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The Empire of Debt, Deficit, Death & Destruction in Disarray

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Excerpts from an unfinished Historical Novel;
We've been here before, history never ends, just repeats itself you silly Prof. Fukuyama.

The Vandals/Deplorable are inside the Gates of Rome; some are busy fighting the soldiers, some busy setting fires to properties, some busy looting TV sets, toilet papers and baby diapers.
The Empire is in total disarray, the constantly twitting lunatic Emperor Nero not-in-control & out-of-control is forced to hide & play his fiddle in the cellar of the White Palace, though he''ll be back singing twitting-ly as Rome continues to burn.
This is all happening while Old Senators & Generals are all hiding their Asses in their Villas for fear of rampant Plague.
Meanwhile in the mayhem the Empire is sending Astronauts to havens by private rockets paid for by money borrowed from CCP, the global Plague & Mask exporters!!! 
Gotham City is turned into a Ghost City & the City of the Dead is destined for the Borough of the Dead, while in the Borough of $-Money the WS Banksters are busy printing money stretching to havens.
Governors across the Empire are barricading behind their city halls for fear of angry citizens and mobs. Citizens of the Empire are totally pissed-off with them and with each other too due to differing political tastes (Coke or Pepsi), overextended lock-down, futile in the minds of those toting their guns, understandably loosing on their lives and livelihood.
Euro Partners have declared they will not take part in the upcoming compliance meeting with the Empire.
The Empire of Debt, Deficit, Death and Destruction is not feeling well.
One can not make this up really, its all happening before the eyes of the globe; history is the greatest teacher of all.


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