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Conspiracy Theory & Practice - "Wuhan Virus" False Flag

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Cognitive Dissonance (CD):

“Fact”: China “Wuhan Virus” Victims Statistic NOT Credible according to CD (reported about 83000 cases with about 4700 dead by worldmeter, updated hourly)!

How about those affected next door, with thousands if not tens or hundreds or even millions of cross border daily, weekly, monthly or yearly commute prior to current pandemic to and from China to Honk Kong (reported 1040 cases, 4 Dead only) a city with comparable population and population density - similarly living in predominantly high rise housing- to NY (reported 310,000 cases and just under 24000 dead) not so next door but half round the other side of the world!!!

Fact: US has the largest Trade Deficit with China

Fact: US Trade Deficit War with China met with limited success if any at all; Chinese Engineer, Doctor or university Professor would like a Cadillac but can’t afford one; American beef yummy but no can do, bat soup and snake meat will do; may be some grain and corn, would fancy one F35, for cheap copy and paste into world market as Made in China.

Fact: Uncle Sam reserves the right to global monopoly for home grown brand Tech but hates Huawei

Fact: China is Uncle Sam’s largest Creditor, China world’s largest holder of US Bonds or Debt (estimated $5 Trilion)

Fact: US paying for its imports by fiat money it prints which then it exchanges with USTB (recycling petrodollar/ liquidity into US Banks), smart trick- suckers mistake US Debt as their Credit in their central bank vaults, as opposed to Uncle Sam holding them by their balls.

Fact: US National Debt highest on record – beware of flashing figures, not so good for eyes, though eye opening;

Fact: US most popular national sport is NOT a ball game but spending time and money in large shopping malls across the continent predominantly shopping goods with labels reading Made in China, all be it with an American brand name (a shifting paradigm)

Fact: US consumer market is the engine of the world economy backed by its fiat as world reserve currency – a paradigm under shift

Fact: China is the world sweat/workshop/manufacturing hub of the world consumer products (a shifting paradigm)

Fact: The US/UK Monetarist, debt exporting economies have lost the Globalism Gamble to the mercantile goods manufacturing/exporting countries the old & new friends and foes (China, Japan, Germany & SK); Brexit, and hope/plan for breaking EU apart too

Fact: Mercantile Countries can NOT be invaded and destroyed like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, VN, ….were.

Fact: China world strongest economy (a paradigm under shift) is flexing its military muscle in the South China Sea annoying Uncle Sam’s pacific fleet and hegemony

Fact: Military power and hegemonic ambition are fueled by economic growth and success and vice versa.

Fact:  The trickster Double act Henry & Dicki over looked the China's history for their contempt of the Russkies , the cultural resilience of a nation with nearly 3000 years of silk road trading traditions paving thousands of miles of the most inhospitable terrain on Earth with their caravans of riches carried on camel and mule backs over millennia to reach the bustling and hustling Bazars and Palaces of Persian, Roman, Venetian citizens, merchants, nobles and emperors to dazzle their eyes with their manufactured goods and silk; ridiculing an over a billion strong nation of identical green uniform wearing peasants designed by comrade Mao was to turn manufacturing heartland of US into ghost towns, not knowing soon they will kick the ass of Silicon Valley tech giants with their same hard working resilience and ingenuity.

Conspiracy Theory: What to do? How to do? To flatten – Not the Country, Not the "Wuhan Virus" Pandemic Surge Curve – but the ever rising insurmountable wall of Trade Deficit?

Conspiracy Practice: Mr President you need to declare war on both Drug Dealers/Exporters imposing total lockdown, closing down all routs and means of transport of drugs to exporters denying them access to our and the rest of the world markets too, as well as declaring war on the Addicts imposing home isolation, cold turkey treatment, denying them jobs, cheap credit and credit cards for as long as it’s necessary and practical despite their gun brandishing demonstrations out in the streets across the country, it’s for their own good – articulated the DEA Agency Expert.

False Flag; WWI, WWII, VN,……….see the full list here

False Flag: “Terrorist” Attack by mostly Saudi nationals on WTC buildings led to nearly 3000 NY residents dead but also paved and justified the way for invading and controlling Iraq’s oil reserves not so valuable resources now.

False Flag: claiming “Wuhan Virus” attack on NY alone with nearly 24000 dead and on US as a whole with more casualties and dead than the VN war definitely warrants a bigger compensation by CCP for their deliberate or accidental or insufficient safety & security protocol in WIV leading to the release of the deadly pathogen, would help flatten the Trade Deficit wall greater than Hoover dam;  

Conclusion: Claim victory and prepare for the next election victory

Theory of History is NOT a Theory of Conspiracy, but it sure is full of Conspiracies.



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