Nord Stream - US/German consultations

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If we dig into history, older and recent, military units suffering personel losses do not behave nicely.  They can be Russian, American, whatever, this is simply the darker side of human nature, avreaction to violent deaths of people you know.   But as the time goes, Russians trade with Mongols, Vietnamese with Americans etc.  I guess valuing profits over old grudges is the lighter side of human nature.

Elimination of coal as. source of energy and replacement with carbohydrates and nuclear reduces CO2 emissions and a variety of other ecological problems.   Both Europe and USA can go a long way in this direction.  If you are an American hydrocarbon producer, you may lament a decrease in export opportunities to Europe, but if you are an electricity consumer, you are OK (at least in Pennsylvania where I live, some states have more than double of our price.



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I think it's time for a daily dose of cynicism on my part. So let's check what's up in Ukraine and Poland, fighting against NS II

So lets start with Ukraine - major row in goverment


The former Ukrainian prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in an interview for Ukraine 24 television, calculated the losses that the country suffered due to the untimely purchase of blue fuel.

Gas pumping station in the Kiev region, Ukraine Ukraine pointed to the error that caused the gas crisis

According to him, the country lost $ 5 billion.

"These are losses of the state and state-owned company NAK Naftogaz due to the fact that when you had to buy USD 250, it was not bought, but now you have to buy it for USD 1,200," he said in the newspaper. TV channel air. The politician called for the current government to be brought to justice.

The former head of Naftogaz, Andrei Kobolev, also accused the authorities of a serious error. "This mistake was made in May and June this year, when gas was not purchased from the Ukrainian UGS. When it actually cost much cheaper than the crazy levels we have now," he said.

Some 5 bilions of unexpected additional NG bills? In a country off total nominal GDP like 170 bilions? Rather seriuos matter I would say


So now my native Poland from Friday - major row this time in parlament



Gas prices up 941 percent up.

Polish Minister Sasin: PGNiG  (polish lets say Exxon) is reducing the increases with its own efforts

About 941 percent gas has increased in price on European exchanges, on which Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo must obtain supplies - said Jacek Sasin,

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets in the Sejm on Wednesday. He added that PGNiG did not raise the price, and today it "compensates for these increases with its own efforts".

Gas prices up 941 percent up.

Sasin: PGNiG is reducing the increases with its own efforts PGNiG did not raise the price. Today he is eliminating these increases with his own efforts - said Jacek Sasin, head of the Ministry of State Assets (Ministry of State Assets)

At the beginning of Wednesday's session of the Sejm, Krzysztof Paszyk from the Polish Coalition spoke about gas price increases. As an example, he gave two communes from Wielkopolska: Tarnowo Podgórne and Kaźmierz. "Mr. Sasin, your current is still expensive" The media wrote a few days ago that in these communes the prices of natural gas supplied by G.EN. Gaz Energia increased by approx. 170 percent.

- Fuel: PLN 6 and it becomes more expensive.

Prime Minister Sasin, your current is unfortunately still expensive - said MP Paszyk from the rostrum. He also pointed to an increase in fertilizers for farmers. - It can't be like that. That is why a formal request for a break and reliable information from the government on the steps taken against the price tag which is flooding Poland - pointed out Paszyk.

Sasin spoke in response to these words. - If you are talking about expensive gas today, yes, indeed, the price of gas has increased. 941 percent gas has become more expensive in Europe, on European stock exchanges, on which PGNiG must obtain supplies, he said.

 Sasin: Tusk  (our former PM) allowed the Russians to blackmail Europe -

Do you know why it became more expensive? Because you gave, you - yes, you gave, and Donald Tusk, as President of the European Council, allowed the Russians to blackmail Europe without opposing the construction of Nord Stream 2. This is the real reason for what we are experiencing today - said the head of MAP. - And today we are doing everything we can so that these increases do not affect Poles - assured Sasin.

- Please do not lie, because the gas has not increased at the moment. PGNiG did not raise the price. Today it is eliminating these increases with its own efforts. If you are talking about a raise in some communes, they were introduced by private companies, not by PGNiG. Please do not lie - said Sasin, turning to Paszyk. Ultimately, the application for a break failed. Gas prices will rise again, starting from next year. This was announced by the president of PGNiG. - Another gas tariff increase is inevitable - said Paweł Majewski. According to the Polish side, Gazprom is responsible for the turbulence on the world markets when it comes to gas prices. Poles demand the intervention of the European Commission in this matter. - We will try to submit this application in such a way that the price increase would be the least severe for households. Of course, it is in the hands of the president of the Energy Regulatory Office to decide on the scale of the increase, admitted the president.


I would like to correct just one thing- NG bills rose this year already more than 20 %

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I wonder if any of you know any such a large investment as in NS II - in which everyone, like one family fights against russian imperialism in the form of NS II and the end of the the day, the Russians earn this year, I think about 10 billion dollars simply because of the fact that NS II still does not work this year so we have record NG prices throughout Europe.

The entire NS II cost was around USD 10-12 billion and European contractors covered half of the costs.

At the same time, I really think that Putin, with his reserves of over USD 600 billion, is much more excited not on  the plus 10 billion on his side, but rather on minus 5 on the Ukrainian side.

The brutal truth is that Poland and Ukraine taken together, in this 20-year flong ight with Russian gas, in my opinion, were completely sold without any sentiment. With the full consent of all the member states of the European Union excluding Latvia and Lithuania.

Finally, the new president of the USA, Biden, pushed Polandd into the German sphere of influence and indicated that we should listen to the Germans and forget about some Intemarium.

And if  Germany is your master please remember that Germany has no geopolitical interest to fight Russia for some Belarus and Ukraine, so forget it.

Thus, it is possible that Polish foreign policy, at least of the PIS government, went bankrupt.


Is someone to blame for this?

No I don't blame Russia and Germany, let alone the US, because it's called realpolitic trained for centuries.

Personally, I only blame our stupid politicians.

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Fact is Poland was invited by Northstream since 2005 multiple times by chanceller Schroeder and the Northstream consortium. They tried the LNG way since 2016 not very successful. 

Now they started the idea and work of a Pipeline from Norway to Poland and Baltics. Meaning LNG is not fast enough not even for those small volumes

Polands Gasprom contracts will be finished in Year 2022. The Baltic Pipeline must be finished at the latest September 2022. Even those Pipelines have a confirmation  process. If they cross  Northstream 2, not fully documented yet, Gazprom may ask for changes.

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