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Russian Gas Giant Gazprom To Start Producing Clean Hydrogen

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One would expect that the largest country in the world by landmass would realize that all that surface area has wind energy and solar potential.

Sunlight heats equatorial waters, which between air and water circulates to the poles, where it is radiated into space. The tropics are better for solar, the arctic regions are better for wind. The energy collected over vast equatorial regions gets focused on the much smaller surface area of the poles.

Ideal places to situate turbines are bare hilltops, which are obvious on Google maps, and in the middle of open water bodies, which are also 'all over the place' in Russia. If any of the large states in Australia, taken alone, could power the entire world, certainly this would be true for Russia.

Hydrogen tends to wreck its containers, since the H2 molecule is so small it 'wiggles its way into larger element crystal structures'. Making methane and other hydrocarbon fuels in easy. It makes more sense to use methane as a 'carrier', and not try to store or transport hydrogen over any distance. The really ideal carrier is propane, since it is gas at normal temperature and pressure but liquefies the instant it is put under any pressure. 

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