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  3. I never changed opinion, US covers most of the bill, but EU can still have free ride as US is engaged with China and cannot decouple from Europe at the same time. It is cheating but safe cheating.
  4. Close to 6 years I guessed 2030 to be the year of peak oil. Happy to see the EIA getting much closer to my prediction. 6 years later that guess still looks good to me. Time will tell.
  5. Not worried about lack of water in Israel. New technology is on the way! See link below:
  6. Greetings all! I am an investor that believes the Oil markets are low enough to accumulate shares of oil and gas companies for long term appreciation. Cheers!

  7. Stopped out of CRK. Over-trading. Gah.
  8. And is it me? Or am I reading papers from professors that are obviously dumb as a box of rocks. These guys have to be smoking crack with what I've seen lately.....
  9. Show them this, it should alleviate their fears
  10. Agreed. If you have a source of cheap Hydrogen might as well blend it into the NG network which can take 10-15% hydrogen by volume. This is one option to help deal with scenarios where massive solar / wind overbuild occurs.
  11. Even before Trump decided to run he traveled the country spreading birther lies he never delivered on. To some of us, that was the swamp. Those were lies. Those who pay less attention to character flaws, he became their voice for intolerance. They just love a loud mouth shmuck.
  12. < *happy dance* > Shot across the bow. MSM should freak out. Waiting for criminal indictments.
  13. Twitter: we ban anything that runs counter to the CNN narrative. 1984 uber alles.
  14. First I thought to give it one more chance. But now I see it's helpless. Your wish is my command, @PE Scott
  15. Anti-virus companies used to hire anyone who could find an exploit; they eventually stopped when they realized that promoted criminal behavior, and sometimes made their own product look bad.
  16. Well you seem to know the bible better than the pope then lol (not being sarcastic). Ok, 11th 'commandment' then rather than a new 'sin', though one is made from the other surely? I'm an atheist heathen so this ain't exactly my strong point. But number 12 way more important. If people wanna be greener and save the planet atleast spell shit right 🤣
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  18. Agreed, this is not about oil; thread moved to Geopolitics.
  19. Many decades ago I enrolled myself in the lifelong learning process. Shortly after I did that I realized that you don't learn if you don't stick your foot in your mouth once in a while. I have made a steady practice of doing that, and in the process I have learned a great deal from people like the ones on this oilprice site. I don't say anything to try to impress people but have been known to shoot from the hip, so when you put me on the spot and make me try to defend something I've said, man, for me it's another chance to keep my aging brain engaged. I have been intrigued with oil and gas since the first deep well in Oklahoma was drilled on my grandfather's land when I was six years old. He'd walk me around his screened in porch, pointing out the well bores: Devonian, Mississippian, Permian, etc. I pursued another line of work, something I was better qualified for and which gave me a satisfying career. Then after forced retirement for illness, I decided to reinvent myself. I had read the classics, visited most of the museums I wanted to see, and so I found myself gravitating back to oil and gas--driven there by some primordial force from my formative years. That has proven to be a tremendous mistake for my mental health, as it occurred right in the big-assed middle of the meanest, longest crash in world history (I think). But here I am anyway, taking a crack at something I have superficial knowledge about. It beats going into an assisted living facility.
  20. Myanmar oil export and imports orders project is service uber myanmar image-9a1ccbbb-fb91-40bd-a118-79ec1adb2b80.jpg

  21. What I find odd is that the crude oil buyers make a move on crude when they hear the number of barrels in storage every Wednesday. Of course, there are swings in crude oil from storage, but it should have zero effect on the market prices. But when oil is removed or not on Wednesday, it creates a rapid fire response on prices in the market due to a number of barrels being pulled. That's a very erratic way to decide what you want to do in buying or selling crude.
  22. The politicians seem to have more of quid pro quo in Ukraine than Trump. When Trump lifted the regulations on exploration and development thousands of jobs were created, but the 4 pols you have listed didn't have any of their oh so brilliant kids working in the U.S. oil and gas industry.
  23. Low prices of crudes are an essential requirement for development. This is known to everybody. What is not know is the reason why prices are sought be made in higher sides. One hears that yhere are geopolitical reasons that push the prices up or down. This is also said to be the only reason that makes the prices volatile. The world 'geopolitics' is confusing. What exactly do one mean by that. What is a cause for an oil producing country to seek a high price of a crude, may be would not be a good reason enough to define the rise, by another. For better understanding of the valitility the topic geopolitucs ned to be discussed more transparently.
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