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Agrivoltaics Across the Food-Energy-Water Nexus (NREL)

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Shade cloth in hot regions has been known to help for a century. 

The problem is a logistical one. 

Machines must be fixed sizes, machine upgrade paths is severely limited, crop types below for rotational purposes becomes limited as you do NOT want the shade in the spring/fall and early summer which forces a LONGER growing season varieties, and then the weed pressure of all those poles in the center of your field instead of only at the edges. So, for regenerative AG, which eliminates the need for fertilizers completely, fixed solar panels is a big NO GO zone. 

If you are shading anything at any time of the year, and need shade, this essentially just means your current agricultural practices are piss poor and you need an upgrade on your thinking on your operation to increase green matter tonnage decreasing your fertilizer required.  This by the way is most farmers who simple do not want to deal with the added complexity this brings.  Now add that most farmers are not allowed by law(in practice) to hire workers, anything which requires a part time employee addition is a complete NO GO at all.  So, the only solution is a complete JUMP in your farms labor requirements for FULL TIME job above what your family can provide already. 

In short, with the amount of  $$$ invested, and limitations created, you may as well build a greenhouse. 

EDIT: One place you could place those solar panels is over the ditches along the roads... Of course this runs into OTHER logistical problems such as the roads themselves, but at least it would be doable.  This is an immense amount of land. 

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