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Large gas belt discovered in China

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8 hours ago, frankfurter said:

An excellent, indoctrinated retort.  For the countries noted, did any leader at any time fire a shot or declare war against the USA?  

No, many asked the US to assist them with their on-going civil war and the US got involved. We're any shots fired at the US first? Not in most cases to my knowledge but that really doesn't have any bearing on the situation at that time.

Korea, was a UN mandated "policing" operation.

Vietnam, the US honored a defensive treaty commitment.

Cambodia, no shots fired, they got sucked into the tornado, kinda like the US did when Europeans inflicted world wide war on the rest of Humanity.

Yugoslavia, no shots fired, the Clinton administration went round and round for years trying to get Europeans to get their back yard in order but they of course wouldn't lift a finger to help fellow Europeans, kinda like the virus situation now. The US acted when the Kosovo was going to be a bloodbath. I suppose you'd rather the Balkan civil war kept raging on for years as long as the evil USA didn't drop a piece of paper on Serbia.

Libya, shots fired, you seem to forget the unprovoked terrorist attacks that emanated out of Tripoli over the years. Humm, German night club bombings, Pan Am flight 103 I could go on and on.....

Syria, Assad govt - no shots fired, ISIS lots of shots fired because, you know, they're ISIS.

Iraq, shots fired, oh yeah the whole attack the USS Stark DDG thing, followed of course by Kuwait being overrun in an unprovoked invasion.




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1 trillion cubic meters doesn't seem to be that much. China's natural gas consumption in 2019 is about 310 billion. Maybe Tom's point is more about the "China Flu"???

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On 5/7/2020 at 5:24 AM, Tom Kirkman said:

This is good news for the country and people of China. 

It might help cut down CCP's predatory geopolitical actions if the country of China had more of its own hydrocarbon resources. 

The One Belt One Road predatory initiative is likely to crumble in the global backlash and fallout of the China Flu disaster. 


Large gas belt discovered in China

CHENGDU, May 7 (Xinhua) -- An oilfield branch of PetroChina, China's largest oil and gas producer, announced their discovery of a huge natural gas belt with an estimated reserve of over 1 trillion cubic meters in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

The PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company (SWOG) completed a successful test of prospecting for oil and gas in Tianbao Township of Daying County, which had a daily output of 1.22 million cubic meters of gas, according to the SWOG.

The belt, some 130 km away from the provincial capital of Chengdu, neighbors the gasfield in the Gaoshiti-Moxi area in the middle part of the Sichuan Basin, where the current natural gas production capacity reaches 15 billion cubic meters annually.

Based in Chengdu, SWOG supplies natural gas to more than 1,000 large and medium-sized industrial companies and more than 20 million households in southwest China. 

1 trillion cubic meters isn't that much if you do the math. Energy independence and Geo politics?? haha...  China's natural gas consumption in 2019 is already 310 billion cubic meters. Maybe Tom actually wants to remind people about the "China Flu".

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