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Main question, what is the bottom price of this all
1 barrel ent to -40 looks it stabalizes arround -3 +1?

SO what could be a good moment to step in, i do0n't think any government will let this last for long.
Good luck people, its a dissaster and an opporunity.

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I have to say, i am living in Europe and a rooky in oiltrades, 
However, i follow mostly silver also gold for more then 10years, Especialy on the silvermarket you can see complete irrational movements in price, in other words, looks like there is often a rigged pricemove. 

The oilmarket is much bigger, but how much influence has the papertrade on real price ad value of a barrel wti crude oil?

This is the info overhere:

Price WTI Crude Oil - CME Rollover 1 VWD: CW, Portfolio Track Last Price (USD) Difference Today 52W open? 1.09 Current 9.06

Summarized | Historical Prices PRICE DETAILS Delayed Apr 21 2020 3:10 Rate 1.09 Difference -17.18 (-94.03%) High 2.26 Low -0.49 Delayed Apr 21 2020 03:10 Bid 1.08 Late 1.12 Open -14.00 Close 18.27 52 weeks high 0.00 52 weeks low 0.00 BUY

What can ibe made from of this info is it correct?

And vids like this


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9 hours ago, Douglas Buckland said:

Last I checked WTI was $37.34.

Thank you for responding.

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