Nord Stream - US/German consultations

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If we dig into history, older and recent, military units suffering personel losses do not behave nicely.  They can be Russian, American, whatever, this is simply the darker side of human nature, avreaction to violent deaths of people you know.   But as the time goes, Russians trade with Mongols, Vietnamese with Americans etc.  I guess valuing profits over old grudges is the lighter side of human nature.

Elimination of coal as. source of energy and replacement with carbohydrates and nuclear reduces CO2 emissions and a variety of other ecological problems.   Both Europe and USA can go a long way in this direction.  If you are an American hydrocarbon producer, you may lament a decrease in export opportunities to Europe, but if you are an electricity consumer, you are OK (at least in Pennsylvania where I live, some states have more than double of our price.



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