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About this blog

I started this blog to express what I sense about the highs and lows of the oil realm, while cautiously analysing historical data, taking into account the geo-political development at the time of recording them.

I got into this field, having been a passive observer of fluctuations of crude oil prices and their global consequences for years.

Then, when on the day of Great Oil Crash in April, 2020, I made a decision to make my own blog, with the motto, ‘analysing data that really matters’.

Having come from an academic background in mathematics and physics, I analyse data using my own tools, created with JavaScript and Python, taking my decision on board while making decisions.

My website where I analyse data that really matters

Entries in this blog


Oil Price:next OPEC+ meeting on March 4 will be crucial

In spite of the rise in oil price, defying the forecasts that said otherwise, Saudis have been urging the members of the OPEC to be cautious. We do not know for sure whether the Saudis knew the dip in price this week in advance – by instinct or from a model that the rest of the analysts are not aware of. Up until this week, Saudi Arabia got it calculations right and they deserve the credit for it: their strategy worked perfectly well and OPEC members could breathe a long, collective s

CGG wins three new offshore imaging projects for BP

CGG has been awarded three major seismic imaging projects by BP, two from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and one from offshore Trinidad and Tobago. These projects will start in Q1/Q2 this year and complete with cloud delivery of the data no later than Q4 of 2021. View the full article

Crude oil price spike in the early morning in Asia; a drone was behind it!

At 04:27 GMT on Monday, Brent crude price went up by $1.09, a rise in 1.8%. WTI crude, meanwhile, gained $1.28. Analysts may think the stimulus package announced by the Biden administration and the hopes of success of the vaccination programmes across the world are behind the spike in crude price in the morning hours in Asia. It, however, was triggered off by a drone operation aimed at Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels. According to Saudis, a drone, laden with explosives, was detected by the Sa

Shale’s post-crash recovery battles rising costs, loss of suppliers

The oil price needed to profitably drill a new well is $52 a barrel, executives from almost 100 producers said in the latest quarterly survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. That’s an increase of 6%, compared with when the question was asked last year. To cover costs on existing wells, companies need $31, which is 3% more than last year. View the full article

Oil prices wobble on lower U.S. supplies and weaker crude demand

A fourth weekly decrease in crude inventories and the decline in production highlights the steady downtrend in U.S. supplies before an unprecedented cold blast wiped out nearly 40% of domestic output. Still, demand for crude and fuel is weaker with the cold weather spurring a string of refinery outages and keeping more Americans off the road. View the full article

Asian oil demand plateaus, slowing crude price growth

“Going forward into April and May, we’re going to see pretty significant increases in demand,” said Bart Melek, head of commodity strategy at TD Securities. “At this point, however, prices are a little overdone. The market is assuming a little too much in terms of what OPEC+ will do.” View the full article

Oil Price: what will happen when the planes are back in the skies?

Having risen steadily – and somewhat alarmingly – for more than a week, Brent crude price has slightly gone down for most of the day on Tuesday. Major oil producers in the OPEC, meanwhile, still think the price of the crude oil is in the right range as far as their economic issues are concerned, thanks to the output cut. The minnows in the organization, however, do not see it that way and reluctantly agree with cuts; they want to sell as much oil as possible and earn revenues as a matt