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Erin Bale

Stimulus after stimulus, a desperate measure to counter deflation ?

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Will fiscal policy like this work or simply delay the inevitable and exacerbate the econmic crisis  ?

A question for open discussion

I would love to hear your opinion.


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George Gammon does a lot of very informative videos on this on youtube if you are interested. He presents a wide range of ideas which I appreciate rather than listening to people who use a single idea to promote gold or bitcoin for their own gain.

I have no idea if he's on the right track or not but I've learned a lot about the financial and banking system from them.

Worth a watch.

I think they have 'printed' huge amounts of money in order to create inflation but 'they' seems to think MMT is a good idea now.

My daughter is reading Of Mice and Men, it's about the great depression and as a result I've been reading about that and also Steinbeck himself. Back then they were promoting something called 'The New Deal'...sounds familiar doesn't it.

It makes you wonder what they know and we don't because we've all been arguing about Corona and the election.

The Repo crisis of Sept 2019 seems to have been some kind of catalyst and that happened before corona....since then US debt has sky rocketed from 17 trillion to 28...soon to be 30 and god only knows where we will be at the end of the year. Global debt has blown through the roof as well, an increase of up to 40% I believe?

It doesn't sound good to me but what would I know

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