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Hedge funds bet on Brazil oil and gas output surging 122%

Hedge funds and other investors looking to cash in on Brazil’s surging oil and gas output are turning to a new breed of drillers as an alternative to turmoil-wracked Petroleo Brasileiro SA, the state-owned producer that’s had four CEOs since early 2019.

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I am so with the hedge funds on this one. Ignore the blah blah, though.

Brazil is exporting all the domestic oil it has got, while importing discounted Russian oil as a substitute to cover domestic demand. Free money, courtesy of the stupids in the so called "free world"

Russia is allegedly flooded with Brazilian beef that's 25% cheaper than domestically produced.

Also, don't think Brazil got much gas to share. They are normally a major net importer of LNG and nitro fertilizers, its most immediate derivative.

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