What will change in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA) for a New Refinery with a capacity to refine 1million barrel per/day?

The old Feruka Refinery in Zimbabwe that has been more of a storage facility for over 4 decades will be upgrade to a million barrel per/day, with a technology to blend any crude oil from Africa and Middle East.

The project is in two phase.

Phase 1 is in five sections

Section 1: The main Refinery Unit in Zimbabwe.

Section 2: The expansion of the Deep Seaport in Beira, Mozambique.

Section 3: The expansion of the Tankfarm in Deep Seaport In Beira Mozambique, to hold the new estimated storage capacity for both Crude and refined products.

Section 4: The construction of new pipeline running fro and to Zimbabwe to Mozambique.

Section 5: The construction of a new tankfarm in Feruka Refinery, Zimbabwe.

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