Australia sues Neoen for lack of power from its Tesla battery

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2 hours ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

@Jay McKinsey Could you find that source citing the natural gas price above $10.00/MMbtu for me? Coal is the only competitor with wind power down there if that's the case.

Modern ammonia plants with SMR have reached 90% efficiency, but using coal dumps that figure to around 70%. A plant using electrolytic hydrogen would maintain thermal efficiency of 80 - 90%. Might be cheaper on the capex side too.

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2 hours ago, Jay McKinsey said:

Thank you.

Right, so I just read that most of Aussie's fertilizer is imported. Which totally makes sense, because cheap ammonia comes from cheap gas. This means that Australian gas isn't the competitor for green ammonia: it's United States LNG, China's coal, or Saudi Arabia's LNG. 

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In a second-quarter earnings call in June, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that there was “significant unmet demand” for these storage products, adding that the Megapack was “basically sold out through next year.” He also estimated demand for Powerwall to be in excess of 1 million units per year.

Tesla broke ground on its “Megafactory,” a new production facility in California, so christened because it will produce the company’s large-scale battery system Megapack.



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