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Resolving the Saudi-UAE Spat: only the US can provide the catalyst!

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Saudi UAE spat and OPEC

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which were assumed to be good regional allies,  are at the loggerheads over the OPEC+ production cust and the calculations that they are based on. Unless nipped in the but, this can get out of hand and the consumers, producers and the investors are going to collectively suffer in the long run. It's high time the US stopped being a passive spectator and played a more proactive role, because it is the only country on this planet that could provide the vital catalyst to resolve the conflict.

Let's not forget, the US has done this before when President Trump was in power; a much more serious issue involving Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain was solved amicably against all odds.

For more on that, please read here:

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