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Global and local oil marketing strategies

Dr.Masih Rezvani


Market orientation is the greatest challenge confronting oil companies whos want to open new markets and increase . To do this, First companies must determine the relevant markets in which they wish to act, based on analysis of consumer behavior and their own strength .
once those markets are identified companies must segment the market , select target market and positioning .
 in this sense , an oil differentiation strategy is the mainstay of positioning management in order to create a product that is perceived as unique in a chosen market segment.
Source of differentiation must be identified prior to determining a market segment.
Aspect of differentiation include internal attributes of oil  or other external elements increasingly valued by consumers , such as environmental issues, the search for local products or those linked to specific territory or after sales services. 
In this sense, oils have a number attributes that are highly valued by consumers allowing various differentiation strategies. 


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