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Natural gas prices rally as global shortages abound

A long, frigid winter drained gas stockpiles from Louisiana to Germany, and utilities are struggling to build them back up. But unforeseen supply disruptions and a rebounding global economy are making it impossible to keep up.

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Having a solid baseline electricity supply from nuclear power stations looks better than in decades.  Nuclear power is capital intensive and investment cycles are long, 5-10 years to construct, 40-50 years to use, but interests rates are low, and with 30 year loans the cost of power from new stations seems better than from any other source except coal.

I wonder what happened in China where most of coal is consumed.  Government is now paying more attention to pollution, and less to rapid GDP growth, the latter is harder to achieve  and the public craves cleaner air.  Somehow the balance hit energy market.  Are Japanese returning to nuclear?

In the meantime, Europeans have to weight the "danger" of new gas pipelines from Russia against the danger of unpredictable pricing of LNG.  



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