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Jay McKinsey

Another Made in USA EV truck

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It is a hell of a lot better lookin than that Duckfart Tesla rolled out. yeeesh!! 

For the sake of the people who saw their respective lives thrown into tumult when GM pulled the plug on this facility. I hope a good number can regain employment building autos again.

I loved the message by the CEO; Hell yes! I love seein a Midwesterner taking a stand that says Commiefornia ISN'T the end all, be all that Libs here see it as. (thru those Dimkkkrat glasses)

The Midwest is a Great place/region of our country!  So beyond sick an tired of hearing 'Elites' call it 'flyover country'...  As if somehow it's 'beneath' them too acknowledge the people an what they do every day to support the country.  Yes, I've had the Pleasure of living & working there (WI & IL) while in the Wastewater Industry.  I'm still involved in the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA).  A member section of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) who work diligently for Safe reliable Wastewater Treatment systems.  I'm retired from ITT Water & Wastewater.

I also can't stand the term "Rust Belt"! It was coined by the Elites when the auto & steel industries entered a deep period of cutbacks and companies goin belly up.  While Japan flooded the world with cheap steel and cars.  Yes, the Midwest still has a ways to go. Some sectors won't ever return. Product lines replaced or phased out all together.  But the good people in that part of the country looked around, looked at what they're good at and are makin a great comeback!  President Trump knew they could. He believes in 'em, cuz they believe in themselves!

The time of the EV is comin. In many ways it's here already.  Does this mean that next week we'll wake up an the era of ICE powered vehicles will be a thing of the past? No. But maybe in time.  Certainly if the Market determines EV's are truly a viable option, across multiple applications then we will see a day when the EV is every bit as common place as the cars/trucks of the past 100 yrs have been...

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