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Russian oil and NG reserves - current estimate according to Rusendr

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The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Alexander Kozlov, estimated the security of Russia with oil reserves at 59 years, and with natural gas at 103 years.

“But we understand that this is the overall balance .Somewhere there are deposits that are being released, and there are those that have not yet received full load, ”the minister said in an interview with RBC , published on May 11.

Kozlov also noted the need to develop geological exploration, in particular, in hard-to-reach places.

On April 3, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia, head of Rosnedra, Yevgeny Kiselev, said that with the current level of technology development, the country's oil reserves will be enough for 58 years.

In May last year, the Accounts Chamber reported that the volume of oil fields being developed would be sufficient for 35 years. Excluding hard-to-recover fuel (this is 65% of oil reserves) - for only 20 years. Russia has been supplied with natural gas for more than half a century. The total gross value of the country's mineral reserves is $ 28 trillion.


Source - this was video interview in russian so main information


The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources told when Russia will run out of oil and gas
At current production levels in Russia, oil reserves will last 59 years, gas - for 103 years, said the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Alexander Kozlov to RBC. But, according to him, reserves can be increased by investing in geological exploration.

The provision of Russia with oil reserves at the current level of its production is 59 years, natural gas - 103 years. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov told about this in an interview with RBC.
He believes that new reserves can really be increased if the volume of geological exploration in hard-to-reach areas is increased. “Somewhere there are deposits that are being released (depleted. - RBK ), and there are those that have not yet received full load. In any case, it is necessary to develop geological exploration, including in hard-to-reach places, ”the minister said.
Oil and gas condensate production in Russia in 2020 decreased by 8.6%, to 512.68 million tons. This follows from the data of the Central Dispatch Office of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU TEK), TASS reported . In 2019, Russia broke the post-Soviet record, reaching 568 million tons of oil and condensate. Gas production last year amounted to 692.33 billion cubic meters. m.
In early April 2021, the head of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedr), Evgeny Kiselev, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, said that oil reserves in Russia would last 58 years, of which profitable ones would only last for 19 years. “But these are conditional, indicative indicators. With the development of technology, this frontier will be constantly pushed back, "he added, noting that oil reserves will be enough" indefinitely. " He recalled that there was not a single year when Rosnedra had not been informed that the increase in oil and gas reserves was greater than the volume of production.
According to him, gas reserves should be sufficient for more than 60 years. “We don't see big problems here. Now the gas recovery factor is increasing, we are going to great depths, to stratigraphic levels, where it is more difficult to work, - noted Kiselev. “Resources in traditional gas production regions are being depleted, and we are moving to the north of the Arctic, Eastern Siberia, Yamal, where a new transport and production infrastructure is being created.”


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