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Worshiping Slave Owning Idols Old and New

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Rep. Chip Roy: It’s Time For Republicans To Stand Up For America Already

"The United States of America is starting to resemble a Target in Minneapolis, overrun by lawless mobs and left for dead by the very leaders charged with upholding the rule of law.

Today, we are witnessing the wealthiest, freest, and greatest country in the history of the world, which took more than 240 years to build, being burned to the ground at the hands of radical leftists motivated primarily by anarchy and a Marxist agenda, not racial justice. "

What a load of claptrap? Wealthiest country or most in Debt?

An Empire of Debt living way beyond its means, ironically most indebted to Silk Road merchants affiliated with CCP!!

Enlighten yourself: - beware of flashing red lights, wear protective goggles.

You're only fooling yourself with self-aggrandizing imperialist delusions!

What the lawless mobs, looters & petty criminals are doing on the streets across the Empire is only a mimic of what the Empire’s ruling BIC/MIC have been doing around the world since WWII, death, destruction & looting on a grand scale. A relic of antiquity and a mentality despised and dismissed by enlightenment.   

If the same events were happening on the streets of Russia or China they will be heralded as freedom fighters fighting an evil empire & egged on by the likes of Fox News, CNN & the rest of the MSM gangs owned and orchestrated by the aforementioned joint venture (BIC/MIC).

The vast majority of the protesters are in fact the underclass, disgruntled, disenfranchised, marginalized & discriminated against population belonging to Black, Colored, Hispanic & White young demographics, mainly low wage, unemployed workers & heavily in-debt college graduates deprived of social mobility, pissed off with long & relentless social & economic injustice imposed on them by the corrupt ruling elite in charge of Debt & Deficit manufacturing & wielding the MIC club, saving their own Ass-ets by TB/QE Money Printing trickery at every Boom & Bust cycle turning, offloading their risks & losses in the form astronomical debt & deficit, and monetary inflation on the shoulders of the hard working global village citizens including those living in the Empire, translating into spiraling death, destruction, austerity & poverty with all the consequent social ills [drug infestation across the Empire, tent cities and skid rows in metropolitan cities down the road to to BillG & GeofB mansions in Seattle or California etc, scarce health care for a vast working majority], planet resource depletion and environmental destruction hiding behind a silly clear masque of Liberal Democracy while still worshiping idols of European colonial slave owning farting founding fathers, calling themselves the freest country in the world. 



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Please don't disturb fragile American fantasies of pomp and grandeur. It's nothing pleasant to walk through the heaps of glass and porcelain shards. 

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