Trump: "Larry, go get it done,'” - US to rejoin TPP

@Cokiga Damke, I disagree.

USA bankruptcy law is designed to facilitate the success of entrepreneurs who usually always fail before they eventually become successful. The law has its roots in the New Testament seven-year rule regarding lender forgiveness if debt remains unpaid at the end of seven years.

Annually, especially during national economic recessions, several thousands of entrepreneurs like Donald Trump use the bankruptcy law to relieve themselves of their typical debt-based business models such as the typical highly-leveraged real property construction and development business model. In Donald Trump's bankruptcy filings, they were all Chapter 11 Reorganization filings that gave him leverage with his construction lenders (and Trump Air lenders) to adjust original recompense terms until the national economy recovered, and sufficient cash-flow resumed primarily from increased per-foot rates and occupancy of his income properties. Subsequently, Donald Trump did indeed eventually recompense all of his lenders. And they were happy to lend to him another day because The Donald did indeed honor all of his "promises".

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