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Dr FAUCI has gone too far. Doesn't think NFL should play this year.

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MSM has anointed FAUCI as God.  He is the sole determinant of who, what and when the U.S. economy can open.  

The recent increase in infections is expected as the economy returns.  The increase will bring herd immunity sooner. 

The lock down flattened the curve.  That's good.  But it delayed the desired  herd immunity state and prolonged the virus.  

More testing naturally leads to more infections recorded .   .   .  but Hospitalization DOWN .  .  .  ICU patients DOWN .   .   .   Deaths WAY DOWN. 

April/May avg age of those tested = 67 y/o

June the avg age of those tested = 34 y/o

Protect the vulnerable, elderly and compromised immune systems,  and open up all the economy. 

Baseball  .  .  .  Who cares

Football .  .  .  .  Everyone cares


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Who wants to watch a bunch of guys who make twenty million a year take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem?

Maybe Fauci is a closet patriot. 

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Dear BLA, I already told you to focus your efforts on subjects you have a clue about. There must be something. Epidemiology and virology certainly isn't it. Hence, I recommend you what can be recommended to other ignorant/ill informed people capable of reflecting on their position (are you?) - instead of writing on the subject you are an anti-expert on, read something about it first. 

If you do, and do all your homework, you will find out that it's very doubtful that there is such thing as "herd immunity" in case of Covid 19. How's that possible? Because there are more and more documented cases of people who had complicated cases of Covid 19, and yet they have no antibodies, meaning they can get the same disease again. And those concerning those that do have antibodies, it's doubtful how long they last - early studies speak abount 2-3 months, which is not very useful for the purpose of "herd immunity". 

All the "herd immunity" strategy may have been just BS from the start; the Swedish disaster certainly indicates so. 

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