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About this blog

I started analyzing Geopolitics 3 decades ago. I just find magically appealing what our times are offering now to those studying the world affairs. We're without any doubt experiencing one of the most interesting times since the start of Cold War in the late 40's.

In here, I'll share with you guys my opinion on the big issues of our times. As Gandalf the Gray put it succintly in the Lord of the Rings saga: "The battle of Minas Tirith will decide the battle of our times". That is exactly what is at stake now in 2019 between the three big powers of our time: U.S., China, Russia 


Entries in this blog

Crimea, the story made public but never told to the Western non MSM audiences

The Crimean issue was one of a kind in contemporary geopolitics. Not only another colour revolution planned, funded and coordinated by Washington but the last real attempt to mined the existence of Russia as the country it has been from 2001. What I'm going to expose in here is the public story not told by the Western MSM and the globalist outlets controlled by the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon and the reckless CIA. I count them separately as each of them can have it's own diff

Reasons why an all-out war against Iran is unlikely

There has been much recent hype around the issue of Iran, but an all-out war remains unlikely. Militarily, Iran would be hard to dominate. This challenge exceeds any the US and the West have faced in many decades. Ever since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the Middle-Eastern country has been preparing for war. Iran is far more powerful than Iraq, Syria and even Saudi Arabia. The Iranian military capabilities were shown recently when Iranians shot down a $100k state-of-the-art RQ-4A Global Hawk s


Jorge Trevino

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