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Freedom of Speech

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Since the rhetoric here at Oil Price has reached hysterical levels of racism, hatred, nationalism, and including threats of vigilantism, may we please collectively take a step back to breathe and recognise, yeah respect, the ideal of free speech.

Allow me to quote a few esteemed Americans.

"Freedom of speech is always under attack by fascist mentality"  
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"If we do not believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we do not believe in it at all"
- Noam Chomsky

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” 
– John F. Kennedy


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Hegemony conflicts are the most important and the most total wars.

Total wars are the conflicts were all the power of the state is engaged and with No limits of morality&rules, till the total destruction of your rival or his subordination.

The same is with current US-China conflict.

I understand many problems that relate to dealing with very large, very competent dictatorship like China.

But the way US prepares for the total conflict, probably even nuclear war with China is certainly not caused by different political system of China, but by conflict about global hegemony, who will be the top dog and has reserve  currency.

I observe that Americans are hiding behind „we fight with CCP not Chinese nation”. This gives Americans moral high ground.

”We will bomb CCP out of China even if we would need to destroy the country and kill many millions of Chinese” sounds very unconvincing.

Some users even claim that they have Chinese wifes, Chinese families, Chinese-American children.

I think these claims are lies.

How could you explain to your wife or your family in China that „we need to get rid of CCP even if we would need to destroy China and kill many Chinese , maybe even some distant members of our own family”.

This is something i do not comprehend.

So @frankfurteryou should not be astonished by racism/nationalism/ or hate towards China.

It will get only worse, much worse.

If the trend of the last 12 months is continued in 1-2 years any American of Chinese origin would need to prove that he/she is a really good American or be transferred to internment camp.

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