Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?

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An interesting video presentation of ways to use ALL available clean energy technologies for now, and continue heading for Nuclear Fusion, which, they say, may never actually come to fruition.  At least not from a financial perspective.  A shout out to @ronwagn, they all seem to believe we should be using a lot more NG, now and into the future.  So what do all you disparate cheerleaders think?  Did you like the video?  Do you basically agree with it or disagree?

Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?


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Didn't have time to look at the whole thing but my understanding of fusion is that as a power source still a few decades off at least - if a viable reactor can be devised. I would also seriously doubt whether it be done cheaply. Even ordinary fission reactors using technology which is well understood and has been in use since the 1950s have trouble at the moment competing with natural gas plants, as one of the commentators noted, especially in the US. Gas prices are low and the stuff is easy to access.

If you want to decarbonise power production within the lifetime of anyone reading this then fission power remains the only way to do it but that is something that activists just do not want to hear and, in any case, just isn't happening. Existing reactors are losing the battle with NG in particular. Fusion is an interesting idea but don't hold your breath waiting for it.  

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