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MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?  reveals what entities do own and control all the Big Corporations and Media conglomerates.  Think about this when you see news and government reports...who are the real owners behind the scenes of the public narratives?  While many people suffer from brain fuzz and will never actually LOOK at the evidence, it is all there for an individual to easily verify.

I strongly encourage people to watch at least the first half of the following VIDEO.  You can easily verify the facts. 

The ownership of the Corporate Controlled Media is also demonstrated.

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? – Tim Gielen


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Luongo: Davos' Last Stand Flops at the Box Office

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021 - 05:00 AM

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n Guns blog,

So Davos’ Last Stand hit theatres a couple of weeks ago. Starring OmicronVID-9/11 as the latest unseen killer this was supposed to be the horror movie of a generation.


Geopolitically, this is the worst opening for a movie since Ishtar.

Sure the overnight preview box office was good. The Dow off 1100 on Opening Day. Gold thwapped. Bitcoin crushed. But then people started talking about the train wreck they’d seen.

The response to OmicronVID-9/11’s performance has been nothing short of hilarious.  

The early reviews pointed to an overblown ‘whisper number’ on box office receipts.

The hits just kept coming. The first scathing review came from no less than Goldman Sachs which screamed that they were not informed of the release of Omicron. They compared OmicronVID’s acting ability to the best on PornHub.

I’ve read a lot of Goldman notes over the years and they generally sound like someone desperately trying to convince you to take the opposite side of the trade from them…so they can fleece you.

That one was different. It was one that made it clear that they had no idea during production that Omicron was so bad.

Translation: Where the hell did this shit come from and why weren’t we allowed to front-run it?

Two days later, JPM’s Marco Kolanovic went on CNBC BubbleVision with his review, to blow up the idea that we should remain glued to our screens over the latest release from the Maus Haus, scared for our lives.

Kolanovic was the first of many to say the quiet part out loud; that OmicronVID was so unaffecting as a serial killer it may wind up doing the exact opposite, immunizing the world from the next sequel in the series. That if anything, Omicron may be, in fact, a better vaccine than anything cooked up by Pfizer, Moderna or even the Russians.

It was, as reviews go, as devastating as anything written about that horrific Hoffman/Beatty fiasco from 40 years ago.

I know, I read them all. They were a hoot.

These were the first shots across the bow at Davos’ Last Stand. And were clear signals to the markets that Wall St. was completely done with this COVID-19 nonsense and are in a political position to make that stick in the U.S. Congress.

The result has been the fastest week-to-week drop off in box office I’ve seen of a Davos narrative ever.

What was theorized early on about Omicron developing multiple spike proteins to increase transmissibility and infection but lowering its lethality has borne itself out as the data came in. So, the trumped up hysteria intended as shock and awe to play to as wide an audience as possible failed to capture the imaginations of anyone with three brain cells to rub together to make a spark…

… basically anyone who liked the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

And that speaks to Kolanovic’s initial assessment, which has been echoed by heads of state, like Putin, and, more importantly, the medical community who worked overtime to crush the fear porn.

If you’re unclear why this could happen, think of it this way. In brewing, culturing or breadmaking the idea is to inoculate your milk, dough, wort, etc. with so much of the preferred bacteria that it overwhelms the ones already there.

The cleaner the original of foreign bacteria, the fewer ‘off-flavors’ from those wild bacteria are in the final product.  This is why, for example, I would culture my cheese or yogurt with milk that came straight from the goat.  Milk into bucket, strain the milk for hair and what not, inoculate with culture and set in motion.  From goat to proto-cheese in 20 minutes.  

Herd immunity to viruses works in a similar way.  As variants of the virus evolve, one of them, in this case Omicron, is more transmissible and outcompetes other emergent strains.  That one spreads uncontrollably while the others have less chance to infect hosts and propagate.

We all get it, produce the antibodies against it and most, if not all, of the others, and reach herd immunity against all the strains that much faster.

Omicron may be the best form of vaccine against COVID-19 we could have ever produced.  

