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Dan Clemmensen

The Next Step In The Electric Vehicle Evolution

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In today's article:

the author states that EVs are not "revolutionary" replacements for ICEV, and repeats the assertion that "EVs are an alternative technology whose main advantage is that it does not emit noxious gases".

As an EV driver, I think the author is incorrect. The main advantage is freedom from the gasoline station. I charge at home. I have not been to the gas station in six years. No gas, no oil changes. "No noxious gasses" is a public good, mostly, but it is also a personal benefit: my  garage does not stink.

The author also asserts that the main problems with EVs are range anxiety and charge-time frustration. These are valid for some drivers, some of the time, in some places. Most drivers spend most of their time driving locally and returning home every evening, in easy round-trip range for an EV. I only need fast recharge on long trips, and I don't take many Supercharging stations are being installed at a quick clip to resolve this issue. EV ranges are going up year by year. Between the two, the percentage of drivers who still "need" an ICE is going down fairly rapidly in several areas.

In the early days of ICE cars, gasoline was purchased in gallon containers at the local general store, and when an ICE car broke down (as they did frequently) the driver was derisively told to "get a horse!" ICE cars started off slowly and then picked up dramatically as the infrastructure evolved.  We are on the cusp of the same cycle for EVs.

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