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Fauci now admitting the UK and South African variants not just more contagious but more deadly. Fauci hasn't mention Brazil . . yet. Brazil most deadly .

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When do we recover. When does oil price go up. 

The headline reads today , "Race to get inoculations before variants take hold"

UK , SOUTH AFRICA , BRAZIL ( there is also great concern about a Japanese variant but you can't mention that .  .  . Japan holding the July Olympics is more important than saving lives)

No race.  The race is already over.  All three variants already in the states.  

The largest city in the Brazilian Amazon was hit hard with the original covid.  Then the city received 76% immunity .  All was well . . . or so they thought.  The variant took hold and the death rate returned in force to that same City. Brazilian strain  in 3 states already , including California. 

When the vaccines were announced last November a reporter asked , " Are the vaccines effective against all 14 variants ?".  (They knew back then).  The response was ," we haven't tested against those mutations but we believe it is ". 

Fauci's favorite words : believe , seems , may, think, It's Trump's fault

The vaccines attach to the protein spikes and do their job.

The variants have ways to circumvent some of the spikes.  The variant contain more viral load. More viral load = more transmittable = more deadly.

The vaccines do not give you immunity per se`. They greatly reduce the viral load.  This decreases the severity and decreases the contagiousness. Modern claims immunity which may be true. However , we don't know how long the effectiveness of the vaccines last.

These three more virulent  strains may be just the beginning.




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