And now you know why Davos were desperate to unleash the fear porn so thoroughly during a holiday weekend when everyone would be glued to their screens.

Honestly, as scripts go, this one was so badly written everyone saw the plot holes before they’d even gotten to the end of Act I.

Davos’ Last Stand really was meant to lockdown the world, destroy the global economy and Build Back Better.  In Russia, TASS reported to the world the week after its release they are 53.7% towards Herd Immunity from COVID-19, and Sputnik V isn’t 1% as dangerous as the mRNA gene therapies being forced on the West.

So, by the time Omicron spreads through Asia, including China, Russia and India, COVID will be a thing of the past there.  

In case anyone is confused this was a Davos-produced monstrosity, note the only places even remotely trying to leverage Omicron into policy. You guessed it, Europe.

Only Europe reacted as one would expect. They loved Davos’ Last Stand!  Then again, have you watched most of the winners from Cannes? *sigh*

Angela Merkel’s last act in office was to issue a full lockdown of unvaccinated Germans.  

Her final act of vandalism on the people she ‘led’ for 16 years was to reinstate a two-tiered German society, returning to pre-WWII days and, personally, to her East German Stasi roots.

She’s led them directly into a massive debt-to-GDP position and subordinated German sovereignty to the European Union, which too many Germans believe they have the whip hand over. The joke will be on them when they realize that, as I detailed earlier, the government they just voted for will complete that sell out and force them to work off the debts of the Club Med countries they, frankly, despise.

Just in case anyone is confused as to what’s happening, Germany’s new government just tried one last time to stop the Nordstream 2 pipeline that even Biden and the U.S. have given up on. As is typical it was a Green, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who stated that Nordstream 2 still doesn’t comport with the EU’s Third Energy Package.

So, while Germans are freezing and paying energy rates that are shocking, their new leadership is showing just how much it despises the people who voted for it by playing games with the one thing that could help solve their current problems.

It’s almost like they want to destroy their own country.

There is no negotiating with ideologues like Baerbock. The response from the Russians was obvious, Rosneft will now get a gas export license and Gazprom will sell half the pipeline to them, bypassing the EU’s unbundling rule.

These things beg the question, if Omicron was such an obvious bomb before release why then even go through with the exercise?

Because we are setting up for a major shift in geopolitics and markets in 2022 since we have policy clarity with the Fed. The markets are finally adjusting themselves to a major shift in global politics which sees the U.S. financial and political elites breaking with Davos completely.

No matter how much Davos and Europe try to control us, it is the U.S. which will determine what the future holds and whether Davos’ Last Stand continues playing here in the states or not.

So, let’s review the past three weeks shall we?

1. Biden re-nominates Jerome Powell as Chair of the FOMC.  With Lael Brainard as Vice-Chair.  This is a clear victory for Powell, who represents U.S. Managed Money and Commercial Banking Interests – like the owners of the New York Fed themselves.

2. Markets rejoice briefly because Powell was seen as the safer choice.

3. On Black Friday Davos’ Last Stand is released to initial good reviews. Typical of pre-selected preview audiences they give it a thumbs up.  Markets collapse, the Overton Window shifted for a couple of days.

4. Opening night, however, Goldman sounds their alarm setting in motion the collapse in viewership.

5. WEF’s Davos meeting is cancelled due to ‘death threats.’

6. That Sunday November 28th, it gets leaked that Brainard’s husband is Biden’s Asia Czar and is deeply embedded with the CCP in funneling money through Hunter Biden for favors.  Five moderate Democrats publicly move against Biden’s pick for OCC, Comrade Omorova.

7. Markets don’t melt down further on Monday over the OmicronVID-9/11 scare, when there should have been massive margin calls.  Box Office receipts are far below the weekend tracking numbers.  Poor marketing budget is blamed.

