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21 minutes ago, ronwagn said:

An almost complete line of CNG fueling systems, but does not include a home fueling system. Many sizes available though. The smallest would be sufficient for an addition to a gasoline station. 

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Gas Compressors

for $7000 you can have one....good for someone driving uber or lyft and drives alot of miles locally

Home Fueling


When there are no public fueling stations available, anyone who has natural gas at home can purchase their own fueling system that will "time fuel" their vehicles overnight. We are the state distributor of CNG Pump home fueling appliances. 1 GGE/hr or 4 GGE/hr systems are available. Home fueling is very convenient and most gas utilities deliver NG to homes for less than $1/GGE. You will love being able to bypass gasoline stations on a daily basis.
CNG Pump 2 GGE/Hr with Fast Fill Option (Taking orders now)
The CNGPUMP Fueling Station is designed and built for the USA market. This Long Life (2gge per hour) design can fuel a vehicle in 4-6 hours (dedicated natural gas line to the meter required). The compressor station and fueling hose mount outside the garage wall and is housed in a weather proof enclosure, weather proof gauges allow easy monitoring of the fueling status. Inside the garage is the control panel that is virtually automatic from start-up to                                                                    shutdown.

$6995 +  $360 Shipping
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Thank you very much notsonice. Several years ago multimillion dollar grants were given to Texas Tech and large pump companies to invent a $500 charger for homes. I believe they are available at higher prices from Chinese dealers. I have not looked lately. I do not understand why they should cost $7,000. Maybe you can explain that.

I am cheap. My four year old NG3500 Nissan van only has 40,000 miles on it. We bought it for travel , and towing, but most of our long distance travel is done now. We have been to all 50 states. It would not make sense for me to switch to CNG right now, with the high CNG prices. The conversion would be expensive too, plus I would not have a trained mechanic available here in Decatur, IL.  We also have a minivan and a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi Mirage which gets around 40 mpg. 

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Many years ago I was in Argentina.....all the cabs are CNG. All converted . CNG only makes sense for fleet vehicles (UPS), cabs lyft uber delivery vehicles . Why $7000.....because they are not mass produced .....An EV also does not make sense today unless you are driving 50,000 miles plus a year commuting locally same as a CNG retrofit. Maybe EV's will make sense when the are in the ballpark of ICE vehicles upfront cost plus $10000. My bet is 2030 will be an economic turning point in EV's  for low mileage users (maybe) . Until then my 4000 miles a year for each of our 2 vehicles means we keep driving them until they are no longer worth fixing or death ( my better half keeps asking when she gets a new car......I laugh ....when she puts 150,000 miles on her new vehicle  (2013 SUV that has 34,000 miles on it) New vehicle ????Something to look forward to in  2050 if we live that long......)

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