Putin and Lukashenko Conspire to Control Belarus

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No real democracy or republican form of government can survive without honest elections. RCW



Mass demonstrations 

Lukashenko, in power for 26 years, has vowed that he will not give up power to the opposition, which claims its candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was the rightful winner of the August 9 polls. She has taken shelter in EU member Lithuania after coming under official pressure.

Lukashenko, 66, has had a volatile relationship with Moscow, playing it off against the European Union and ruling out an outright unification with Russia.

But with Western pressure against Lukashenko mounting, his options are now limited. Since mass demonstrations against him began he has sought support from Putin, with regular phone calls between the leaders.

Lukashenko has cracked down on the protest movement with thousands detained and those held in custody giving accounts of police violence and torture. Several people have died in the crackdown.

Putin swiftly congratulated Lukashenko on his victory and raised the possibility of intervening militarily.

The opposition formed a Coordination Council to organise a handover of power but the Belarusian authorities have detained senior members and pressured them to leave the country.

More than 100,000 people are estimated to have taken to the streets of the Belarusian capital Minsk during rallies over the past four weekends, and a new protest is planned for Sunday.


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According to the 1999 agreement, Russia and Belarus are a union state. The West was already trying to drag Ukraine to the West, which ended in a civil war with Russian intervention defending its sphere of influence. But Belarus is a country much more Russified, and Belarusians are definitely less nationalistic and crazy than the Ukrainians, as everyone knows who read the history of Belarus and Ukraine.

So since the West has failed in dragging Ukraine into the West, I think it will let Belarus go.

And Russia will replace Lukashenka in some time because there are many pro-Russian candidates and Lukashenko is a very efficient politician which angers Moscow.

In my opinion, the West should rather accept Lukashenka's government in its own interest.

Because the real opposition in Russia is the communists and Zhirinovsky's LDPR party.

After the West has been treating Russia for 25 years, breaking the fundamental agreement from the time of German reunification on not expanding NATO to the East, no pro-Western party allowing Ukraine and Belarus to enter the Western sphere of influence will not come to power for a very long time.

The imprudent policy of the USA rather led to what Brzeziński and Kissinger warned against, i.e. the Russian-Chinese alliance, which, contrary to Western experts' predictions, became more and more of a permanent alliance against the USA. An unequal alliance, but it is better to be a junior partner of China or the second Yugoslavia, because such a role for Russia is seen by the West.

As for Ukraine and Belarus, Russia will sooner follow the example of the United States to make another Syria and Libya there, because NATO enlargement to these countries is a threat to Russian national security.

Moreover, even Navalny was in agreement with Putin anyway, if anyone thinks that he was really somehow pro-Western, you should read interviews with him .

Even according to his theory, as far as I remember, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are in fact one nation. With all its liberalism, the concept of a Great Russian nation is nothing more than typical Russian nationalism.

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The leader of the opposition in Belarus is Ms Cichanouska.. And this seems to be the husband of Mrs. Cichanouska Serhyi  who, as a well-known belarussian blogger, is the real political leader in this relationship and, as you can see, he travels around the most beautiful regions of Russia, so it's hard for him to deny that Crimea is part of Russia. The post also describes what views he has expressed regularly  on social networks in recent years.

https: //,52252,i.html?fbclid=IwAR15G2pIMOXQIFZMTwSU1buPKNbxOQIcSx68IRe5NHaIYDWdjP8LHjzQOc4 - this is, for example, the famous Nobel Prize winner, although I admit her books are very good. As far as I remember, on the one hand, she does not digest Putin, but she spoke several times that Belarus's place is in an alliance with Russia

This is what she generally said in this interviev with polish press. I must add there is significant polish catholic minority in Belarus.




The interview took place on June 9 in the "Priamaja linija" program. During it, among others, the issue of the war in Donbas. It was during the discussion of this topic that Alekseevich presented her "thoughts". - The war that Russia started in the Donbas is a burden for Russia's conscience. Such a war can also be started in Belarus. Get here (in Belarus - ed.) Tanks, give us weapons and Catholics will kill Orthodox Christians or whoever else. Man is a sufficiently imperfect creature and a very political being, she said. She added that "people can put anything you want into their heads."


Cichanouska - wife of Serhiy, doing business in Russia and, as you can see, traveling regularly  in Crimea after 2014

Kalesnikava - the chief of Babaryka's staff, who criticized Lukashenka for too weak relations with Russia and was the president of the Belarusian branch of Gazprombank - is said to be the candidate of the Russian oligarchs

Cepkała - Valeryi's wife, who firstly fled with her husband to Moscow from the regime. Such her statements were also famous  Eh3vUMOXgAEvAZ-?format=jpg&name=medium

I cant translate this tweet in graphics  but she said if Putin agree to let Lukashenko leave office as President he would became  national hero for Belarusians

Im not joking you can check links - its prorussian opossition  in Mink even Nobel-Prize Alekseyevich because Belarus is not Ukraine.

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