8. Jack Dorsey forced out of CEO’s chair at Twitter. Soy boy and Davos cuck Parag Agrawal is put in place promising the end of journalism and memes on Twitter. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial opens,

9. On Tuesday just before the European close, at the CARES ACT Hearings, Powell, sitting next to Davos Troll Janet Yellen, declares ‘Transitory’ inflation a thing of the past.  Confirming my read that Powell has always lied about this to get reappointed. Markets go into apoplexy. Euro crashes!


10. Later that day, Jim Cramer melts down on CNBC to declare we need to forcibly vax the country.  Meanwhile Biden backs off on vax mandates and Kolanovic goes on Bubble Vision.

11. Austria’s Newer Chancellor Schallenberg steps down amidst more death threats.  The new guy is a hardliner on immigration and fiscal responsibility.  A ‘law and order’ type that tries to harden the lockdowns… but a harbinger of 2022 European politics. Don’t expect him to have more than a walk-on part.

12. The Democrats and Republicans kick the can on the debt ceiling, averting any further turmoil in the bond markets. Short term UST yields retreat from danger zone back towards RRP rate of 0.05%.  Janet Yellen gives up on ‘transitory inflation’ narrative and begins shutting up on Build Back Better as well.

13. OPEC+ reaffirms it will be increasing oil production by 400,000 bbls/day per their original plan.  Obviously they saw Davos’ Last Stand this weekend and gave it a thumbs down on Rotten Tomatoes.  Oil bounces hard off support near $67 Brent.

14.  NATO spends weeks ratcheting up the rhetoric against Russia over Ukraine to the point of a failed meeting between Sec. of State Blinken and Foreign Minister Lavrov.  Russia reiterates its red lines and last week finally said it would be willing to help the Donbass officially if asked by them.  That’s a first.

15.  Latest payroll number was a huge miss.  Why?  A massive seasonal adjustment for October’s BLOWOUT!.  So, they lied in October to help Biden’s poll numbers and then adjusted them to reality this month hoping no one would notice.  Oops!

16. The IMF which is U.S. controlled, not Davos controlled, came out and urged Powell to taper quickly and raise rates soon!  Then the IMF Chief, a Schwab appointee, comes out four hours later and declares Omicron is a threat to global growth. Someone is off message.

17. The WHO now questions whether boosters will help against Omicron.  Well, obviously not, since it’s a freaking cold you eejits!

18. The U.S. openly threatens Russia with SWIFT expulsion if it invades Ukraine. Putin keeps telling the world, he doesn’t want Ukraine. It’s a shithole.

19. Last week Biden and Putin have a 2-hour phone call which effectively ends the standoff in Ukraine. Biden lifted U.S. sanctions on Nordstream 2 and Magnitsky sanctions on 35 Russians, leaving the threat of SWIFT in place to keep the Russians from doing what they don’t want to do.

20. Comrade Omarova is out as a candidate for Comptroller of the Currency.

21. The CBO releases it’s report on Build Back Better. It’s front-loaded and will cost at least $3.5 trillion. That’s a lot bigger than zero.

22. Evergrande officially defaults to foreign creditors. Bitcoin and Gold come under pressure. China is forced to start loosening monetary policy.

23. Ukraine starts talking about a resolution with the Donbas. Russia and NATO will finally sit down for talks at Biden’s insistence.

24. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley finally admit the Fed needs to raise rates in 2022. Goldman saying no less than 7 rate hikes.

25. Russia vetoes a UN resolution to classify Climate Change as a threat to global security.

Most all of these things don’t happen if Davos’ Last Stand wasn’t a flop and powerful forces within the U.S. didn’t finally say no more to the insanity on Capitol Hill.

What’s disturbing is how quickly this is all coming together.  The Democrats are facing complete collapse in 2022, the GOP Establishment is as well.  Powell and Wall St. are pressing forward with anti-Davos things like Bitcoin Bonds, exposing Gary Gensler for the shill he is and putting a muzzle on the traitors in Congress.

Davos is retreating to its fortress in Brussels while getting its man in the U.S. Biden(Obama) to sue for peace with the Russians. They are still committed to destroying the middle class all across Europe and are willing to starve them to make this happen but their influence here in the U.S. has peaked and the world is now moving past their Coronapocalalyptic narrative.

