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The cure for high oil prices is not higher oil prices

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World wide demand is increasing faster than supply. 

For the U.S. the cure is to change the tax laws eliminating transfer pricing thru offshore closely held corporations whereby oil companies pay little or no income taxes on imports and exports.  

U.S. oil producers can make much more selling exported oil with no income tax then selling it domestically. 

By the way it equally applies to the $Billions of manufacturing goods that allows China to dominate the world mfg. Production. U.S sales profits are kept off shore.  

The headline says it all, "U.S. will be a net importer of oil in 2022"

Many U.S. oil drillers can produce per bbl oil in the $ 20's .  

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That's if the corrupt U.S politicians have the balls to take on this con.

The supposed international minimum corp tax is a farce.  Another red herring.  They say they have a consensus approval.  Believe that when you see it. 

Impossible to implement unless there is a One Government rule. Actually, China could may get there in 20 or 30 years the way things are going.



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