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Will Fine

Helium-Non-Government Source Conference

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Helium-Non-Government Source Conference: Albuquerque NM December 1

Helium is essential to Space in NASA and Private Exploration/Development. But there will be no Government Source (Stockpile sales and management). No longer a Government Source for all other uses of Helium.

Navajo Nation and Navajo Oil and Gas Company presents a alternative source at this Conference at the Balloon Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico on December 1. Go to

Navajo Nation through the Navajo OIl and Gas Company discloses
new and expanded exploration and production to replace the Government Source for the first time in public at this Conference with executive and tribal direct participation.

This Native American Source of Helium (as the Government Source
ends) is now challenged by a massive Russian helium world export
program. It is Moscow against Window Rock (Navajo Nation
capital). Will Washington align with Window Rock to defend
Navajo Nation Helium production in the marketplace?

This and all historical and future uses and designs for Helium
including airships for transportation are Conference content.

Heads: Government Helium source ends. 

Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company explores
and produces Helium to replace Stockpile supply

Russia declares Helium world export campaign against
all other producers and suppliers.

NASA and Commercial Space Operations depend on

No substitutes available in technological (Computer Chip Making) and health (Diagnostic-Imaging Devices)
uses for Helium, a critical gas,

Conference is first of its kind on Navajo Nation
Oil and Gas as Helium supplier as Government
Source terminates. Direct Executive participation.

Sponsors: Navajo Oil and Gas and New Mexico Tech

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