And there’s one simple reason for this. It stinks.

They are in desperate need of better writers, producers and editors. Since they’ve promoted nothing but diversity hires to pivotal positions to make them easy to manipulate it also ensures that the output these 3rd stringers produce is unwatchable garbage.

Where’s Roger Corman when you need him?

Davos’ Last Stand is the best flop in history, forcing a complete rethink of a studio’s project management and restructuring.  We’ll have a lot of fun going over the post-mortem on it but only so as to distract us from the horror from the previous entries in the series.

And scene.

*  *  *

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We've seen many definitions change in the past 19 months (CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO,  even the Merriam-Websters).

PROBLEM: Unwanted Official Government Statistics
SOLUTION: Change the Definition


Dec 10th
And Just Like That, Inflation Is About To Disappear?
[Links to previous historical changes in article.]


…In any case, what we though this summer was just a joke appears to be coming true,
because as the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has reported, starting next month it will adjust the weights for its Consumer Price Index basket, which will be calculated “based on consumer expenditure data from 2019-2020.”
Alas, there is no further detail on this critical topic, although we will take any bet that post-revision reported inflation will drop because, well, “adjustments.”…



And Just Like That, Inflation Is About To Disappear?

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 10, 2021 - 02:40 PM

Earlier this year, when inflation was still "transitory" two Fed chairs, Powell and Bernanke, made comments which we joked only make sense if the definition of inflation is changed:..


Sadly, our feeble attempts at humor were not unjustified, and as any economic history buff knows the US dramatically changed how it calculates consumer inflation back in the 1980s, an event extensively covered by AllianceBernstein former chief economist Joseph Carson on this website in the past (see "Consumer Price Inflation: Facts vs. Fiction") with the most important difference being that while the CPI of the 1970s included house price inflation, the current measure does not. Instead, home price pressures have been swept in the purposefully nebulous Owner-Equivalent Rent which can be whatever politicians wants it to be (there have been other definitional changes, see here, here, here and here for more). Bottom line, however, is that if today's CPI did include house prices in its measurement, the currently reported inflation numbers for house price inflation would push CPI (and core CPI) to double-digit gains.

Of course, it is politically inconvenient to report true inflation is - just see what happens in any banana republic where society is fed up with runaway inflation. It's also why politicians on both sides of the aisle are always eager to tweak the definition of inflation ever so slightly (or not so slightly) so it appears to be less than it truly is. After all, for them masking reality is a matter of political survival.

In any case, what we though this summer was just a joke appears to be coming true, because as the BLS has reported, starting next month it will adjust the weights for its Consumer Price Index basket, which will be calculated "based on consumer expenditure data from 2019-2020." Alas, there is no further detail on this critical topic, although we will take any bet that post-revision reported inflation will drop because, well, "adjustments."


In the same press release, we also read that "the BLS considered interventions, but decided to maintain normal procedures"... whatever those are. Said otherwise, the BLS may not be "intervening" for now, but when the inflationary rubber hits the road next year with the midterms coming up fast and Dems ratings still in the dumps, we doubt that the BLS will have any qualms to "intervene."

Incidentally, this "update" may explain the conviction behind Biden's statement today: in a statement after the blistering hot CPI report came out...


... Joe Biden said that despite experiencing the most rapid inflation in almost 40 years in November, U.S. price increases are slowing, in particular for gasoline and cars.

“Today’s numbers reflect the pressures that economies around the world are facing as we emerge from a global pandemic -- prices are rising... But developments in the weeks after these data were collected last month show that price and cost increase are slowing, although not as quickly as we’d like,” he said. Biden's chief of staff Ronald Klain chimed in too:..

...Well, all that prices needs to slow "as quickly as we'd like" at least in government reports such as the CPI, is for the BLS to give them a gentle nudge lower.


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A backward question.

The earth "owns" us.

(If by "world", you imply the planet).

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