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Big10 football reportedly will vote to start play this October. Trying to avoid any suggestion that Democrat Governor's caved to voters pressure

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Was original Big10 Football cancellation done for political reasons ?

Big 10 teams getting ready to play .

Of the 14 Big10 schools voting on Aug 11th only Ohio, Nebraska and Iowa voted to play. The University Presidents and Chancellors actually vote.  They take direct orders from the Governor's of their respective state.

The end of of August most Governors reconsidered their decision . . . . . all except Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) of Michigan.  She forbid both highschool and college football this year issuing Executive Order 160.  

At this time the DNC aired a Joe Biden Campaign TV ad in Michigan blaming President Trump .  The ad actually showed views of empty Michigan and Michigan State football stadiums.

The ads backfired.

The voters knew Governor Whitmer was the reason no football in Michigan.

About a week or so ago the coaches threatened to play without Michigan and Michigan state.  Governor Whitmer caved.  The coaches held a meeting last Friday.  They now want to put a little time between decision and announcement so as to give the false impression that the original cancellation was not a political anti-Trump decision.



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