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  2. Haley is no different than Biden. Suggest you read more than USA news headlines. No conservative will EVER vote for Haley. A Rhino will. No Donkey will vote for her either. She is not part of their power structure.
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  4. Remember now, ICE vehicles require catalytic converters containing very rare elements. Lithium is super easy to find compared to those elements so perhaps you employ some of those "slave [miners]" yourself.
  5. Hold at 2000C, use -->1500C... How do you TRANSPORT that heat to where you need it? Standard salts melt in the 500C-->800C range, but many diassociate soon after, but several do not. How high can say NaCl go without disassociation? Here I really do not know. I know they do not act like metals. Can some salts go 2000C without disassociating? Would they have to use liquid metal? What on earth would we use as tubing to withstand 2000C? Chromium carbide lined pipe +? for tensile strength??? Graphite is absurdly soft. Tungsten carbide etc? Yikes. Ceramics have come a LONG way, but this would be a long term WEAR problem. Today, we burn whatever we need on location this would have to be transported TO said location. Doable. Make a giant rack of blocks of this stuff and run them around on rails with automatic hookup to radiate said heat into said industrial process, but of limited applicability, though not the end of the world. Meanwhile pumped hydro storage is ~85% or so, Provided grid stability and from cold start, can be stored for YEARS and you can use it for everything, while said infrastructure is good for hundreds of years minimum--> Yet crickets. Not enough corrupt kick backs after all. Oh no, drown a couple valley's... They do not have to be in the major stem of a river... Oh yippee... Power retention 40%, such a "step forward". And no, it is not 99% transfer as claimed(it is a lot more than an electric resistor).
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  7. Not that composite LIE so called "graph" drivel you posted???? so all you have left is denial when presented the scientific facts and evidence Love it when you are triggered by scientific facts and evidence..............none of your fellow deniers even come to your aid anymore Enjoy the Green Agenda..............
  8. So there is no need to tell us again tomorrow that the transition is dead even when yet another e-car sells and more green energy is installed. You guess wrong, try to avoid guessing. People care about the problem. How has the US "war on drugs" been going? Do people not care about drug abuse just because the problem has not been solved and is in fact getting worse? Failure does not equal lack of caring. Did all the soldiers who died in wars the USA lost not care?
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  10. enjoy a country with no people Love Putin sending all the young Russian men to their early deaths in trenches Rolling it baby.????????........Dead men do not make babies Newsweek Russia's Worst Case Scenario Sees Population Drop by 15 Million Russia could face a decline of its population by more than 10 percent over the next two decades, according to figures released by its... . 1 month ago The Moscow Times Russia's Population Could Fall to 130Mln by 2046 – Rosstat Russia's population could drop to 130 million by 2046 due to declining immigration numbers and low birth rates, according to a worst-case... . 1 month ago
  11. Russia is the evil of the world. They killed 100 000 Ukrainian children and women. The rest is just not important @Tom Nolan You really should hav balls ( or some of it at least) to acknowledge the truth. Tom, you are privileged WASP in your country (the same as I am in mine Poland). So you simply do not care about human suffering.
  12. Many people are astonished that China still builds 300 GW of coal power, whereas it has already 1100 GW. China uses 9200 TWh , over TWICE WHAT THE US IS USING of energy. China has top power of 1200 GW, whereas US only 600 GWh. China needs a lot of coal and gas power to have in case of solar and wind is not working at the moment.
  13. I know that these is not normal that 1 power dictates all the world what to do. But in the latest 2000 years the United States of America is the most benign of ALL HEGEMONS so I really want the US to stay hegemon forever. I know that China will become number 1 in the next 20 years, no matter what US would do. There is no other way unfortunately. But US with all the allies can counterbalance Chinese hegemony and prolong US hegemony for the next 30-40 years. Just for my children.
  14. Hello zlganmaarley8961, to start a new topic you need to click on start a discussion , select topic, type in a title of your topic and submit. If you need more assistance with it, you can message me and I can help you with it.
  15. RUSSIAN Ruble Collapse is Damaging Russian Economy as Import Costs Raise Inflation & Interest Rates
  16. Hello ziganmaarleyo8961, I am a moderator on this forum. How can I help you? Selva
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  20. the graphs are not mine......... the figures put forward ( if you bother to look at the info) was for unsubsidized solar here it is again (try reading it this time)...see the word unsubsidized The LCOE of unsubsidized large-scale PV based on crystalline silicon is estimated at $0.030-$0.042/kWh and that of grid-parity thin-film solar plants at $0.028-$0.037/kWh. For comparison, in 2020 Lazard reported that crystalline silicon achieved $0.031-$0.042/kWh and thin-film $0.029-$0.038/kWh. just putting forward facts as you are too lazy to back up your BS But I guess the liars have to start somewhere?????? BLoomberg BS is a lie??? you really have a problem with dealing with the truth......... and you claim you are an engineer????? and yet you never back up your claims with real facts........
  21. Even more so when they are making nothing but mistakes.
  22. sideways for the next 6 months US economy is going Strong Chinese economy is heading downward EU and UK at zero growth that is 60 percent of the market overall demand and supply well balanced only wildcard is in the Red Sea....tanker rates on the move up
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  24. awwww you are now into name calling...... does it make you feel big???? I can tell that you are not very well schooled in anything...and your real world experiences in the Chemical Biz ????? My bet Nada argue against such papers....?????? WTF are you babbling about now????? You seem confused as usual........ PS how is life in your country today????? going well???....ha ha ha ha The great China-Russian partnership paying off?????? ha ha ha
  25. Oh you mean how English names have been slapped on everything and everyone across the planet with Latin letters... Common man. 🙄
  26. What I hear on Joe Blog on is what I trust. Not on Chinese figures or Russian figures etc. He also reports that the Great Britains economy is failing.
  27. China (but not Russia apart from arms and nuclear reactors that is a lot actually) has a lot of clout in South , I would say Latin America (it is also Mexico and Central America). China is the major import country for all Latin America countries. And China is doing a lot of infrastructure projects for Latin America but much less than for Asia.
  28. Kazachstan offers the raw materials that are allowed to export by China and Russia, no more, no less. It is how the life goes on.
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