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10 hours ago, Douglas Buckland said:

I think there may be a wee tactical issue with subs not being shy about showing their presence. Not a military expert, but that seems counter-productive for a sub...😂

Probably a message to U.S.

We know where your sonar is active.



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On 3/1/2020 at 7:46 AM, jose chalhoub said:

yes this is true and the discontent is real as i stated especially in the low ranks of the armed forces and security departments. Also criminal gangs and bands are common in the capital city Caracas and they even have more firepower than the police and this was enhanced by the government in order to quell any attempt of protest by the people. So yes Maduro must be too distrustful of his inner circle and military forces. 

All the more reason to fully arm and train Venezuelans to retake their own country from the dictatorship. There is no ocean preventing them from arriving suddenly and in a massive force. The army would turn on its corrupt generals and other officers rather than fight patriots. Criminals would hide but would be identified by the people. 

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Would it be safe to say that this problem is not only exacerbated by the Russians but also put in a perpetual state of no repair by them?  The Russians have the following incentives:

-          A destabilized Venezuela artificially creates higher oil prices.  For years to come as the infrastructure deteriorates

-          A destabilized Venezuela creates a silk road of goods from the cartel/narcos to the Russian Mafia, thus solidifying the political establishment

-          A destabilized Venezuela creates a mass migration issue in South America thus causing all kinds of issues for the region

-          A destabilized region creates potentially sever problems on the US doorstep

Is the migration destabilization strategy not dissimilar to the turmoil being experienced in other NATO European countries?


Interested to hear your thoughts…

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