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HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE : 3 of the 4 Authors of the Lancet paper that panned Hydroxychloroquine have withdrawn their names from the study/paper. They cited unverifiable data supplied by Dr. Desai

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The three doctors from Boston Hospitals that co-authored the Lancet paper withdrew their names citing questionable data from Dr. Desai and his company Surgisphere Corp.

When Dr. Desai was questioned as to the origin of the database he was unable to supply and confirm the data sources and analysis of that data.

Three hospitals in Australia Dr. Desai listed as supplying data said they never talked to Dr. Desai.

An Africa epidemiologist said there was no African data close to the number of patients Dr Desai claimed to analyze.

These few examples just the beginning of a extremely flawed paper that looks to be fraudulent. 

Dr. Desai abruptly "resigned" from NCH in February.  When asked about Dr. Desai resignation NCH refused to comment. 

Dr. Desai company Surgisphere sells several Covid products on Amazon including a Covid19 diagnostic kit.

It's looking like a "Fake Data" con.

Don't expect the numerous journalist, TV Anchors and Politicians to make a public correction of their use of the paper to trash the promising therapy for symptomatic early stage outpatients. The honest 

The World Health Organization's (W.H.O.) Director Tedros ceased all of the organization's HCQ trials and research based on the fraudulent paper's analysis and conclusions.




Dr. Risch an epidemiologist from Yale School of Public Health recently published a study on the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine for symptomatic outpatients.  


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More to come

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I have stated this many times prior... there is no credible study based on credible evidence to assert hydroxychloro- is either an effective preventive or treatment.  This publication and retraction diminishes the Lancet considerably.  

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