“Highly-anticipated” Zama field offshore Mexico reaches key milestone with DORIS FEED contract award

The FEED work will be based on the scope of the Unit Development Plan approved by the Mexican Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH) last year. It covers the planning of two offshore platforms, 68 km of pipelines and cables as well as a new onshore facility, fully dedicated to the Zama project, located in the Dos Bocas Maritime Terminal, in Paraiso, Tabasco. View the full article


Collaboration, confidence in UK energy sector essential for digital twins to deliver energy transition benefits

The report, Connected Digital Twin Insights: Rising to the Challenge across the UK Energy Sector and Beyond, explores the opportunities, benefits, barriers, and risks of connected digital twins in the UK energy sector and looks for the answer to a fundamental question – “How can I trust my digital twin?” View the full article


U.S. oil and gas industry does “more with less” on record-breaking production, Energy Workforce reports

Despite signals indicating the job market is beginning to flatten, the oil field services sector remains a vital component of the national economy, showcasing resilience amid broader economic fluctuations. While the national economy added a better-than-expected 272,000 jobs in May, the unemployment rate experienced a slight increase to 4%. View the full article


Biden administration to purchase 6 MMbbl of oil for Strategic Petroleum Reserve as prices drop

The Energy Department announced Friday two solicitations for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - 1.5 MMbbl for delivery in September and an additional 4.5 MMbbl for October, November, and December. The bids, which are due later this month, will be for the reserve’s Bayou Choctaw site, which previously had been off line for maintenance. View the full article