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Texas energy leader: Americans don’t need OPEC+, they need U.S. oil & gas

With U.S. energy costs up more than 20% and gasoline prices rising again to almost $4 a gallon, Chairman Christian urges President Biden to unleash domestic oil and natural gas production to lower prices for consumers.

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Or you could end exports, set the oil price at $60, nat gas at $3. FF companies make money and the N American consumer gets a fair price. Letting rouge nations on the other side of our world set our price while we export is rather dumb. Being penalized by price for exporting excess is as corrupt and silly as it gets. 

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Liars make up the oil business. If that's not the truth

Poverty is what it brings 

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The current surge in energy costs and rising gasoline prices are impacting consumers significantly. It's time for a strategic focus on harnessing our own resources, like the Permian Basin, to enhance energy security and drive down prices. The call for action before the midterm election emphasizes the critical nature of the situation. What are your thoughts on the importance of prioritizing domestic energy production to address these challenges?


Thank you

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