreage within the Bakken Shale's core drilling areas in McKenzie, Mountrail, Williams and Dunn counties nears depletion, operators will move on to wells in what are now fringe areas, with outputs averaging a fraction of the play's more currently prolific wells, according to a study from the North Dakota Pipeline Authority.
  12. Has everyone seen this new venture, Komgo SA? This is a pretty big deal: It's a oil trading commodities platform on blockchain set up France's Societe Generale bank with the participation of Shell, Gunvor, Mercuria and Koch Supply & Trading--as well as am impressive line-up of banks. Yet another big leap in transforming the energy commodities sector, increasing efficiency, making it cheap and reducing risks.
  13. and as i can see setup 2 is now down 12p, so it works, though one test is not enough, but one down, 10,000 to go.
  14. dont worry wont to to $80, relax.
  15. we stay in the complex the international situation the war in Syria to the end.that is the good opportunity for Iran to increase (legal or illegal)daily oil product, we can see the China investment in Emirates and African for secure in oil product, On the other hand, started trade wars with unknown impact
  16. The next last frontier?
  17. Marina, were you able to read some of my thoughts etc on the matter and what do you think of those? I guess I should go back and better my profile? but i dont have the time in a given day , i just respond to certain things but we can , not we , me, but the folks with the knowledge and experience and expertise within the wide array of know hows educate all of us I am just one person with a certain experience and exposure and daily decision making that will affect 10 or so years from today!! thank love this Oil Price community
  18. China and the Philippines are close to striking a historic agreement that would help China advance its territorial claims in the South China Sea. The WSJ suggests other similar agreements could follow. China's got to be too big to be provoked, maybe?
  19. Trump again slammed OPEC — tweeting that prices keep rising even as the US spends billions to safeguard oil-producing Mideast countries. “We protect the countries of the Middle East, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices! We will remember. The OPEC monopoly must get prices down now!” Trump seemed to threaten the withdrawal of US military resources from the Middle East if OPEC members in the region didn't work to lower prices. Trump has called on OPEC to take action to lower oil prices several times this year. The 15-member cartel, along with the Russia-led producers, has capped output since January 2017 in order to end a prolonged and punishing oil price downturn that bankrupted hundreds of U.S. energy companies and heaped financial pressure on crude exporters.
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  21. From your handle one would assume your are a grad from NAU?

    I am a 92 Alumni

    GO Lumberjacks!

  23. Podcast: Commodity Research Group - September Oil Market Analysis
  24. A good idea for who and what? Rehabilitation, level of jail, simple cheap incarceration, Supermax, the workforce (public prisons are the best paying gig for the average joe/Jane in some areas, the prisoners), or economic efficiency (private does not always yield efficiency, see USA, verses rest of the world in medicine). In general I prefer the private sector approach, but in some sectors it is no panacia.
  25. LNG typically struggle price point wise against piped natural gas. Germany needs the LNG option for security and price hedging. But pure play economics favor the piped stuff.
  26. Yeah, the Oilsands and Alberta generally have been the Whipping Boy for the environmental movement. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
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