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Covid-19 in the US: infection rate down; deaths are still high

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There seems to be a respite in Coronavirus infection rates in the US, but the death count remains disturbingly high.

Although the new administration of President Biden promised not to waste any time in kick-starting the vaccine campaign, along with the Federal help for struggling families, the logistical challenges appear to be mounting against the moves – and the best intentions - of the government.

How and why so many people in the most powerful country on the planet die in such great numbers remains a mystery, when you take into account the high standard of health care available and the advances made in the realm of health over the years.

By contrast, the poorer countries in the world, somehow, manage to keep the dreadful figure relatively low, even if the number of infections is fairly high.

It is puzzling why we have to wait for a vaccine or a set of vaccines to keep the pandemic at bay, despite years of research about pathogens by leading scientists and medical institutions in the West.

In short, how a microorganism on such a minute scale can hold the entire world to ransom is going to be the greatest unsolved mystery for years to come.

On psychological front, meanwhile, wild conspiracy theories are gradually gaining momentum.

Some of the conspiracy theorists did not even spare Bill Gates; Mr Gates has been compelled to counter the allegation with an interview with Reuters.

Adding insult to injury, there are outbreaks of new variants at random places across the world.

We can only hope that the new variants will be less deadly and cause less physical harm.

The virus has been ‘smart’ so far staying a few steps ahead of human ingenuity, even without being qualified to be a living being in biological sense.

Let’s hope it will be smarter by not destroying its host, us, the human beings, that let it carry on its ‘mission’ at the expense of untold, collective human suffering – without having an alternative to do otherwise.



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Do not confuse new cases with active cases.

Active cases is at an all-time high.


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