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tesla a In 2020, we produced and delivered half a million cars.

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15 minutes ago, Dan Clemmensen said:

The current method of producing "green" hydrogen relies on electrolysis of water. We you use spare electrical capacity, the electricity is basically free, so the cost is driven by the capital cost of the electrolysers. There a great deal of R&D going on to drive down this cost. "green" H2 is not yet truly cost-competitive, but this will almost certainly change rapidly.

A newer concept is to co-locate the electrolyzer with a wind turbine, and then pipe the H2 to shore instead of running an electrical cable. The cost of the H2 in this case must pay for the whole wind turbine plus the electrolyzer. These will be floating turbines, very far from shore, where the electrical losses and cable costs make them uneconomic for electricity production. This makes them more like offshore NG wells.

Sounds far fetched to me, but we will see. The proof is in the pudding. 

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