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Trump to speak at CPAC this Sunday. . . Dems want to make this movement all about "Trump". It's not. Trump needs to make that clear. He is the leader.

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This speech could set the tone for The "New" Republican Party for the next four years if he plays his cards right. 

He needs to focus on 2022 Midterm elections.  The 2024 cycle is a distraction at this point.  There will be plenty of time for that later.  

If Trump can focus on the issues, focus on our loss of Freedoms , focus on 0nly about 10% of the Covid $1.9 trillion relief bill goes to covid relief. ( Ex Tunnel in Northern California for Pelosi or a Bridge between New York and Canada for Schumer , Bailout for fiscal irresponsible Blue State etc , etc. 

P.S. Senator McConnell should be out as Minority leader.  The family $1.2 Billion shipping company financed by CCP Bank compromises his legislative judgement. 

The Democrats are holding the investigation of McConnell and wife Elaine Chao $1.2 Billion shipping company Foremost Shipping Group over their head.  

Mitch is compromised. 

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I don't expect anything "new".

He will:

  • Say the election was a landslide for him.
  • Say the election was rigged and stolen from him.
  • Degrade anyone who disagrees with any of his views.
  • Degrade any Republican who voted in favor of his impeachment.
  • Degrade the Courts (including SCOTUS)
  • Support any Republican with extreme right wing views.
  • Support any Republican who supports him.
  • And certainly, tear into the current administration

He will not:

  • Mention Mike Pence
  • Mention anything about January 6th.
  • Mention anything about his tax returns.

But with him, you never know...

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