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A tale of 2 cover-ups.

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A tale of 2 cover-ups.

Dr. Li Wenliang 

People here believe Dr. Li Wenliang was a whistleblower who forced the Chinese government to relent on an alleged cover up. Dr. Li was an ophthalmologist whose work does not usually touch on infectious diseases: in fact, he had no licence to practice in pathology. On December 30, Dr. Li posted, in a private WeChat group, information regarding the string of mysterious pneumonia cases in Wuhan and speculated to his friends about a return of the 2003 SARS virus. He cited details from a then unpublished “government report” and asked his friends to keep silence. But details of what he disclosed got out. On January 3, local officials cited him for inter alia unauthorised release of government information. Dr. Li’s hunch about an abnormal type of disease happened to be right, but he also got important details wrong. In China, Dr. Li is hailed now as a hero. While people acknowledge the government’s right to hold reports until contents can be verified, millions also believe the government should have published the report sooner and now demand systemic changes.

Dr. Helen Chu

The New York Times recently featured an amazing story about how Dr. Helen Chu – an infectious disease expert – tried but was blocked from getting answers to such questions. The earliest cases of coronavirus in the U.S. struck in the Seattle area. Throughout February and until mid-March, Washington would dominate the nation in coronavirus count. As luck would have it, for several months as part of a research project into the flu, Dr. Chu happened to have been collecting nasal swabs from residents experiencing symptoms in the area. When the coronavirus outbreak arose, Dr. Chu wanted to repurpose her tests to monitor for the coronavirus instead of the flu. Various authorities would block her. When Dr. Chu went to the C.D.C. and F.D.A., officials there told her to “cease and desist.”

Admit it. How many of you were even remotely aware Dr. Chu was silenced? How many are demanding systemic changes? Not even one person.

Continuously, we see the hatred and bigotry of members on this site. You demonise China for cover ups, murders, and more. Yet, when your own government, CDA, FDA, etc commit the exact same acts upon the exact same category of professionals, you simply accept like wimps and go on with your fantasy of how great you are.

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