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    Crude OIL intraday 08.07.2019
    Covered up the deal to buy in BRENT and WTI. I didn’t twitch with BRENT and closed at take profit almost at the top. In WTI I decided to play around buy-sell intraday and got a hemorrhoid on my ass. I calculated the intermediate peak incorrectly and closed the deals BUY with profit but not very nice. The SELL deal closed after a drawdown, albeit with a profit. Now I look at the south



    Eagle Ford - update through March 2019
    This interactive presentation contains the latest oil & gas production data from all 22,637 horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford region, that have started producing from 2008 onward, through March 2019. Visit ShaleProfile blog to explore the full interactive dashboards March oil production came in at about 1.3 million bo/d, after upcoming revisions, 5% higher than a year earlier. Natural gas production is still hovering at a level close to 6 Bcf/d (switch ‘Product’ to ‘gas’). The ‘Well quality’ tab shows the average production profiles of all these wells. The wells completed in 2019 are so far slightly ahead of earlier wells. But well productivity has stagnated since 2017, as you’ll find in the bottom chart (‘Cumulative production profiles’). EOG and ConocoPhillips, the two leading oil operators in the basin are close to their historical output record, which they both set last year. The ‘Advanced Insights’ presentation is displayed below: This “Ultimate recovery” overview reveals the relationship between production rates and cumulative production. Wells are grouped by the year in which production started. The 2,891 horizontal wells that started in 2012 have now recovered 150 thousand barrels of oil each, on average, while their production rate has dropped below 20 bo/d. The wells that have been completed since 2017 are on a path to do 200 thousand barrels before hitting a similar level. Of course, there are major regional differences. In the oil-rich counties Karnes and DeWitt, this metric is closer to 300 thousand barrels of oil. In the 4th tab, the operators in this area are ranked by their well performance, as measured by the average cumulative production in the first 2 years. Of the operators with more than 100 wells, Devon and ConocoPhillips are showing the best performance. Their wells recovered on average 200 thousand barrels of oil in the first 2 years.   Later this week, we will have a new post on all covered states in the US. Next week we will be a few days in Houston, before traveling to Denver for URTeC, where we have a booth (#951). Please contact us if you would like to meet us in either city!   Production data is subject to revisions, especially for the last few months. For this presentation, I used data gathered from the following sources: Texas RRC. Production data is provided on lease level. Individual well production data is estimated from a range of data sources, including regular well tests, and pending lease reports. FracFocus.org   Visit our blog to read the full post and use the interactive dashboards to gain more insight http://bit.ly/2Xu6D4i   Follow us on Social Media: Twitter: @ShaleProfile
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    Crude Oil + Gold 05.07.2019
    Hello. The world flies into the abyss, and people want to earn money even on it. today ride a roller coaster. closed BUY + SELL+BAY+SELL...   Boring ... girls ..



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