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Conspiracy Theory & Practice - CARES ACT HR-748 Proof

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Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security Act  Code Name: CARES ACT H.R. 748 

Date of First Introduction: 01/24/2019  NOT 03/27/2020 - a year before the so called "Wuhan Virus" Pandemic

Stimulus Package: $2.3 Trillion potentially expandable to $6.2 Trillions to bailout Banks/Corps's Ass-ets 

Single Biggest Economic Relief Package in American History


Circumstantial Evidence or Long Term Multi Faceted Strategic Plan-demic, the biggest Historical & Political HOAX so far with Multi-Purpose Global Targets ???

A "Marxist-Leninist" derived, directed and executed Philosophical and Political Hybrid Methodology by the knights of Anglo-American think tanks, institutes and clubs (RIIA, Chatham House, Club of Rome, CFR, etc), all fees paid by WS Banksters & Partners;

  • attack world and own (mostly colored & immigrant population to appear unbiased) with outsourced multi-lab researched, analysed, trained & tested pathogens
  • attack and spread the sense fear of life into the hearts and minds of the global herds by the trained pack of wolves of Media Industrial Complex
  • impose total lockdown on domestic and global trade and travel by all means
  • enforce cold turkey treatment on all consumer addicts of cheap Chinese Opium- little and large, young and old healthy and patients, virus in-effected or otherwise
  • introduce the long predicted and pre patented anti coronavirus vaccine and enforce a mandatory vaccination program developed by Billy the Kid and his ambitious pharma ventures & funding with the help of his NIA, CDC and independent scientific advisers in collaboration with UN/WHO - bent on a Messianic Mission to save the humanity from the scourge of nature - in the image of a non-profiteering Philanthropist Prophet putting JC the all heavenly into shame 
  • collapse the world economy using the above low-risk deadly HOAX, 
  • save Bankster's Ass-ets & their crony corporations using QE/Bond merchandising trickery - recycling wealth from the bottom of the social pyramid to the apex
  • aim to write-off multi--trillion dollar trade deficit debt to Wuhan-Virus exporters
  • US Party Politics, D-R Rivalries & In-Fighting, Partisanship, Lies/Fake News, Urban twitters, Rural Gun lovers, Coke & Pepsi Drinkers need not concern yourself about HOAX;
  • HOAX & DEBT is how the affairs of the world is Governed by the corrupt banksters, corporations and philanthropist elites. 

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