A $2 Trillion Saudi Aramco IPO Keeps Getting Less Realistic

4 minutes ago, Guillaume Albasini said:

If MBS thinks an IPO could happen in 2020-2021 than should mean he thinks he could be king in 2020-2021.

Because as it was stated in this article 2 month ago, king Salman seems to be opposed to the IPO :


However given the recent events the crown may be getting more far away rather than closer.

Those are good points, Guillaume.  Newly crowned kings need grand announcements and projects after being seated.  And, from my perspective, the markets and the world financial situation will be quite different by then as well, which might mean they can sell an IPO with some success.

I think you are also right on your last point about recent events, but 2-3 years should be enough for the world to have moved on to its next crisis, leaving only the kingdom's staunchest critics to hound them about the current alleged atrocities.  If MbS survives this and the king doesn't replace him with another.

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