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Roger Crisp

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Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation? pt.1

Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation? pt.1


"The West's rush for EV's lacks perspective. The main forces pushing the EV industry are rarely mentioned, nor is the 'elephant in the room' ". This is a good clear start to a Presentation but terrible for a Media interview. There might not be time to add the details.  

The Presentation continues ...

"The two main forces are: the guilt-agenda of green lobbying power on governments and industry; and resulting government initiatives pushing EV's in a bid to signal green credentials and garner votes. The 'elephant' is about how all the massive extra amount of required electricity will be produced - certainly it won't be by renewables, which represent, even now, only a tiny percentage of world energy production. 

Natural Gas and LNG are currently abundant, relatively clean, excellent sources of electricity generation and fuel for vehicles. China despite its lip service to Greenery is currently building coal-fired power stations. Germany is unwinding its Green leadership and exploiting coal again to reduce domestic and industrial costs." 

How would the Media Interview best be started? See the Presentation's conclusion in part 2.

Contact: rogercrisp@gmx.co.uk / rogercrisp.com

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The extra energy required certainly wont be by renewables as they are only a tiny percentage of world energy production. WTF. Have you actually had a look at the data? How much of new generation this year will be renewables? Look at the Lazard analysis at the cost of renewables. Look at the lead Spain is taking. Look how much of Scotlands electricity comes from wind. Look at the percentage of cars sold are EV's in the UK, Canada and California.

The elephant in the room is those in the fossil fuel religion that don't accept the facts that renewables are increasingly becoming the cheapest source of electricity and EV's are rapidly becoming better than ICE vehicles. Come on it's the 21st century, fossil fuel was the king of the last century that's gone, now the new king is renewables.

If the west doesn't keep up it will become the under dog to those that do go with the best technology.

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Renewables have not proven themselves to be at all competitive in price or in generation ability without subsidies. Californians are now paying higher prices for electricity than the rest of the country and will be paying even more for new housing due to a solar mandate. The rest of the states should take a good look at California before acting rashly. I personally don't want to subsidize expensive electric vehicles that cannot compete with my daughters Mitsubishi Mirage in economy. 

I am an advocate of natural gas (CNG) and (LNG) vehicles which are, IMHO much more economical and just as clean considering the long term picture. There are far more of them in the world than electric vehicles and they are proven with large vehicles, ships and many other vehicles. Natural gas lines are all over the country ready to be tapped for new fueling stations. A sufficient number of stations already exist. Natural gas vehicles also have range capabilities far beyond existing electric vehicles. Also natural gas is cheaper than gasoline or ethanol. Hydrogen is far more expensive because it is made from CNG and the process adds greatly to the cost. 


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