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How OPEC and OECD play their role in setting oil price in light of Iranian oil sanction ?? Does the world agree with Iran's oil sanctions ???

Dr.Masih Rezvani


Does the world agree with Iran's oil sanctions ???
Oil exporting countries are seeking to stabilize high oil prices and importing countries are trying to pay a low stable price for their oil purchases, so this process can be discussed as a two-table game, and such an expression on the oil market. The oil market is a mutual monopoly market.
In determining the price of crude oil, each party tries to change the price in its favor. Buyers try to cut prices and sellers try to raise prices. One of the important factors that can influence the price setting is the bargaining power of each side of the game.
The bargaining process is costly in many situations and bargaining issues for players. 
The most important cost is the timing of the bargaining process, and time is of value to the players. 
They divide the players into two groups of impatient and with patience according to the degree of value they place on time.
The more patient the player , has more bargaining power .
Poor players are also impatient and, as a result, have little bargaining power.
 Various variables make time valuable to players, the most important being the personality traits, wealth, income and market interest rates.
Therefore, under these circumstances, it is always possible for Iran to offer buyers less than the OPEC price and to buy oil from Iran.


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