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The "Green Wave" is coming sooner than most think

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Don't worry if you are a trader .  This is not a short term phenomena.

The writing is on the wall :

(1) Today the EU agreed to a $2.2 Trillion stimulus package. Note that a major component of total is earmarked for Green Initiatives .   

(2) Expect the Biden first U.S. stimulus package to do likewise.

(3) I listened to commodities trading firm Trafigura  CEO discuss their position in the "Energy Transition" .  They are fully onboard with the green initiative.  Just one more sign of things to come.  

(4) The Green New deal is accepted worldwide. In my opinion you will see U.S. and European  legislation that will hasten the end of today's fossil fuels and aid in Green Technology implementation (Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen, Solar, Wind)

How much of a decline in oil prices is needed to permanent lower oil prices. 

Gwen wave doesn't have to eliminate fossil fuels to have effect on the price of Brent or WTI.  

I can't see sustained oil in the $60s , much less $70 or above.   Unless of course there is major events in the Mideast that disrupt their oil exports.  Which is always a possibility.

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