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Pequod Advisory Group is a management consultancy which supports business-critical decision-making for companies, investment firms, and government agencies through the provision of strategic and professional services including corporate intelligence, due diligence, market research, and strategic communications.

Viewpoints is our blog on foreign affairs, investment, trade, business, and politics. Presented as analysis, interviews and podcasts.


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Pre-salt oil and gas a major economic driver in Brazil

Pre-salt oil and gas a major economic driver in Brazil Brazil Conversations: Ana Zambelli, Board member, Petrobras and Braskem     Brazil will be in the spotlight of the global oil industry this week (November, 2019) with what may be the priciest ever held auction of oil and gas concessions. The 6th Pre-salt bidding round, for thirteen pre-qualified vendors, will involve areas of the pre-salt formations which were discovered in 2006 and catapulted Braz

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Pequod Advisory Group