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Tom Kirkman

Coal seam gas development vital for Australian communities and domestic supply

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Yep, the wrong thing to do is kill off the oil & gas industry in countries around the world.

No matter how much the enviro-extremists jump up and down and scream hysterically to the contrary  < cough Greta cough >  the civilized world runs hydrocarbons. 

Don't let the China Flu Panic Talking Heads convince you otherwise.


Coal seam gas development vital for communities and domestic supply

The supply of reliable and affordable energy, including natural gas, is essential for Australia, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Australian oil and gas industry takes its responsibility very seriously: to continue to power Australian homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and other industries, including those essential to keeping rural and regional communities working.

We are fully committed to working with the state and federal governments - and local communities - to ensure security of supply and maintain the oil and gas industry as a key engine of economic growth and stability.

Developing Australia's natural resources - both onshore and offshore - has never been more important.

It requires continued commitment and investment at a time when Australia needs jobs, manufacturing and to keep the lights on.

Now is definitely not the time to put the brakes on an investment that will deliver widespread benefits for the region and state in terms of jobs, regional development including support for farmers, energy supply for manufacturing and taxation revenue for governments.

Progressing new developments, including the Narrabri Gas Project in NSW, are vital, especially when other parts of the economy are severely constrained by the impacts of COVID-19.

All of these can be managed in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.  ...


...  As someone who grew up in regional Australia and spent 25 years working in agriculture here, and in Asia and Europe, before joining APPEA, I have seen first hand the benefits of coexistence of gas and agriculture.

Today's agribusinesses can and do work side-by-side with the oil and gas sector and, investments by the oil and gas sector have helped improve local services, infrastructure, incomes on farm and growth in local communities.

And around the world, energy security closely follows food security.

Here in Australia, landholders welcome both water and revenue from natural gas projects, which helps to provide a hedge against weather and commodity cycles.  ...


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