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Will Biden Energy Appointments Halt Oil and Gas Development

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If there is one thing we know, it is the Joe Biden push to "transition" out of fossil fuels.  

 John Kerry, who can't ride a bicycle without breaking his leg is now the energy czar or some kind of climate guru.  

Jennifer Granholm the head of the Department of Energy,  I believe Michigan produces around 5,000 bbls of crude oil so not sure if she watched over those wells but perhaps she knows how to handle the nation's nuclear materials.

Gina McCarthy, as WH climate advisor.  This is a good one since she was in charge of the EPA and tied to the Gold King Mining Spill in 2015.  The EPA released toxic sludge from the mine and contaminated the Animas River that ran from Colorado into New Mexic . The sludge covered agricultural areas and farms along the river and beyond.  To date, nothing has been done, except a continuing review for cleanup which has cost millions and the result is a continuing review going nowhere. 

Deb Haaland, the first Native American will be in charge of the Department of Interior.  She was also tied with McCarthy in the mining disaster and did have a rally at Standing Rock and showed up with green chili stew. She said this was the best she would do when the sludge was moving into NM.

The problem, is that out of all of the picks, Haaland may be the most influential in bringing the Green New Deal to life.  Enviromentalist, Administrartor of the San Felipe Pueblo and quoted upon her appointment that she is "wholeheartedly against fracking and drilling on public lands.  Haaland will lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  BLM issues oil and gas leases (competitive and non-competitive), approves permits for drilling, reworking, re-completions and reclamation, etc.

According to the EIA, crude oil production has declined 2 million bbls.  Most is shale production with high depletion rates.  New wells must be drilled to keep production levels up to the 2019, or 13.1 million bbls. a day.  If we lose another 2 million we will no longer hold the status of swing producer.

Will the Republicans cave (if they hold the Senate) when these people come before them for approval?  That is the big question, but with Haaland's status in the diversity pool, she is the lifeguard so we'll probably see her holding the industry hostage.

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Of course these next 4 yrs are gonna be brutal.  Biden made sure that one gal "looked him in the eye" when he stated repeatedly no less; that he was gonna bury Oil drilling on the campaign trail.  (ahem)

The Senate will be useless in standing up too Biden.  Turtle will either be hold up in his shell or officially relegated too oblivion when the chamber flips.

It's one thing to say you endorse a specific path forward. (Green New Deal) It's another all together when you have too actually find the resources/services that will provide "THAT" Which you say is forth coming when those changes are implemented.  Sadly, the Green New Deal; is so beyond devoid of substance, it actually makes anyone with an IQ above a house plant, stop an wonder "How in the HELL" did AOC not only 'get elected' but Re-elected?!?!?!?!?!?

The "snake oil" salesmen (Solyndra anyone) will be comin outta the woodwork just like in Obama's first term once Biden is takin a nap in the Oval office...

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On 12/24/2020 at 6:39 AM, JoMack said:

Deb Haaland, the first Native American will be in charge of the Department of Interior.

Here's her curriculum vitae: Born in Winslow, Arizona, though she identifies herself as a 35th-generation New Mexican. Her father was Norwegian-American and won the Silver Star in Vietnam. Her family finally settled in Albuquerque "to be close to family who also belong to the Laguna Pueblo." Attended UNM, gave birth to a baby girl four days after graduating, lived with friends while attending UNM Law School, but is not listed as a member of the New Mexico State Bar. 

Fast forward just a few years and she is your new Secretary of the Interior appointee, a woman who has railed against fracking of any type, appointed to the post by a frail president-elect who vowed to ban fracking on federal lands on the first day of office. 

This is not good.

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