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Pt. 2 Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation?:  Conclusions

Pt. 2 Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation?:  Conclusions The Presentation might now continue as follows (from Pt.1)  ... "The West's rush for EV's still requires inhumane conditions and poverty to persist  - e.g. in DRC mines, where the biggest cobalt reserves are currently found. The West's clean air comes at a high human cost. All this for EV car batteries, (also batteries for smartphones, tablets etc).    There's another elephant in the room. EV's will require a vast infrastructure of electric charging points. Think of all those huge apartment blocks housing car owners.  Both EV's and HV's need a large amount of initial energy. EV's need it continuously to feed the huge infrastructure of charging points. The demand will keep growing as well. HV's need it to produce the hydrogen fuel itself, but the vehicle fuelling infrastructure is already present with networks of petrol stations. Natural Gas and LNG are still vital for generating the energy of EV's and HV's. (Renewables are too inconsistent and paltry; subsidised by high energy bills - which penalises the poor, not the rich - create more emissions in their manufacture, construction, maintenance and dismantling than they re-pay, and in the case of solar panels are full of toxic waste that cannot be disposed of)."Green is not as green as it appears to be. On top of which environmentalists are very quiet on the carnage being meted out to flying creatures.  Hydrogen vehicle fuel is making ground. Germany has just launched its first hydrogen train. California and Hawaii are just two US states fully developing hydrogen fuel. NASA uses hydrogen fuel to launch space shuttles.   Natural Gas - LNG (and nuclear, where the waste is not "waste" but a resource that can be returned to) are abundant sources for generating the energy required to produce the Hydrogen. Mozambique is becoming a new supplier in Africa   So, the presentation might then come to its conclusion: Hydrogen is a simple element; found throughout the universe. It doesn't come from exploiting human poverty. What are the HV emissions? Water."   Here's the point and the crucial difference between the Presentation and the Media Interview.    In the Presentationwe tend to work towards our conclusions, showing the proof on the way. In the Media Interview(especially TV, Radio and any broadcast) you might only have 15-30 seconds to give an answer, so always start with your conclusion. You can elaborate on the reasons if you then have some more time to use.   Contact: rogercrisp@gmx.co.uk / rogercrisp.com / Linkedin: Roger Crisp (Consultancy) Media Advisor & Trainer / Speaker-Presenter on: - Dealing effectively with the Media (TV, Radio, Press, Blog, Vlog) - Climate Change - Energy

Roger Crisp

Roger Crisp


Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation? pt.1

Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles - the crucial difference between a Media Interview and a Presentation? pt.1 "The West's rush for EV's lacks perspective. The main forces pushing the EV industry are rarely mentioned, nor is the 'elephant in the room' ". This is a good clear start to a Presentation but terrible for a Media interview. There might not be time to add the details.   The Presentation continues ... "The two main forces are: the guilt-agenda of green lobbying power on governments and industry; and resulting government initiatives pushing EV's in a bid to signal green credentials and garner votes. The 'elephant' is about how all the massive extra amount of required electricity will be produced - certainly it won't be by renewables, which represent, even now, only a tiny percentage of world energy production.  Natural Gas and LNG are currently abundant, relatively clean, excellent sources of electricity generation and fuel for vehicles. China despite its lip service to Greenery is currently building coal-fired power stations. Germany is unwinding its Green leadership and exploiting coal again to reduce domestic and industrial costs."  How would the Media Interview best be started? See the Presentation's conclusion in part 2. Contact: rogercrisp@gmx.co.uk / rogercrisp.com Speaker & Conference Presenter on Energy - Climate Change / Media Interview Advisor & Trainer

Roger Crisp

Roger Crisp

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